EMBRZ Releases Extra Vibe Filled Original “Saved” [Free Download]

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24 year old Dublin born producer Jack Casey aka EMBRZ has previously impressed us with breathtaking, euphoric remixes of The 1975 hit’s “Settle Down” along with his rendition of Ellie Goulding’s “How Long Will I Love You,” and now he’s back with a relaxing new tune. 

Now we have a new original track “Saved” that will hit you right in the feels. The airy vocals have just the right amount of effects complimenting the colorful, plucking synth melody bringing a relaxed, daydreamy vibe. The chill, light drums sit atop the rolling bass notes compliment the synth patterns just right, making for an emotion evoking tune. This producer has been consistent with each of his releases, so check out his other material and enjoy the free download below!

EMBRZ – Saved | Free Download

Skrillex Asks Fans To Help Him Finish New Track

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skrillex bug hunt reddit ama

Electronic music poster child Skrillex recently answered questions from eager fans for a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) in between hosting his own brand new Beats Radio show, overseeing the release of his label OWSLA's Worldwide Broadcast compilation LP which included his team effort alongside MUST DIE! titled "VIP's." 

While talking with fans on the AMA, Sonny was asked a question pertaining to his unreleased song "Bug Hunt" in the Disney movie "Wreck It Ralph." Reddit user ShotsLotta asked, "Gotta ask it, why did you release a remix of 'Bug Hunt' and not the original? The original is way too good to remain unreleased forever."

Skrillex answered the question by stating, "It was meant to just live in the Hero's Duty scene of Wreck It Ralph… also its not really a full song. It was just sort of made to fit the scene of the movie. I've just moved onto so many other things since i finished working on that movie.. But perhaps one day I'll open up that project file again and complete it…"

Then after several other fans kept bringing up the subject, Skrillex answered everyones prayers with, "But forreall, I didnt realize how many of you really love OG bughunt… Puts a new fire under my ass to finish it, put it out… but here's the question.. There are 2 versions..Which to do prefer? The one i played at Tomorrowland 2012 Or the one thats at the end of the 'Skrillex in Mexico' clip?"

So guys, Skrillex has asked, now what will be the answer? He's left it up to us. Check out both versions of the song below and shoot him a tweet to let him know your choice! 



Ty Dolla $ign & HWLS Link Up On New Song “Plays” For #songsfromscratch

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Ty Howls

The Songs From Scratch Series has become an incredible outlet for diverse artists to team up when they normally wouldn't. Some of the series' best results have come from Tory Lanez & Snakehips, Mr. Carmack & Kehlani, as well as Fetty Wap & Bauuer.  Once again the series surprises with an unexpected pairing of Ty Dolla $ign and HWLS (Ta-Ku's side project).

Their team effort called "Plays" has Ty Dolla singing soulfully, while HWLS lays down a dreamy beat that Ty meshes perfectly into. The song then takes a turn as Ty's vocals get distorted and HWLS takes the reigns. Overall, the two's synergy is immediately apparent as the electronic creation fitted with Ty's distinct vocals culminate into a unique sound unlike anything we'd ever anticipate. 

Surprisingly, Ty Dolla $ign actually first expressed his respect for Australian beat-maker Ta-Ku way back in 2014. Then later Ty decided to do something about his admiration by, according to Ta-Ku himself, "sliding into his DMs." It sounds like the two have hit it off so who knows, maybe we'll hear more from them again soon! For now, enjoy "Plays."

HWLS x Ty Dolla $ign – Plays 

The Chainsmokers Drop Off A Trap Fueled Hit With New Single “Don’t Let Me Down”

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The chainsmokers

Since The Chainsmokers went viral for their hilarious track "Selfie" in early 2014, the duo cannot be stopped. Our premiere of "Roses" quickly became one of the best songs of the entire year. While just two weeks ago they announced they'll be headlining at Red Rocks Amphiteater this summer. Today they keep the momentum going with a brand new song called "Don't Let Me Down" featuring Daya.

As The Chainsmokers create a chilled-out sound consisting of minimal guitar and drum kicks, Daya struts her stuff professing her frustration claiming "I need a miracle." The track then kicks into high gear as the song transitions to the chorus. Bringing in trumpets and wonky synth work, the melancholy song still manages to have us dancing. We can't wait to hear more from The Chainsmokers as they're sound has truly blossomed into something special. Stay tuned and enjoy.

The Chainsmokers – Don't Let Me Down (ft. Daya) | iTunes 

Don't Let me Down Art



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