AC Slater – 4 Electro Dubstep BANGERS: Electric Daisy Carnival CO sick DJ 4 of 5

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AC Slater is without a doubt of the sickest DJ’s I’ve seen live, it could possibly be the fact that his music bangs so hard I don’t really know what to do with myself most the time, whatever it is he is too sick. I caught a set from him a couple months ago at Beta down in Denver and he tore it up. AC Slater is performing at 11:00-12:30 at the neonGARDEN stage at this years EDC Colorado. Here’s some songs to get an idea of insanely sick he is, although keep in mind, without bass these songs will not sound the best. Go get to some nice speakers and enjoy the electro/dubstep awesomeness of AC Slater!

Meddle (AC Slater & Dj Skeet Skeet Remix) – Little Boots | Download


Hear Me (AC Slater Remix) – Drop the Lime | Download


Touch (AC Slater Remix) – Trash Yourself | Download


Shine Shine (AC Slater Remix) – Boys Noize | Download

Shine Shine (AC Slater Remix)

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Kill The Noise – 2 Heavy Dance Tracks: Electric Daisy Carnival CO Sick DJ Post 3 of 5

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Kill The Noise was one of the groups that I discovered via the Electric Daisy Carnival CO lineup. I was like, “hmm, Kill The Noise? that sounds pretty sick, let’s check it out” And surely enough, they are pretty sick. They’ve got a definite house, almost 70′s groove feel to their music mixed with an in your face club banger. The first track below, ‘Perfect Combition’ is a high energy groovin, ride. The bass kicks, and it just makes you wanna dance. Next I’ve got a remix of Kid Sister’s ‘Right Hand Hi’, which sounds completely different then Caspa’s remix of the same song. I’ve had this song kicking around for awhile, and it is sick. When it drops at just after a minute, the party starts! If you will be attending EDC Colorado tonight, be sure to not miss the action packed Kill The Noise performing from 8:30-9:30 at the main kineticFIELD stage. 8:30?? What a horrible time for them to perform, at least they will be getting a huge audience because Benny Benassi is performing right after them. Enjoy these great songs!

Perfect Combination – Kill The Noise | Download


BANGER Right Hand Hi (Kill The Noise Remix) | Download


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Caspa – 4 Dirty Dubstep BANGER Remixes: Electric Daisy Carnival CO Sick DJ Post 2 of 5

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I have been featuring a decent amount of dubstep on the site lately, and I realized I haven’t thrown up a single track by Caspa, who is defintely making his name as one of the bigger dubstep DJ’s in America. I’d say one of his most popular tracks was his version of Deadmau5 and Kaskade’s ‘I Remember’. I’ve posted it below, and it still is one of my favorite dubstep remixes. He takes a simple smooth calm song, and gives it that needed dose of banger. I’ve also included 2 of my other favorite Caspa remixes. Check them out and enjoy! And for those of you attending EDC Colorado tonight Caspa goes on from 1:00–2:30 in the bassPOD. Be sure not to miss his sick action packed performance, enjoy these bangers!

BANGER Right Hand Hi (Caspa Remix) – Kid Sister | Download


I Remember (Caspa Remix) – Deadmau5 ft. Kaskade | Download


BANGER Where’s The Money (Caspa Remix) – TC | Download


Moments In Love (Caspa Remix) – Art of Noise | Download


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Benny Benassi – 3 Sick Remixes: Electric Daisy Carnival CO Sick DJ Post 1 of 5

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Benny Benassi is probably one of the most known DJ’s in American culture, and maybe it’s because the first “techno” song most Americans heard was ‘Satisfaction’ by Benny Benassi. Well he’s been in the game for an incredibly long time, and still brings it hard. I caught his set at Red Rocks last summer at the Global Dance Festival, and he lived up to his reputation. Well I’m excited to see what he’s got in store for for EDC Colorado tonight. Benassi goes on at 9:30-11:30 on the main kineticFIELD stage. I’m sure he’s going to “Bring the Noise” tonight, enjoy some of his sickest remixes to come out within the past year or so, they all bang pretty hard, so give them a good listen!

