Waka Flocka – O Let’s Do It (Heroes + Villains Remix): TOO SICK BANGER REMIX

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Waka Flocka is another sick new up and coming rapper, and he gets mixed reviews. Some don’t like the way he raps, and I’ve have countless others raving about how they can’t get enough Waka Flocka. Well I think some of his songs are pretty hot, then I heard this remix and had to post it. It’s a BANGER remix done by Heroes + Villians, and you guys liked what they did with Lil Jon’s U Don’t Like Me. This remix is too sick, and I’m sure most of you guys will love it. It’s such a sick chilled out BANGER. Turn up the bass and enjoy!

O Let’s Do It (Heroes Villains Remix) – Wacka Flacka | Download

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Must Hear Indie/Rap Song: Brenton Duvall – That’s All (Ft. Gucci Mane)

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So, when I say remix you guys probably think electro BANGER, or maybe something dubstep, but today I’ve got a more mellow remix. Not sure if mellow is the best word, because it still makes you want to dance alot. It’s the latest from my homie and neighbor Brenton Duvall. He’s got a real unique indie mashup style that is one you won’t forget. Some of you may remember his epic Lil Wayne / Passion Pit remix ‘Ambien (Sleepyhead Remix)’ which was the #1 download on the site for quite some time. Well this song is seriously just too sick, it makes Gucci Mane actually someone I can really appreciate. The vocals with the indie filled dance beat work perfectly and make you put the track on repeat. Give this song a good listen and enjoy!

That’s All (Ft. Gucci Mane) – Brenton Duvall | Download

Pro Nails (Rusko Remix) – Kid Sister [BONUS HD LIVE VIDEO] : BANGER DUBSTEP

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So almost everyone loves Rusko these days, and for some very good reasons. He came to the Fox Theatre here in Boulder, Colorado and played quite the sick performance. Thissongissick was covering the event and got sot some pretty sick HD footage, see below (Turn up the quality to HD, or watch here and turn it up to HD). We happened  to capture one of his biggest hits, his popular remix to Kid Sister’s ‘Pro Nails’. I am trying to keep this site clean of videos, (in the final stages of a video only site), but I had to post this one cause it was too sick. Rusko simply tears the fox down. He is hilarious in this video in the way he dances. He plays a crazy Pro Nails remix mixed with some Datsik. Be sure to check out The Fox Theatre’s website and facebook for some sick upcoming shows, like the sold out Wiz Khalifa show we’re presenting on October 8th! If you haven’t heard this song, get ready for a sick new BANGER, turn up the bass and enjoy the song/video!

Pro Nails (Rusko Remix) – Kid Sister | Download

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Lil Wayne ft. Drake – With You: Sick New Chill Hip-Hop

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Lil Wayne finally dropped his newest I Am Not A Human Being album, while still in jail. The album is very sick and you all should pick it up. I already posted Right Above It, and Bill Gates, and both got a huge response, this one’s a little more chill so I wonder what the response will be. It’s definitely more R&B influenced then some of the other tracks, but Weezy kills it, and Drake does pretty good as well. Can’t post this one for free, since the album just dropped on iTunes, but definitely pick it up with a bunch of other great new songs, link below. Enjoy this sick new track!

With You – Lil Wayne ft. Drake

Download The Entire Album via iTunes Here

Under The Sheets (Jakwob Remix) – Ellie Goulding: TOO SICK BANGER DUBSTEP

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So I posted the insane Jakwob dubstep remix of Ellie Goulfing’s ‘Starry Eyed’, and it became a site favorite, and some people told me it was the song that actually got them into dubstep all together. I was happy to hear this, and it only seemed fitting to bring you guys another BANGER remix from Jakwob, and even more fitting this time he remixes another Ellie Goulding song, ‘Under the Sheets’. This song is so sick, fluid, smooth, and BANGS hard. It’s a dubstep remix that is too sick for anyone not to like it, you have to hear the drop. Turn up the bass, and enjoy!

Under the Sheets (Jakwob Remix) – Ellie Goulding | Download

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Plan B – The Recluse (Nero Remix) – BANGER DUBSTEP/ELECTRO REMIX

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So I’ve been loving the rise in dubstep fans across America, and I know all of you will love this song. It’s the latest remix from one of the hottest producers, Nero. He remixed Plan B’s new single ‘The Recluse’, and he gives the song so much energy. The synhths/bass sound sooo sick when they drop. This is a song you definitely need to give a full listen to before judging. Turn the bass all the way up, and enjoy!

The Recluse (Nero Remix) – Plan B | Download

Download All of Plan B’s Music via iTunes Here

SICK NEW PARTY BANGER: Far East Movement ft. Snoop Dogg – If I Was You (OMG)

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Far East Movement has been getting more and more popular off the success of ‘Like A G6′ posted earlier here. They’ve been working with some pretty big names, and now here’s their latest track with Snoop Dogg. I was suprised by his name on the track, but it works real well. I hope this is what to expect on their new album due out October 12th. It’s got that fresh new electro BANGER sound to it. This is a perfect new party song, so bump it and enjoy!

If I Was You (OMG) – Far East Movement ft. Snoop Dogg | Mediafire Download | Hulkshare Download


Purchase All of Far East Movement’s Music via iTunes Here

Tayyib Ali – I Ain’t Scared: Sick Chill Hip-Hop

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Tayyib Ali continues to drop these sick new singles, and I’m starting to think he has to the potential to be the next rapper to break past underground. ‘Kid Again’ was real sick, and Sound Check was just as sick. Now I’ve got ‘I Ain’t Scared’ and it is too sick. Listen and you’ll know what i’m talking about. Can’t wait to see what else Tayyib’s got coming. Enjoy!

I Ain’t Scared – Tayyib Ali | Download

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