BRAND NEW Kid Cudi ft. Kanye West – Erase Me TOO SICK

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So a ton of you all love Kid Cudi and Kanye West, so them together? Too sick. I was pretty stoked to listen to this song when I saw the artists. And It’s got a rock influence that through me off, but nonetheless it is siiiick.Ripped from the Radio, but still definitely worth the download.  It’s very chill, but I love Cudi and Kanye’s voice, so anything they do will be sick in my book. Turn up this fresh new song and enjoy!

Erase Me – Kid Cudi ft. Kanye West | Download

Erase Me (Radio Rip)

The Dean’s List – Repeat: Sick New Chill Pop Hip-Hop

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The Dean’s List have a real mellowed out poppy sound that you guys loved when I posted them a couple weeks ago. Their latest single ‘Repeat’ is sure not to dissapoint any of their fans or anyone new. This song is a chill song that reminds me a little of Wiz Khalifa but more poppy with a little RnB influence almost. Give it a listen and enjoy!

Repeat – The Dean’s List | Download


Check Out More The Dean’s List via Their Website Here

Dynamite (Dark Intensity Electro Radio Edit) – Taio Cruz BANGER REMIX

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Taio Cruz is another artist who is really big in the American mainstream music scene, and uses lots of house/electro/dance flavored beats in all his songs. His song Dynamite is already a pretty catchy song if you like the mainstream style, but this remix by Dark Intensity from Anaheim, CA who makes it even sicker. It’s got more energy, a little more bass, turn it up and enjoy this sick party track!

Dynamite (Dark Intensity Electro Radio Edit) – Taio Cruz | Download


SIICK Remix of ‘I Need A Dolla’ (Big Gigantic Remix) – Aloe Blacc

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So I posted the original and a sick remix of Aloe Blacc’s ‘I Need A Dolla’ a couple weeks ago here, but today I’ve got possibly the sickest remix of the song yet. It’s done by Big Gigantic, who are actually a Boulder native. They add a electronic intense flavor to it with a hint of dubstepness. The song becomes a completely new one, and just sooo sick. Turn up the bass for this remix and enjoy!

I Need A Dolla (Big Gigantic Remix) – Aloe Blacc | Download

I Need A Dollar (Big Gigantic Remix)

Check Out More Big Gigantic via Myspace Here

First Kiss (Skeet Skeet Remix) – 3Oh!3 ft. Ke$ha: SICK BUMPIN REMIX

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Haha, the only word to describe this remix is Bumpin. It’s not quite a BANGER, but it certainly has a lot of energy. This remix is just fun, just turn up your speakers, bump the bass, and enjoy this awesome remix. DJ Skeet Skeet does it again by turning 3Oh!3′s overly poppy ‘First Kiss’ which features Ke$ha, and makes it a remix almost everyone can enjoy. Enjoy!

First Kiss (Skeet Skeet Remix) – 3Oh!3 ft. Ke$ha | Download

Check Out More Skeet Skeet via Myspace Here

Real Sick Chill House/Reggae Song: Hold Yuh (Major Lazer Remix) – Gyptian

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So as I posted earlier, Major Lazer (Diplo and Switch)  is easily one of the most diverse DJ groups around. This remix of Gyptain’s ‘Hold Yuh’ is no different. The capture the chillness of a reggae track, mixed with the with a dancey beat that is incredibly catchy. I really don’t know how to categorize this track other than sick. If you don’t like it the first listen through, try again as it really is one that grows on you. Props to Fiercewind for mentioning this track to me.  Enjoy this chill summer jam!

Hold Yuh (Major Lazer Remix) – Gyptian | Download

Purchase Major Lazer’s Music via iTunes Here

Sick Dance BANGER: Wynter Gordon – Renegade (Vindata Remix)

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Vindate turned Usher’s ‘OMG’ into an abosolute dance BANGER here, and they are here to deliver another dance BANGER. This time it’s of Wynter Gordon’s Renegade. The song has some girl vocals, which can some times turn off the listener, but not with this song, this electro BANGER, bangs hard haha. Turn up the speakers, and especially the bass, and enjoy!

Renegade (Vindata Remix) – Wynter Gordon | Download


Real Sick Kid Cudi X Drake Mashup: The Mesh Up

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So pretty much everyone likes Kid Cudi, and same with Drake…. So pretty much all of you should like a mashup of the both of them. It’s called The Mesh Up and it’s by Sonny Shotz of The Dean’s List who I posted a couple tracks earlier. It features Drake’s “The Resistance” and Kid Cudi’s “Dat New New”. The song works perfectly and I think it’s real sick, enjoy!

