SICK BANGER HOUSE REMIX: Back & Forth (Fedde’s Future Funk Remix) – Fedde Le Grand ft. Mr. V

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Fedde Le Grand is quite the sick house DJ, popular for ‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit’ which is a very sick track that gets remixed alot. I’ve got a remix from Fedde Le Grand ft. Mr. V of the song ‘Back & Forth’. This song is very sick, and upbeat. It starts off with a lot of energy, but you have to listen to the drop, cause when it happens, shit gets real haha. This is one of the songs you blast on the best possible system with the biggest subs. Even if you have to settle for iPod headphones it will still be sick, enjoy!

Back & Forth (Fedde’s Future Funk Remix) – Fedde Le Grand ft. Mr. V | Download


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SICK BRAND NEW Kid Cudi – ‘Mojo So Dope’

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Kid Cudi, one of my favorite rappers by far, and finally we get to start hearing some of the new songs off his album Man On The Moon II The Legend Of Mr. Rager. The first track, ‘Erase Me’ ft. Kanye West had a different flavor, but it was just as sick as his older stuff. Today the track is called ‘Mojo So Dope’ and it reminds me a lot more of his first cd, so some people who were a little turned off by the rock influence on the first single, have no fear. There was a few snippets of this song going around, but I try to only post quality songs you would actually listen to in yout playlists, so here’s the High Quality full version. It’s a slower paced track with some nice complimenting vocals. This track really is sooo sick, lives up to the Kid Cudi level of expectation, and the more I listen to it the more I love it. Turn it up and enjoy!

Mojo So Dope – Kid Cudi | Download

Kid Cudi-Mojo So Dope

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2 Sick New Rap Songs: Na Palm – ‘Road To Fame’ & ‘Get It In’

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Na Palm is one of the sickest up an coming rappers around. He’s got something different, he captures that laid back party rap image which is just fun to listen to and perfect for parties and hanging with friends. You guys loved ‘What’s Yo Name?’ and for a good reason, and that was only the first track off his upcoming debut mixtape Dirty Girls Like Dirty Beats which you can catch here next Tuesday. Today i’ve got two more tracks from the album and both are very sick. ‘Get It In’ has got a mainstream hip-hop feel, with the beat being produced by Prolyfic. Next up is my second favorite track to leak off the new mixtape, ‘Road To Fame’ ft. Ben Fuller. The track is very chill and laid back and continues the summer feel songs I’ve been posting lately. Enjoy both songs and be sure to check back Sunday for an exclusive leak off the new mixtape.

Road To Fame – Na Palm | Download


Get It In – Na Palm | Download

Get It In

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BANGER MUST HEAR NEW EP: Pretty Lights – Spilling Over Every Side

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Pretty Lights is from Ft. Collins, very close to Boulder where I’m from, and they are definitely one of my favorite groups. Derek Smith Djing and Adam Deitch playing the live drums makes for one of the by far the best groups performing live today. I god to see them perform for the University of Colorado (CU) Welcome concert last fall and they blew me away and Ibecoem and instant fan. You guys loved the last EP of theirs that I posted, and I know this EP is not going to be any different. It’s 6 songs, and all of them capture the groovy/bass filled/ awesomeness of Pretty Lights that lots of have people have grown to love. Starting from the first song it captures the Pretty Lights that I love in a new better well done fashion. I highly recommend downloading the entire EP as it is verrrry sick, but download individual tracks if ytou feel the need. Visit Their Online Store for any Pretty Lights purchases. Enjoy!

Download the Entire Pretty Lights Spilling Over Every Side EP

High School Art Class – Pretty Lights | Download


Hot Like Dimes – Pretty Lights | Download


Let The Word Hurry By – Pretty Lights | Download


Look Both Ways – Pretty Lights | Download


Forever Lost  - Pretty Lights | Download


A Million Tomorrows – Pretty Lights | Download


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BANGER ELECTRO INDIE REMIX: Scanners – We Never Close Our Eyes (LAZRTAG Remix)

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Some songs just need a remix, and to be honest I’ve never heard the original Scanners song ‘We Never Close Our Eyes’, but I do know that LAZRTAG turned it into a siiiick BANGER remix. The song drops at just over a minute, and with lots of energy. It’s a got a electro/house feel that is sure to get anyone moving. Some may be a little turned off by the vocals, but I know some of you are going to love it. Enjoy!

We Never Close Our Eyes (LAZRTAG Remix) - Scanners | Download


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Real Chill Hip-Hop Song: Zion I – Oh Lawd

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Zion I is a real sick group with a very different sound. Their song Coastin’ is still one of my favorite songs I’ve ever posted on the site. Today I’ve got an older track from the group off of their 2005 album True & Livin’. It’s incredibly chill and goes with this end of summe vibe I’ve been posting for the past couple days. Give it a good listen through before judging as it starts a little slow. Enjoy!

