Sick Rap Song with Real Catchy Beat: The Pack – ‘Wolfpack Party 2010′

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I first heard this song first semester, and honestly I’m still a little confused with the title. You hear Wolfpack Party and you think it’s going to be a rediculous song in spirit of the movie The Hangover. But instead the song is actually a catchy sick party song with an infectious synth. Well I still think it’s hilariously titled, but the song is anything short of sick. This is one of those songs you may actually hate the first time you listen, but then find yourself coming back again and again to listen. It’s done by California’s own The Pack, and this song is nothing like any of their songs that i’ve heard. It’s a got a definite mainstream vibe to it, but there’s something about it that is just sick. Wasn’t sure if I was going to throw it up, but I had far to many requests for it to let that happen. Enjoy this sick party song with a definite chill vibe!

Wolfpack Party 2010 – The Pack | Download


Check Out More Music By The Pack via Their Myspace Here

TOO SICK DUBSTEP BANGERS! The Beatles ‘Come Together’ + Tiesto ‘Knock You Out’ Remixes

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It’s always hard making a remix of a song that’s been around for so many years, and especially when so many people love the original. Well this remix of The Beatles ‘Come Together’ is TOO SICK! You must have a good speaker system with large amounts of bass, or really won’t get to fully hear this song. Starts of heavy on the bass, and continued throughout. Then it really drops at 1:45, and it drops HARD. This producer Omega is based only 30 min away from Boulder,  in Denver, Colorado. He is certainly making some sick tracks so definitely watch this guy.

Come Together (Omega Remix) – The Beatles | Download


Next is another real sick remix from the same guy Omega. It’s a remix of one of the singles off of Tiesto’s latest album, ‘Knock You Out’. And to be honest I thought the original lacked something, not sure if this intense level of dubstep was it, but it sure is a BANGER remix. Turn it up and enjoy!

Knock You Out (Omega Remix) – Tiesto | Download


Check Out All Things Omega via His Website Here

BANGER Remix of Beastie Boys – Sabotage (Alex Metric Remix)

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Beastie Boys are always classic, now you won’t me listening to them on the regular, but I do give them the respect they deserve. Today I’ve got a BANGER remix of one of their more popular tracks ‘Sabotage’. This remix was done by Alex Metric and he did a real sick job with it. The begining starts off sounding a little slow, then quickly gets more intense. Turn up the bass as this is uses quite a large amount of bass. Enjoy this sick remix of a classic!

Sabotage (Alex Metric Remix) – Beastie Boys | Download


Sick New Track From Kid Cudi & LCD Soundsystem ft. Chip Tha Ripper + Christian Bale “All Talk”

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Kid Cudi has made his way as one of my favorite rappers throughout these past year or so and all of his tracks are always sick. This new one featuring Chip Tha Ripper lives up to the Cudi standard. I’m sure a lot of you guys are gonna like it, so enough talking just listen and enjoy!

All Talk – Kid Cudi ft. Chip Tha Ripper and Christian Bale | Download


BRAND NEW KANYE WEST! Sick fresh track “Power”

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So despite the controversies with Kanye West, Taylor Swift, etc, I have still always supported the guy. He’s such a talented artist, as a rapper but almost more importantly he has been producing since 96′. I’m sure when his new album Good Ass Job drops later this year everyones going to put any hate aside. Well I’ve got what’s rumored to be the first track off the album and I think it’s pretty sick. Props to C Fenz for sending in this track. It features Dwele which I haven’t heard much of. Enjoy this track and be sure to buy the album when it drops!

Power – Kanye West | Download


If Kanye West or anyone at Roc-A-Fella, GOOD MUSIC, or Def Jam would like this track taken down please send me an e-mail

Purchase All Of Kanye West’s Music via iTunes Here

Sick New Kaskade Track “Dynasty” + BANGER Dada Life Remix

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Some of you aren’t to familiar with the electronic music world, and that’s a shame haha. Well for those who don’t already know Kaskade is one of the more known electronic Dj’s especially in the U.S. He makes some of the most soothing and super sick trance, but also knows how to get the crowd dancing with some house/deep house. I saw Kaskade this past October and he tore it up. Well his latest album Dynasty just dropped May 11th and it is pretty sick. It’s got some tracks with a lot more of a house feel, which is more my personal style. I’ve got one of the singles off the album “Dynasty” and the orignal is pretty sick, but if it doesn’t bang quite hard enough for you, scope the Dada Life remix as that track knows how to shake some speakers. Enjoy!

