New DJ Khaled Remix: ft. Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes, Diddy, T-Pain, Fabolous, and more!

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So this is a pretty sick hip-hop song. It’s by DJ Khaled and features a ridiculous amount of rappers throwing verses on it. It has the distinct DJ Khaled style where he screams him name at the begining, but get passed that and it is a good song. There is an insane amount of rapper, the Busta Rhymes verse is real sick, one of the sickest verses I’ve heard him throw down in awhile. Enjoy this action filled track!

All I Do Is Win (Remix) – DJ Khaled ft. Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes, Diddy, T-Pain, Jadakiss, Fabolous, Fat Joe, Swizz Beatz, and Nicki Minaj


Download (Click Link on Page)

Sick New Freestyle from Eminem over Drake’s single ‘Over’ – Despicable

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So if you like Eminem or Drake’s latest single “Over”, which I posted a banger remix of here earlier, then you are going to love this track.. and if not, there’s still a pretty good chance you’re going going love it. It’s Eminem’s latest track, rumored to be off his upcoming album. It’s a freestyle over Drake’s “Over”. It’s got that real sick signature Eminem flow. Some people lost interest in him, myself partly being one of those people, but this track gets me stoked for his new album. Props to mattj and dholtz for suggesting this!

Over (Drake Cover Freestyle) – Eminem | Mediafire | Hulkshare


Sick Chill Dancey Electronic Song: Deadmau5 – Strobe (Club edit)

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So I know a lot of you guys love Deadmau5, but there is also a good number of you who are saying, “What is a Deadmau5?”. Well for those who don’t know he is a DJ from canada, who is already one of the top DJ’s in the world after only a couple years also. Deadmau5 got to co-headline the massive Ultra Dance Festival in Florida this year. Well most of his songs sound a lot more intense and bass filled, but I thought this more laid back chill track would do good for all those studying for finals as there’s no words, and it’s a little over 6 minutes. Although this is the club edit, it is still pretty chill in my book, yet does have a couple sick breaks. Just give it a full listen before you judge it, as Deadmau5 is very progression based. Well enjoy this real sick track!

Strobe – Deadmau5 (Club Edit)


Download (Click Link on Page)

Purchase Deadmau5′s music at iTunes here

2 Real Sick New Chill Rap Songs: Cam’ron – ‘Ur Killin Me’ ft Kid Cudi and ‘Spend the Night’

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Alright so i’ve got two really sick tracks for you. I haven’t heard much about Cam’ron in awhile, but he’s dropping a new album Crime Pays due out May 12th. I’ll be sure to get more information as it gets closer. Well the first features a TSIS favorite artist, Kid Cudi, and it’s got a real chill sick beat. It also features Vado who I haven’t heard much about it, but all three come together very nicely. This is just one of those songs that is reallllly siiiicckk! Just listen and I know you’re gonna enjoy.

Ur Killin’ Me – Cam’ron ft. Kid Cudi and Vado


Download (Click Link on Page)

Next up is another chill song that is just as sick, but with a more electronic vibe to it. The first listen through, didn’t think this song was for me, but then it got pretty catchy in a nice chill way. Now I can’t stop listening. It’s a real infectious chill song, enough said, just turn it up and enjoy this sick  Cam’ron track!

Spend The Night – Cam’ron


Download (Click Link on Page)

Buy Cam’ron’s music through iTunes here

By the way I’ve seen several songs getting posted that I know were found at…. Not going to call anyone out, the more exposure these artists get the better,  just if you use a song found here throw some props as I always do when I find new songs from others.

2 Sick Banger Hyper Crush Remixes! (Kevin Rudolf & La Roux)

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So the when I put up the HYPER CRUSH remix of the latest Drave single “Over” posted here. It’s currently one of the most downloaded tracks on the site, so I’ve got another 2 sick banger remixes from the crazy 3 piece electo/dance group. This time it is Kevin Rudolph’s ‘I Made It’, and while the first 45 seconds or so  are a little slow, wait for the drop, it’s reall sick, got a real electro club sound to it. Turn up the bass and speakers for this one and enjoy as always!

