Michael Jackson vs Ratatat (The Hood Internet Mashup) : Sick new Mashup

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Why you may ask? Truthfully we just love getting down to a little MJ sometimes. Well first off we’ve got a mashup of Michael and Ratatat, and damn these songs were meant for each other. Featuring Billy Jean makes this a perfect chill Jackson Mashup, enjoy

Michael Jackson vs Ratatat (The Hood Internet Mashup) Direct Download | Mediafire Download | Hulkshare download

Billie Wildcat Jean (Michael Jackson vs Ratatat) by Thissongissick.com

Soo Sick “MGMT-Kids” turned into Electronic Rap hit (Chiddy Bang) + Bonus

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Hey had to throw a post together about these guys, they’re soo sick. Chiddy Bang is the name, and it is made up of the front man Proto, the producer Xaphoon Jones, and drummer and guitarist. Bursting out of the scene from Philadelphia, and with a bang, receiving much attention from they’re mixtape “The Swelly Express”.  Check out this song based off MGMT’s “Kids”, re-warped and given a completely different feel, with Proto laying down some sick verses over it giving the song a Electronic / Rap mash feel. Whatever it is, it works and is called “The Opposite of Adults (KIDS)”

Chiddy Bang – The Opposite of Adults (KIDS) | Mediafire Download | Hulkshare Download

The Opposite Of Adults (KIDS)

This group is so sick I had to throw you guys a second track by them. It features a Passion Pit song this time, and this one’s called Truth. Might sound a little different at first, wait till Proto comes in with some sick verses.

Chiddy Bang – Truth (ft. Passion Pit) | Direct Download | Mediafire Download | Hulkshare Download

Chiddy Bang – Truth Feat. Passion pit by Thissongissick.com

Usher – Love In This Club (MSTRKRFT Remix) ; PLus Bonus Jay-Z mashup

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Bringing you a double dose of some hard bass hitting songs to get you through the week. This first of which is done by the talented MSTRKRFT, who have been gaining alot of popularity in the past year. In this track they remixed the Usher hit “Love In This Club”. They turn the original RnB track into a fresh club classic. Turn up your speakers and have a listen.

Usher – Love In This Club (MSTRKRFT Remix) | Direct Download | Mediafire Download | Hulkshare Download

Usher – Love In This Club (MSTRKRFT Remix) by Thissongissick.com

Hey everybody. Todays a good day because I have 99 problems and they all B*****S! So we decided hey why not put up the good ol’ Jay-Z song of 99 problems mashed with a justice bangin track from the help of DJ When. He is a DJ emerging from Florida and you know how much they love dance music down there. But anyways ladies and gentlemen, Enjoy this bangin track

Dj When – 99 Problems vs. Phantom II | Direct Download | Mediafire Download | Hulkshare Download

99 problems vs. phantom II

CYNE – Pretty Apollo + Eminem Mashup

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Today we bring you another chill double post, featuring a group not too many people are familiar with, as well as an Eminem mash-up. The first group CYNE (Cultivate Your New Experience) is from Florida, and I can’t stop listening to a track of there 09′ release called “Pretty Apollo”. First off it’s got one of the coolest, chillest hip-hop beats I have ever heard, makes me wonder why others can’t put as much time into the beat. And the solid lyrics complete the song.

CYNE – Pretty Apollo | Mediafire Download | Hulkshare Download

03 Pretty Apollo

Anyone miss the old school Eminem. We sure do at TSIS. This song is a nice mash up of eminem and the group bagraiders done by the genius kids of the white panda.  The White Panda is one of the sickest mash-up groups in the scene right now. Enjoy this track because we sure did

The White Panda – Shooting Superstars | Direct Download | Mediafire Download | Hulkshare Download

Shooting Superstars (The White Panda MASH) by Thissongissick.com




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