The Mesh Up – Drake vs Kid Cudi (Sonny Shotz of The Dean’s List) | Download

The Mesh Up (Drake x Cudi Remix)

Check out Sonny Shotz via Myspace Here

New Sam Adams Song ‘All In’ [BONUS 3 Sick Sam Adams Remixes]

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Haven’t seen much action from Sam Adams in the past couple months, but he is back with a new single, ‘All In’. And when I found about this new track I was in the middle of making a post featuring some of his older songs that a lot of you guys have never heard. The new one All In is pretty sick, quality is a little whack though. Give it a listen, and then be sure to check out the older ones. The Poker Face remix is one not to miss, and honestly all of them are pretty good. He’s got a definite poppy rap style that college kids love. Enjoy these sick Sam Adams tracks!

All That – Sam Adams | Download

01 All That

Poker Face (Remix) – Sam Adams | Download

Poker Face Remix

Heads Will Roll (Remix) – Sam Adams | Download


I’m Goin In (Remix) – Sam Adams | Download

I’m Goin In (Remix)

Purchase All of Sam Adams Music via iTunes Here

SICK ALBUM: A-Trak – Dirty South Dance 2

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A-Trak is a making waves in the  electronic music scene, and has been for over the past 10 years, being one of the sickest DJ’s out their. I’ve never sadly gotten to see him play a set, but I have listned to a lot of his music, and this new album is sure to not dissapoint. It’s rap meets house with maybe a little indie flavor, I love the cd and it’s great to have going at a party. Definitely give all of the selected tracks a listen, but you should probably download the entire album/mixtape as the whole thing is very sick, enjoy the sickness of A-Trak!

Download The Entire Dirty South Dance 2 Album Here

Trizzy Turnt Up – A-Trak | Download


Ice Cream On Blast – A-Trak | Download


Twerk That Driver – A-Trak | Download

09 Twerk That Driver

Make The Trap Wile Out – A-Trak | Download

12 Make The Trap Wile Out

Donnis: Gone (DJ Craze remix) – A-Trak | Download


Ain’t I A Joker – A-Trak | Download


Purchase the Deluxe edition of the CD With Poster and T-shirt via OBEY Here

Another BANGER REMIX of ‘California Gurls’ – Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg (Hyper Crush Remix)

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You guys fell in love with the MSTRKRFT version of this pop hit, and now I’ve got another high energy filled remix of the same song. This time it’s remixed by Hyper Crush, who are always good for a BANGER remix. This one isn’t quite as catchy as their previous ones, but still very sick. Turn up the speakers and enjoy!

California Gurls (Hyper Crush Remix) – Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg | Download


Purchase All of Hyper Crush’s Music via iTunes Here

Siiick Dance remix of B.o.B.’s ‘Airplanes’

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So B.o.B. has made his way a a favorite amongst TSIS readers especially with Airplanes which has made it’s way on the radio. I still love the original, but this remix is sooo sick. Starts a little slow, then drops to a dance party. DJ Megaman and Panic Attack did a great job on the remix. Turn up the speakers and enjoy!

Airplanes (DJ Megaman and Panic City Remix) – B.o.B. | Download


Purchase All of B.o.B.’s Music via iTunes Here

Sick New Unreleased Drake – You Know You Know (Prod. Kanye West)

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So Drake’s latest album dropped this month, and I thought it was good, but honestly not as good as a lot of the reviews said it was. I think Drake’s got a lot of talent, but I do also think he’s getting a little over hyped up, but whatever this song is sick.  It’s produced by Kanye which is always going to be great, and not sure why it didn’t make the album as I think it’s better then most the tracks that did. Give this track and listen and enjoy!

You Know You Know – Drake (Prod. Kanye West) | Download

You Know You Know (produced by Kanye West)

BANGER ELECTRO REMIX: Hot-N-Fun (Boys Noize Remix) – N.E.R.D.

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N.E.R.D. has always been pretty sick in my book, and one of their latest songs Hot-N-Fun is sick on it’s own… but of course Boys Noize could make an even sicker electro BANGER out of it. Well Boys Noize never seems to dissapoint me, and I should do something about posting more of hiswork here. Turn the bass up and blast your speakers to this high energy BANGER! Real talk, putting this song on at a party will make everyone go crazy… Support Boys Noize by purchasing their music at the link below. Enjoy!

Hot-N-Fun (Boys Noize) – N.E.R.D. | Download


Purchase All of Boys Noize Music via iTunes Here




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