Real Heavy Electronic Song ft. Nelly Furtado – Magical World

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Alright I was pretty hesitant to throw this one up, on account of the Nelly Furtado, and because it’s a little heavy and might be a little to heavy and electronic for some of the listeners, if that’s the case wait till the next post haha. Well this is a new track out of the Electronic artist Bassnectar. It’s a new track , and it features some sampling of Nelly Furtado, and suprisingly I feel like it works, it’s a slow offbeat kind of track, well I know some will love it, and some will think it’s too heavy. It’s got a dubstep / electro vibe going, just turn up the bass and bump it.  Give me some feedback please, and enjoy!

Magical World – Bassnectar ft. Nelly Furtado (Stream Only)


Defining Chill Hip-Hop : People Under The Stairs

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Today i’ve got one of my favorite groups a friend showed me back in high school. They have some songs that are so sick I almost assumed everyone had heard them, but I’ve realized not everyone has, so I’m hear with a People Under The Stairs double throwback, showcasing two of the tracks the got my hooked on People originally. Another group from the LA, they just don’t stop making great music over in LA. They’ve got a unique raw sound to them that really sets them apart the sea of rappers. This track “Acid Raindrops” is such a great sick chill song, it really the definition of a chill rap song. It’s taken from their 2002 album O.S.T., which is a great album. It’s got some of the coolest chillest lyrics which just paint a story in the listeners mind. Enough rambling just press play and enjoy!

Acid Raindrops – People Under the Stairs


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Next up is another classic P.U.T.S. track, it’s got one of the chillest beats I have ever heard, really. Some people are indifferent about the rapping in this one, I think it’s great. It’s got a classic rap feel similar to Biggie’s rawness, as it should since this track was made at the very end of the 90′s surprisingly. Well not as catchy as Acid Raindrops, nonetheless a great classic for sure. Enjoy guys and please do click the text ads on the right sidebar.

San Francisco Knights – People Under the Stairs


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“2 Weeks of Hip-Hop” Dead Prez Indie Mash-up

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Well today we’ve got an interesting sick chill track. It’s the sick rap group Dead Prez mashed with the up and coming indie band Grizzly Bear to creat “2 Weeks of Hip-Hop”. I already know that the indie sounding vocals of the song will turn off some of the listeners but hey I’m trying to mix it up a little. Also some of you may have never heard anything like this and will probably fall in love. Well regardless the group The Hood Internet did another great job with this song as they have in an earlier posts: Shwayze Mash-up, Snoop and Dre Mash-up,  and a DMX Mash-up, enjoy and please try and visit the ads on the right of the screen currently 1.2% of the vistors are visting, that’s a little over 1 in a hundred, try and someone out who brings you so many songs.

2 Weeks of Hip-Hop – Dead Prez vs Grizzly Bear (The Hood Internet Mash-up)


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Stuntin Like Mufasa: Lil Wayne vs Lion King (Must Hear Mash-up)

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Alright so today I’ve got something special for you all, it’s possibly the most rediculous mash-up I have ever heard. And parts of it actually work suprisingly well. Now it may not be quite as catchy as the other absurd remix of Lil Wayne vs The Office Theme posted earlier.  This track was mashed by DJ DOYOU and he did a great job. This is track is funny, odd, unique, and some parts… sick. Well i’m not promising the song of the year, but give it a listen, at least for a laugh haha. Enjoy and try and visit the ads on the right if you can, simply clicking the ads helps out so much.

Stuntin Like Mufasa (DJ DOYOU mashup) – Lil Wayne vs Simba


Download (Click Link on Page)

Absolute Banger Remix of Sick New Drake Song “Over” by Hyper Crush

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Alright so the first time I heard the original song by Drake, I immediately couldn’t stand it, and of course after a couple more listens I kinda enjoyed it. Well I’ve heard a good amount of stuff from Hyper Crush, but this remix is one of the sickest songs I’ve heard them produce. They take Drake’s song and make it an absolute banger club hit. Well turn up your speakers, and especially the bass, and enjoy!

Drake – Over (Hyper Crush Remix)


Download (Click Link on Page)

Such a sick beat! Check out Hip-Hop group Zion-I – Coastin’

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Alright so this track isn’t necicarily new, but it’s got a real chill vibe with bangin beat and everyone needed to hear it. So first off you have to listen to at least a minute of the song to get an idea of where it’s going, so don’t judge it early. It’s done by the group Zion-I who are such a sick unique sounding rap group. It’s got an interesting woman vocal intro and chorus done by K. Flay. Once the huuuge sick bassy beat drops the song really gets going. The beat almost has a MGMT feel but way more intense. The rapping is of course real sick. Well enjoy it  and please visit the ads if you get a chance.

Zion-I ft. K. Flay – Coastin

Coastin’ (feat. K.Flay)

Download (Click Link on Page)

Real Sick Chill Different Sounding Hip-Hop Duo: Blue Scholars

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Alright the post today is of a group based out of Seattle, WA called Blue Scholars. The song posted is called “New People” and it’s got a real different interesting sound to it, just give it a listen, and at least listen to the first minute I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Cool chorus, and sick rapping, overall sick track you’ll be seeing some more from these guys. Please start visiting the ads on the right hand side please guys, simply click the text ads and it really helps. Thanks and enjoy as always!

Blue Scholars – New People


Download (Click Link on Page)

2 Older Real Sick Kid Cudi Tracks You Probably Missed 1 Unreleased!

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Alright so Kid Cudi is pretty big now, but gained alot of his popularity through his earlier mixtape “A Kid Named Cudi”. Well first up I’ve got a real sick track ” Never Come Down” from a mixtape last year. It bangs but in a slow way, such a sick song can’t stop listening. Give it a listen, i’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Kid Cudi – Never Come Down


Download (Click Link on Page)

Next up is a sick Cudi track i’ve been meaning to throw up for awhile, it’s an unreleased one supposedly back from 2008. Well regardless it’s a real sick chill one with Cudi’s signature style, enjoy guys! And try and click the ads on the right if you get a chance!

Kid Cudi – Dat New “New”

Dat New new

(I know the song is messed up sounding, i’ll fix it later tonight, just download it for now)

Download (Click Link on Page)





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