Oh Lawd – Zion I | Download

ZionIOh Lawd

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So I get some mixed reviews on dubstep, almost all of you are falling in love with it, but there’s some that aren’t too fond. Today I’ve got one of the songs that’s turned alot of my friends onto dubstep, it’s called ‘Cockney Thug’ by Rusko. If you do listen to much dubstep you’ve definitely heard this one, it’s one of Rusko’s older songs and it is just really sick. I got a lot of love on his remix of ’4th of July’. It doesn’t have that super intense sound that turns a lot listeners off, more of a consistent vibe and just genuinely sick. If you’ve never heard this song, you’re in for a treat. Enjoy!

Cockney Thug – Rusko | Download


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SICK BRAND NEW RAP: Wale – The Eyes of a Tiger

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Wale is so siick, he’s got that freshness most rappers wish they had. You guys loved ‘BASEhead’ which I just posted last week, so I know you’re going to love this new one, ‘The Eyes of a Tiger’. Wale is one of the rappers who is very on top of his Twitter game, having a huge following and regularly giving out leaks. The track has a slow minute intro, but you should really give it a full listen, because this song is sick.  Give it a listen, and enjoy!

The Eyes of a Tiger – Wale | Download

Wale- The Eyes Of The Tiger

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Sick Chill Rap: Curren$y – Breakfast (In & Out)

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Curren$y has grown on me a lot lately, I’ve been loving his chill laid back feel. I really liked the collaboration I posted with Wiz Khalifa, ‘Scaling a Building’.  Well here’s a track off his album Pilot Talk, ‘Breakfast (In & Out), and the only word to describe it, is chill. It’s real laid back, mellow, another perfect one for the last few weeks of summer. Enjoy!

Breakfast (In & Out) – Curren$y | Download

CurrenSy- Breakfast(Original Version)

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Daft Punk vs LMFAO vs DJ Chuckie – One More Time In Miami Bitch: Real Sick House Remix/Mashup

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As I’ve said before, I’m not the biggest fan of straight mashups, I like it when they actually take two songs and completely smash them together. I really liked the AC/DC vs Katy Perry vs Timbaland mashup, and I think this one is of the same calibur. It’s a mashup of Daft Punk’s classic ‘One More Time’ and LMFAO and DJ Chuckie’s collaboration‘Let The Bass Kick In Miami Bitch’ and makes a completely new sounding song, making a really fun sounding party house song. The Daft Punk and LMFAO vocals going back and forth works very well. This song is sick, case closed, turn it up and enjoy!

One More Time In Miami Bitch ( Pristine Blusters Mashup) – Daft Punk vs DJ Chuckie vs LMFAO | Download


BANGER ELECTRO REMIX: Pitbull – I Know You Want Me (DJ Palad Electro Remix)

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Their are some songs that I listen to, and I notice that my right arm can’t stop rising and fist pumping. It’s something in the music, and it tends to be these electro club bangers. This one is of Pitbull, who I know some people don’t like his vocals, but get over it cause this song BANGS hard! DJ Palad did this electro remix, and he’s from Berlin, and knows how to make a sick remix. I like the beats behind most of Pitbull’s songs to be honest, but this track just has so much energy. Turn up the bass and blast this sick BANGER!

I Know You Want Me (DJ Palad Electro Remix) – Pitbull | Download


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Intuition ft. Slug from Atmosphere – Buzzkill: Real Sick Chill Rap

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There’s a huge number of these new white college rappers which are starting to change the face of white rappers in my eyes, but Slug of Atmosphere will always hold it down as one of the sickest white rappers alive. He’s came out with more albums/mixtapes then most people can even count, and he continues to do magic. Recently doing some guest vocals on Intuition’s latest single for the song ‘Buzzkill’ which came out earlier this summer. This song is siiiick, chill, legit, and just captures that Atmosphere feel. Perfect for enjoying these last couple weeks of summer. Enjoy this chill song!

Buzzkill – Intuition ft. Slug | Download


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Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Borgore Remix) : BANGER DUBSTEP REMIX

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Passion Pit is one of the bands, that I do like, but I also know sounds pretty weird, so it surprises me how big they’ve gotten in the past year. But I think they are really sick, and I’ve heard countless remixes of their hit ‘Sleepyhead’ and most or pretty good, some are pretty bad, but I’ve got hands down one of the sickest remixes of the song out. It’s a BANGER dubstep remix done by Borgore. You guys went crazy for his song extra heavy collaboration he did with Dipo on ‘Sunsets’ posted earlier. This song has a slower and more mellowed out feel to it, but it is soooo sick. Props to Sasha for tipping me off on this sick song. Bump the bass for the track and enjoy!

Sleepyhead (Borgore Remix) – Passion Pit | Download


Download Borgore’s Music via iTunes Here

Chilled Out Electronic Remix: Lil Wayne ft. Birdman – Stuntin’ Like My Daddy (FAMUEL Remix)

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So most remixes on the site, tend to me more heavy bass driven tracks, but occasionally I come across a remix that is siiick, but has a real chilled out feel throughout. That’s exactly what I’m talking about with this remix of ‘Stuntin’ Like My Daddy’ by FAMUEL. There still is some bass so I had to put it in Bangin and Chill, but definitely not something I’d expect to hear at the club. Give this unique track a chance, enjoy!

Stuntin’ Like My Daddy – Lil Wayne ft. Birdman | Download


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