Dynasty – Kaskade ft. Haley | Download

03 Dynasty (feat. Haley)

Next up is a SIIIICK BANGER remix of the song you just listened to. It’s done by the insane DJ duo Dada Life. These guys all around BANGER electro style is sure to get anybody moving. Catching them open for Tiesto at Beta this past Winter was one of the best opening sets I’ve ever seen. They take Kaskade’s track and completely rework it. You have to listen to at least 2 minutes of it to really hear it. The intro seems a little long, but the added suspense really adds to the drop. Enjoy!

Dynasty (Dada Life Remix) – Kaskade ft. Haley | Download


Download All of Kaskade’s Music via iTunes Here

NEW Drake ft. Lil Wayne Single! “Miss Me”

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So Drake reminds me a lot of Lil Wayne, not as sick by any means, but  he gets away with that thing Wayne does, where he’s half talking /half rapping. Honestly Drake is stealing a lot of Lil Wayne’s attention while he’s in jail, and I’ve heard some say he might take Wayne’s spot. That’s a little hard to believe but here’s a single off Drake’s debut album, and it’s good. It’s a pretty slow song, but the flow makes up for that, Drake and Wheezy both spit some pretty sick words. Enjoy this slow new track! Give the song a full listen and let me know what you think

Miss Me – Drake ft. Lil Wayne | Download

Drake ft. Lil Wayne- Miss Me

OMG there is so many versions of ‘OMG’ – Usher ft. Will.I.Am (Sick Remixes + More)

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When I first heard OMG, I actually though it was pretty catchy. And I hadn’t found a good enough remix to post up on the site. Well I just found about 7 different versions of this song haha. Mainly remixes, some freestyles. Well I’ve posted the 4 best versions of the song. Including a pretty sick Joe Budden freestyle. My favorite would have to be the Vindata remix. Enjoy them all and post which your favorite is!

OMG (Vindata Remix) – Usher ft. Will.I.Am | Download


OMG – Joe Budden Freestyle | Download

Joe Budden – OMG Freestyle

OMG (Ludafix Remix) – Usher ft. Ludacris| Download


OMG (Ripper Remix) – Usher ft. Will.I.Am | Download


Purchase All of Usher’s Music via iTunes Here

Sick Rap Song: Lil Wayne ft. Ludacris & Young Jeezy (Prod. By The Trak Addicts) “Let It Cook Slow”

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The previous post about The Trak Addicts and their version of ‘We’re In Heaven’ posted here got a great response, so here’s another track from The Trak Addicts. This one is for Lil Wayne and features Ludacris and Young Jeezy, all artists are sick so should be a sick song right? Very right, although the quality of this song is a little low it is still sick. The Beat is so sick on it’s own, and the vocals make it even sicker. Enjoy!

Let It Cook Slow (Prod. By The Trak Addicts) - Lil Wayne ft. Ludacris and Young Jeezy | Download


Check Out The Trak Addicts via Their Myspace

Too Sick Mashup: Tiesto vs Notorious B.I.G. vs Diplo – C’mon Back To Cali (David Wrangler

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So some of you say your tired of mashups, while others say they can’t get enough. Well here’s a mashup that is pretty epic. It combines tracks from Tiesto and Diplo and then the vocals from Biggie. It’s more then your average simple mashup, defintely worth a full listen through. It all comes together so nicely and it was done by Dave Wrangler, great work. Enjoy this sick track!

