Mimosa – F.T.A.M.F.: BANGER Dubstep Lil Wayne Remix

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Mimosa, an artist that somehow I haven’t posted any of his stuff. He’s one of the sickest DJ’s in the rising heavy bass / dubstep / whatever you want to call it music scene that is moving across the nation. This is one of my favorites of his and it really showcases his style. He likes to sample popular rap vocals, while pushing the limits of your subs with his bass filled breakdowns. His style is comparable to Bassnectar and The Glitch Mob, but unique in many ways. Turn up the bass and enjoy this sick BANGER that samples Lil Wayne’s ‘Fresher Then A Motherf*cker’, it’s a little slow at first but drops very hard and is filled with enough dubstep whomps to keep you happy. Enjoy!

F.T.A.M.F. – Mimosa | Download


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The Dance Party – Sasha Don’t Sleep (Pance Party Remix): BANGER ELECTRO REMIX

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Pance Party are just so sick, from there ridiculous name to there signature BANGER sound that is sure to set a party off. Their remix of 5am was too sick, as well as thier remix of Lil Jons’ ‘I Do’. Today they remix the song ‘Sasha Don’t Sleep’ by a group The Dance Party. Never heard of The Dance Party, but this remix is sick. It’s got some vocals that really grow on you and with a BANGER electro sound what’s not to like? Turn it up and enjoy!

Sasha Don’t Sleep (Pance Party Remix) – The Dance Party | Download


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I’m The Sh*t (Rusko & Gucci Mane Remix) – DJ Real Juicy: SICK NEW REMIX

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So most know that Rusko has been working with some pretty big names lately, and now he’s doing a remix of ‘I’m the Shit’ with Gucci Mane. How Lo Can U Gizzo is still sick and just got released earlier this month. Some people didn’t like their earlier collaboration ‘Got Dat Groove’, but I still think it’s sick. It’s an interesting combination, but I think it works. Turn up the bass for this one and enjoy!

So after listening a couple times I’m pretty sure this is just a mashup, listen and let me know your thoughts

I’m The Shit (Rusko & Gucci Mane Remix) – DJ Real Juicy |Download


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Cracks (Flux Pavillion Remix) – Freestylers: SICK BANGER REMIX

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Flux Pavillion are making some of the sickest remixes out today, and since his Gold Dust remix is already a TSIS favorite, I know you guys will love this one. It’s a remix of the song ‘Cracks’ by Freestylers ft. Belle Humble. It’s got that same heavy BANGER sound but with a danceable rythym to it. Flux Pavillion is sure to set a party off, with that said this song should only be played VERY LOUD. Props to my homie Geoff for showing me this one. Turn up the bass and enjoy!

Cracks (Flux Pavillion Remix) – Freestylers ft. Belle Humble Download

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Kanye West – Runaway (Ft. Pusha T) [CD Quality]- BRAND NEW (Toast For The Assholes)

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So this year at the VMA’s everyone was thinking about last year’s incident with Kanye interupting Taylor Swift during her performance, which I’ll admit was rude but definitely blown out of proportion. Then at this year’s performance Taylor Swift gave some sad depressed performance apparaently saying all is well. Well Kanye closed the show with a powerful performance that some didn’t like, and others loved. I feel like him releasing all these free GOOD Friday songs were subtly building up buzz towards this performance. I thought the song was pretty decent and now the CD quality version has surfaced, listen and let me know what you guys think of the song, and the performance. Enjoy!

Runaway – Kanye West ft. Pusha T | Download


Tayyib Ali – Sound Check: Too Sick Happy Chill Hip-Hop

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Tayyib Ali has been dropping some straight fire tracks lately, and I’m happy to say we’re going to be working with Tayyib . It’s called ‘Sound Check’ and has a real sick beat, so happy and upbeat, yet with a chilled out vibe. ‘Kid Again’ was a hit, and this song may even be sicker, so I know you’ll all love it. Enjoy!

Sound Check – Tayyib Ali | Download

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OnCue – Cuey Sings the Blues: Real Sick Chill Rap Album

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OnCue remind me so much of Slug from Atmosphere, in the best possible way. He’s got his real original feel, but that chilled out serious style that reminds me of Slug. You guys loved Crashing Down, Let Loose,  and Friends, so I am sure this album/mixtape it going to be a hit. I only post mixtapes I feel are truly worth the download and all the songs are sick, and this fits just that. I’ve posted my highlighted favorite tracks, but I would recomend downloading the whole thing and listening to it, enjoy!