Kevin Rudolf - I Made It (Hyper Crush Remix) (Stream Only)


Next up features the female driven La Roux’s song ‘Bulletproof’. Regardless if you like La Roux or ever even heard o them, this song bangs soo hard. From the first drop you know it’s a classic. Just give this song a chance, and turn up the bass and listen!

La Roux – Bulletproof (Hyper Crush Remix) (Stream Only)

La Roux – Bulletproof (Hyper Crush Remix) presents Chamillionaire ft. Nick & Ooj | May 14th in Denver

Posted in Events by nick is proud to be a part of presenting Chamillionaire in concert Friday, May 14th. For all you Colorado fans, this is a show not to miss! Us and EZregister will be presenting Chamillionaire at Casselman’s Bar & Venue in Denver, Colorado. As a special to the listeners of I am going to be offering discounted $18 tickets! All you have to do is visit the banner below or on the right and type “SICK” as the promo code to receive the discount. To top all of this off, myself Nick and guest writer Ooj will also be performing a DJ set at the show, which will be a set not to miss. So come support your favorite site and have a great time!

Be sure to add yourself to the “attending list” on the Facebook event here!

Main Event – Chamillionaire


Very Intense Banger Dubstep Remix of ‘How Low’ – Ludacris

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So I know that I good amount of you can’t get enough dubstep, while others can’t stand it. While in the past i’ve posted relatively pretty poppy dubstep, I across a pretty intense track. After my first time through the song, I was so intense I wasn’t sure what just happened haha. Ussuually songs sounding this electro-y and “bleepy boopy” for a lack of betters words ussually turn me off. Well I do like this song, certain parts are a little “what is happening?!”, but overall I think it shows how crazy a dubstep song can get. If you have a good speaker system and subs, turn it way up. Well I just had to let everyone hear some very intense dubstep. Chamillionaire concert details and link getting posted tonight for all the CO locals!

How Low Can You Go (Dillon Francis Remix)


Download (Click Link on Page)

2 Sick Chamillionaire Songs – 1 Banger and his take on ‘Feels Good to be a Gangster’

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So right here i’ve got 2 sick sick Chamillionaire songs. The first is a banger party song called ‘Main Event’ which is such a sick banger. It’s your classic party song. And the lyrics are fitting for the upcoming concert is helping present in Denver, Colorado featuring Chamillionaire as the main event. Well enjoy this song, and stay tuned as I am throwing up a post dedicated to this concert tomorrow evening with all the details

Main Event – Chamillionaire


Download (Click Link on Page)

Next up is a sick chill Chamillionaire classic which samples the beat of the classic rap song “Feels Good to be A Gangster”. Now i’m not from Texas, but I still love this song. It’s pretty chill, but still captures that Chamilionaire energy. Enjoy!

Feels Good – Chamillionaire

04 – Feels Good

Download (Click Link on Page)

Too Sick Banger: Benny Benassi ft. Red Hot Chili Peppers – ‘My Otherside’

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So today i’ve got a song that I have absolutely no clue why it’s no posted. It’s Benny Benassi’s track which samples the great Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Otherside” coming together for “My Otherside” (Get the graphic now? …I try haha). I first heard this last summer, and then when I saw Benny at Global Dance Festival at Red Rocks last July, he dropped this song….. and when the Chili Peppers part came in…. that crowd went fckin insane! Well this song is one of those songs that reminds me of summer, and it’s starting to feel like summer more and more everyday, it’s fitting. This track is just a bangin club hit from the get go with some classic Benassi synths and bass. Well give a little more than 2 minutes and then the RHCP track starts getting sampled in, and it works sooo well. It change from the bass to the guitar so smoothly, this really shows us why Benny had so much attention outside of Italy. The whole track is insane, and I know some of you have heard it, but no one thinks you’re cool for posting that you heard this song a couple months ago…. Also Benassi will be headlining EDC Colorado this June for all you locals, more details will be posted soon regarding this event. Props to Ellis for reminding me how sick this song is. Enjoy guys!