C’mon Back To Cali – Tiesto vs Notorious B.I.G. vs Diplo (Dave Wrangler) | Download


Check Out All Things Dave via His Website Here

Real Sick Chill Solid Rap Album From Chris Young – Mood Swing EP

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Today’s mixtape is from Chris Young, one of San Diego’s next up and coming rappers. When he’s not playing frat parties and other shows through the California area he’s busting out some real sick tracks. I’ve got the Mood Swing EP and why it’s called an EP is beyond me, considering it’s 16 songs. It has also not the newest album. Regardless this album is real hot and has some real sick songs. There are a lot of really sick beats and sick rhyming, be sure to enjoy all these tracks! This is another real sick album so I had a hard time only choosing single tracks and ended up with 9 of them haha. Well you should probably just snag the whole album as it is definitely worth it. Enjoy this sick album!

Download The Entire Mood Swing EP In A Single .Zip File Here

Down Through My Life- Chris Young | Download

02-Down Through My Life (Produced by The Ski-Team)

California Soul - Chris Young | Download

03-California Soul(Produced by Vision)

Been On A Mission - Chris Young | Download

04- Been On A Mission feat. Ben Siskin

Ms. Mulatto – Chris Young | Download

05- Ms.Mulatto

Black and Gold – Chris Young | Download

08- Black & Gold (Produced by Vision)

Heart – Chris Young | Download

09- Heart (Produced by The Ski-Team)

American Booty – Chris Young | Download

11- American Booty (Produced by Vision)

Gypsy Eyes – Chris Young | Download

15- Gypsy Eyes (Produced by Raz Russo)

Check Out Chris Young via Myspace Here

2 HEAVY BASS BANGERS from Bassnectar: Bass Head and Cozza Frenzy (Mega-Bass Remix)

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Bassnectar is such a talented and defined DJ and Producer. All of his songs seem have that “melt your face off” bass feel. Remember the banger Nelly Furtado Remix posted earlier? I still love that song, but in these two songs he really shows how heavy he can make the bass hit. Find a good speaker system with some massive subs, nothing else will do either of these songs justice. This first one is called ‘Bass-Head’ and it pretty fitting, it bangs haard! Wait till the drop at 1:15 for sh*t to get crazy.  Now I know this post isn’t for everyone, but I also know it’s going to make a lot of you guys pretty happy. Comment your thoughts on Bassnectar below. Enjoy!

Bass-Head – Bassnectar | Click To Purchase via Beatport


Next is a Mega-Bass Remix of Cozza Frenzy, and the name fits this one as well, this song does have some Mega Bass. It comes of a little dark, but the bass is sooo sick I just can’t get over it. Well this is a track that’s been kicking around awhile, but I wasn’t sure if it was too heavy for the site. Let me know your thoughts.

Cozza Frenzy (Mega-Bass Remix) – Bassnectar ft. Seasunz | Download

Bassnectar-CozzaFrenzy(Mega-Bass Remix).mp3

Purchase Bassnectar Music via iTunes Here

Brand New Chill Rap Song: The Game ft. Lil Wayne & Birdman – Everything Red

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The Game makes some good music, but he’s never been a favorite of mine. Today I’ve got a brand new track from him, featuring Lil Wayne and Birdman. Lil Wayne’s part is pretty sick as most of you are probably wondering. This song starts off a little slow, but gets going pretty good. One of those songs you might not think is that special, then find yourself listening to it again a couple hours later. Enjoy!

Everything Red – The Game ft. Lil Wayne & Birdman | Download

Game Ft. Lil Wayne Birdman- Everything Red.mp3

Purchase The Game’s Music via iTunes Here

Real Sick Brand New Hip-Hop Song: Fat Joe Song ft. Trey Songz – If It Ain’t About Money

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I haven’t heard much about Fat Joe for awhile, and I think Trey Songz is alright, but never been a huge fan. But this track is real good, chances are it’ll end up on the radio, it’s got the single vibe to it. This song is perfect for a party playlist if your looking for not as much house/electro music. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts as I don’t post to many hip-hop songs with this mainstream of a vibe to it.

If It Ain’t About Money – Fat Joe ft. Trey Songz | Download

Fat Joe Ft. Trey Songz- If It Aint About Money




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