Download the Entire Cuey Sing The Blues Mixtape Here

For The Moon (Prod. By CJ Luzi) – OnCue | Download

01 For the Moon (prod. CJ Luzi)

In The Memory of You – OnCue | Download

03 In the Memory of You

Drunk Dialing (prod. Emay & OnCue) – OnCue | Download

05 Drunk Dialing (prod. Emay & OnCue)

Ecscape (prod. Emay & OnCue) – OnCue | Download

07 Escape (prod. Emay & OnCue)

Daddy’s Money (prod. CJ Luzi) – OnCue ft. Casey Herlihy | Download

11 Daddy’s Money (feat. Casey Herlihy) (prod. CJ Luzi)

She Don’t Wanna Wait ( prod. Chanes) – OnCue | Download

12 She Don’t Wanna Wait (prod. Chanes)

Wiz Khalifa – Damn It Feels Good To Be A Taylor: Real Sick New Hip-Hop

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Wiz Khalifa is so sick, he’s really established as the chilled out stoner rapper in the game, and some people don’t like it, but there is a lot of people that do. Today we’ve got his version of ‘Damn it feels good to be a gangster’ and it is sick. He talks about a lot of personal and label stuff which is interesting . It’s not nearly as upbeat and catchy as Black and Yellow, but more like Riding Solo in a chilled out fashion. Give it a listen and enjoy this chilled out track!

Damn It Feels Good To Be A Taylor – Wiz Khalifa | Download

Wiz Khalifa – Damn It Feels Good To Be a Taylor

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This Time (Klaas Remix) – DJ Antoine: BANGER REMIX

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I heard this song by DJ Antoine couple summers ago and thought it was pretty sick. the original is a softer trance mix, and then when I heard the remix by Klaas I was blown away. Klaas kills it and makes a high energy electro BANGER. Turn up the bass and blast this remix and enjoy!

The Time (Klaas Remix) – DJ Antoine | Download


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Kanye West – Good Friday (feat. Common, Pusha T, Kid Cudi, Big Sean & Charlie Wilson): SICK NEW HIP-HOP

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Kanye West continues his G.O.O.D. Fridays which have all been sick, and gives another great new song. This time featuring Common, Pusha T, Kid Cudi, Big Sean, and Charlie Wilson.  The songs got such a chilled out beat, and everyones verse compliments it well. Overall this song is just sick, and with this all start cast of stars what’s not to like? I’m sure most will love this new song, enjoy!

Good Friday – Kanye West ft. Common, Pusha T, Kid Cudi, Big Sean, Charlie Wilson | Download

Good Friday (feat. Common, Pusha T, Kid Cudi, Big Sean & Charlie Wilson)

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Tiesto – Speed Rail: Real Sick NEW Dance Music!

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Tiesto is argueably one of the most known DJ’s in the world, and although I feel like he’s starting to loose out on a lot of the new american dance music listeners, I still think he will always be a legend. Work Hard, Play Hard was pretty sick, but I didn’t exactly love it. His newest song Speed Rail defiinitely proves that he can adapt to where music is going, and can still give his own flavor to it. This song is very trancey, but also has some upbeat house thrown in. Not sure what to call this song, other then sick. Turn it up and enjoy this chill/upbeat new dance song!

Speed Rail – Tiesto | Download


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Chiddy Bang – The Good Life (Produced by Pharrell): Too Sick New Hip-Hop

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Chiddy Bang has the potential to be one of the next big mainstream artists, especially if they keep up what they’ve been doing. You guys went nuts for their real sick take on Cee-Lo’s latest single ‘F*ck You’ posted here. Today I’ve got another brand new Chiddy Bang, and this time the track is co-produced by none other then the legend Pharrell. This really shows that they are moving up. And this song is too sick, it’s got such a solid beat, and the vocals are perfect and catchy. It’s a feel good song, chill yet upbeat. If this is the direction Chiddy is going, I couldn’t be happier. Turn it up and enjoy this new hit!

The Good Life (Co-Produced by Pharrell) – Chiddy Bang | Download

Chiddy Bang-The Good Life (Prod.ByPharrell)

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