My Otherside – Benny Benassi ft. Red Hot Chili Peppers


Download (Click Link on Page)

Purchase all of Benny Benassi’s music through iTunes here

Real Chill Outkast vs Daft Punk Mashup – “Punkroses”

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Tonight i’ve gota real chill dancey sick mash-up of Daft Punk and Outkast. It comes together very nicely and on beat for a dancey track. Not much else to say about it, it’s from an interesting producer Barto + His Pop Orchestra. It’s nothing too crazy, just a good pretty decent chill mash-up. Enjoy

Punkroses – Outkast vs Daft Punk (Barto + His Pop Orchestra)


Download (Click Link on Page)

VIDEO: 2010 Boulder 420 Smoke – Out at CU Boulder ft. Sam Adams

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So as most of you know I attend the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado and every year on 4-20 (April 20th) Thousands gather, some say as high as 15,000 and smoke weed on the campus of CU. Well me and a friend took some pictures and video and put it together to the tune of I Hate College by Sam Adams. Click Below and enjoy this nicely crafted video by yours truly. Enjoy!

Check it out Here!

Check Out the 2011 Video Here

2 New Unreleased Real Sick B.o.B. Tracks: ‘Not Lost’ & ‘Letters From Vietnam’

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So a lot of you have started becoming fans of B.o.B. (Bobby Ray) starting with the siiick Beatles remix post earlier, and his collaboration with Hayley Williams of Paramore and Eminem posted here. Well his album The Adventures of Bobby Ray is coming out April 27th, next tuesday, so be sure to pick up your copies through iTunes or at the store! Well this first track ‘Not Lost’ features T.I. and is such a sick track. It features some piano sampling from Coldplay which works so well with the rapping. Rumor has it that they couldn’t clear the Coldplay sample and that’s why it’s not going to be on the album. At least it gets released through ThisSongIsSick. Enjoy this amazing song!

Not Lost – B.o.B. ft. T.I.


Download (Click Link on Page)

This next track is a real sick one also. It’s incredibly chill and laid back, not exactly a party banger haha. Well it’s a good kick back song, and only makes me like  B.o.B. more. Oddly enough both these tracks are not going to be on the album coming out Tuesday, but everyone should definitely pick up there copy as I know I will. Enjoy and keep posted for details on the Chamillionaire ft. Nick & Ooj concert released later today!

Letters From Vietnam – B.o.B


Download (Click Link on Page)

Sick Chill Mash-up: Wu Tang vs The Beatles – ‘Got Your Money’

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So here’s a sick real chill mash-up featuring arguabley the biggest band of all the time, The Beatles, and one of the biggest rap groups ever, the Wu-Tang Clan. Well you mash them and you got amazing instruments and just as amazing complimenting lyrics as well as a ODB hook. Well this track starts off a little slow, but picks up and gets soo good. Well enjoy this chill track. This is off of a mash-up album by Tom Caruana of both artists which I will be featuring the other best tracks in the next week. Enjoy!

Got Your Money – Wu-Tang vs The Beatles


Download (Click Link on Page)

Brand New Sam Adams Single! ‘Frat Star’ Poppy Rap: What do you think?

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So new Sam Adams single just surfaced called Frat Star and cant’ decide if I like it or not. Only listening to it twice now, because I wanted to post it asap for you guys, I think I might be good. Seems like a pretty simple beat, and kind of weak lyrics, but it’s also kind of catchy, so enjoy this new track ‘Frat Star’! You guys loved the previous Sam Adams posts of ‘I Love College’ and 2 others posted earlier a whole lot. Can’t wait for Sam Adams to drop a full album one of these days.

Frat Star – Sam Adams

Frat Star

Download (Click Link on Page)




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