Pursuit of Happiness (Benny Benassi Remix) – Kid CuDi ft. MGMT & Ratatat | Download


Dance Commander (Benny Benassi Remix) – Electric Six | Download


Right Round (Benny Benassi Remix – Flo Rida | Download

Right Round (Benassi Remix)

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Electric Daisy Carnival 2010 | Colorado

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Not sure if I have even mentioned this incredibly sick event, but Triad Dragons and Reload have teamed up again to bring us the Electric Daisy Carnival, Colorado edition. Alot of you have heard about the Electric Daisy Carnival that takes place in LA, notable for it’s insane lineup of DJ’s (David Guetta, Deadmau5, Tiesto, Arminc Van Buuren, etc.).  Well this will be the 3rd annual Colorado edition of EDC, and it takes place today, June 12th, 2010. Electric Daisy Carnival Colorado is a 5 stage event featuring some sick DJ’s, as well as full blown Carnival rides for your enjoyment. If you live in Colorado, or close by, you should definitely make it out for tonight for some of the sickest music around. There’s going to be over 60 DJ’s with headliners Benny Benassi, ATB, Caspa, AC Slater, Dirty Phonics,Kill The Noise, DJ Craze and many more! Boulder locals DJ Shares and Andrew Wickes are going to playing earlier in the night, so be sure to catch them. I’ve made several different posts on select DJ’s from tonight’s lineup, first to show all the readers some sick new music, and second to showcase some of the DJ’s for those who are attending tonight. I’ve listed my set list for what I plan on seeing tonight. (Click the links to see individual posts with music from each of the artist)

Dj Shares neonGARDEN stage

Andrew Wickes ciruitGROUNDS stage

Kill The Noise kineticFIELD stage

Benny Benassi kineticFIELD stage

AC Slater neonGARDEN

Caspa bassPOD

Dirtyphonics bassPOD

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2 More Sick New Tracks From Eminem: “Going Through Changes” and “25 To Life”

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So I think everyone can agree, Eminem is back on the top of his game. Recovery is one of the best albums I’ve heard in awhile, and probably just as good as the Marshal Matheres LP, which is my favorite. Well here’s two tracks, ‘Going Through Changes” and “25 To Life”. Everyone absolutely needs to buy this album on June 18th when it drops. Throughout the entire album the lyrics and beats are soooo sick it’s unreal. Well I wasn’t the biggest Eminem fan before I heard this album, and now I can’t get enough. “25 To Life” is one of my personal favorites and i’m sure all of you guys are going to love it. Enjoy these sick songs!

25 To Life – Eminem | Download

Eminem 25 To Life

Going Through Changes – Eminem | Download

Eminem Going Through Changes

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Sick New Track from Chris Webby – ‘Do Me’ ft. Rotimi

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I still listen to The White Noise LP by Chris Webby regularly, and hee’s been working hard on his newest album/mixtape The Underclassmen. This is the first track leaked from it, and it defintitly has a different sound. To be honest it sounds alot more mainstream and less of a mixtape. But Webby still continues to deliver some sick lyrics. He has a very unique sound that shines through the saturation of white college rappers. Enjoy this sick chill song!

Do Me – Chris Webby ft. Rotimi | Download

Do Me ft Rotimi

Check out Chris Webby’s Other Music via Myspace Here

Sick New Hip-Hop/R&B Track: Chamillionaire ft. Lloyd & Twista – Make A Movie

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So I wanna start off by saying that I do not support Chamillionaire. As some of you have heard, he missed his flight and didn’t show up to the venue till 2:30am at the show that was helping out with and that myself and Ooj and were DJing at. Regardless I’ve got a pretty sick song from the guy. It’s definitely got a huge R&B influence, but still has the hip-hop overall sound. Well this song might be a little mainstream for some of you guys, but I think it’s catchy so enjoy!

Make A Movie – Chamillionaire ft. Lloyd & Twista | Download

Chamillionaire Ft. Twista Lloyd- Make A Movie





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