Weezer – (If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To (Steve Aoki Remix): BANGER REMIX + [AOKI LIVE 2/2]

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Steve Aoki can take any song and make it into a serious BANGER. He’s made Drake’s Forever and N.A.S.A.’s Gifted (ft. Kanye West) among otheres into serious dance BANGERS. And then I saw Weezer + Steve Aoki, could he make it work? oh yes, and it’s very sick. He takes the song ‘(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To’ by Weezer and creates a house/electro bass filled anthem that’s got some great vocal sampling from Weezer. It’s got a ton of energy, and alot going on. And if you missed the last Aoki show TSIS was apart of look below for info on his return to Boulder this wednesday! Turn the bass up and enjoy!

Be sure to come out and catch Steve Aoki performing live alongside Fisk of Fresh2Death, Sorry for Partying, Jflash and Marshall Barnes this Wednesday 2/2 at The Boulder Theatre in Boulder, CO. Be sure to purchase your tickets before it sells out, and “like” and comment on this post with your favorite Aoki track for your chance of winning a pair of tickets to the event.

(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To (Steve Aoki Remix) – Weezer | Download

(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To (Steve Aoki Remix)

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Wiz Khalifa – Roll Up: Sick New Hip-Hop

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Wiz Khalifa announced that his debut major label release Rolling Papers would be coming out on March 29th. This cd is going to make Wiz Khalifa the biggest thing in hip-hop this year in my opinion. I can’t think of any other rapper going into the mainstream scene with such a massive fan base. I’ve posted a lot of Wiz Khalifa on the site, a best of compilation mixtape The Chronic 2010, some real sick remixes and more. Now I’ve got what looks to be one of the first new singles off his debut release called ‘Roll Up’, and this song is pretty sick. Has real laid back flow, but sounds solidly produced. I can’t wait to hear more new Wiz Khalifa, but hope it stops sounding like Wiz changing for the mainstream. Check it out, chill and enjoy!

Roll Up – Wiz Khalifa | Download

Roll Up

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Benny Benassi – Cinema (Ft. Gary Go) (Skrillex Remix): NEW BANGER REMIX

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Skrillex really has become the hottest thing in upcoming electronic music, with his bass heavy BANGERS that almost everyone seems to fall in love with. Well Benny Benassi is coming out with a new album and one of the upcoming singles Cinema (Ft. Gary Go) has gotten remixed by the very sick Skrillex, who brought you the epic Hey Sexy Lady, and In For The Kill remixes among others. It’s got his signature sound, huge amounts of bass, yet somehow very calm at parts. Skrillex is defintely one of my favorite producers, and it’s like christmas everytime I hear something new. Turn up the bass and enjoy!

UPDATE: This song became one of the biggest remixes released in 2011.

Cinema – Benny Benassi ft. Gary Go 

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Local Natives – Eyes Wide (Fool’s Gold Remix ft. Aristotle): BANGER INDIE REMIX WITH RAP

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If you’re not aware of the indie group Local Natives, well you’re missing out. Check out some of the orignal stuff here, and here’s a real sick trippy sounding BANGER remix to the song ‘Wide Eyes’. It’s done by Lewis Pesacov from Fool’s Gold Records and he also recruited the rapper Aristotle. The outcome is seriously such a sick unique sounding remix, with the best parts from the orignal, awesome bass, and great rapping. Props to my cousin Alex for sending me this one. Turn up the bass and enjoy!

Eyes Wide (Fool’s Gold Remix ft. Aristotle) – Local Natives | Download

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Dean and Ravo – End Of The Week: Real Chill Hip-Hop

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Here’s another chilled out single from Dean and Ravo, who brought you you Walking Around. The only way to explain them to someone new is, Citizen Cope, but with a hip-hop influence. I’ve grown pretty fond of there style and it’s perfect for when I wanna chill. This latest song ‘End of the Week’ is a real great one, with a poppy hip-hop sounding beat, but with their same soulful rapping and singing combo. I may like this song more then the last one. The more I listen to it,the more I enjoy it. I’m happy to announce I’ll be sponsoring the exclusive release of their upcoming A to B mixtape which I’m stoked for everyone to hear. Check this out and enjoy!

Check Out the Official Music Video Here

End of the Week – Dean and Ravo | Download

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Paper Diamond – Levitate: Sick New Electronic Album on Pretty Lights Music

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Derek Vincent, the man behind Pretty Lights, who has brought you the amazing albums/eps Glowing in the Darkest Night,  Spilling Over Every Side, and Making Up A Changing Mind among others, all completely for free. Now Derek has created his own record label Pretty Lights Music, following the same idea of distributing amazing quality music for free, in hopes of building a larger fanbase and selling out shows. Now here’s Levitate, and 8 song ep by Paper Diamond. I showcased his BANGER Kanye West – Power remix, and this album has a simliar sound. It remind me of Pretty Lights for sure, but with no samples, and a different flavor. Not sure how to put it, it’s little more bass oriented, and more almost trippy. Whatever it is, you should should definitely give it a listen, and the first time my friend heard he didn’t think much of it, then second time through fell in love. So definitely give it a chance, turn it up, and enjoy!

Download The Entire Levitate EP Here

From Now Till… – Paper Diamond | Download

All Green Lights – Paper Diamond | Download

Steady Swinging – Paper Diamond | Download

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Wiz Khalifa – Black and Yellow (Big Gigantic + Samples Remix): MUST HEAR EXCLUSIVE REMIX

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I try not to feature to much of one artist, but lately I’ve been on a little bit of a Wiz Khalifa kick because his hit Black and Yellow sparked countless remixes. I featured Black and Yellow (DJ Kue Remix) which had a real sick electro/dubstep sound to it, but now I have may have the sickest remix out, which Wiz has personally said he aproves. It’s a collaboration remix done by Big Gigantic, who brought you the I Need a Dolla and Opposite of Adults (KIDS) remixes, and Samples who brought you the Justice – Stress and Def Leppard – Women remixes. Now both these forces team up to make a bass filled, jam filled, electronic journey with Wiz’s popular vocals perfectly aligned with it. This is one of my favorite remixes I’ve posted up, so do not sleep on it. Turn it up and enjoy!

Be sure to catch Big Gigantic in concert at The Gothic Theatre in Denver, CO this thursday with Prophet Massive and Project Aspect. “Like” this post and comment with your favorite Big G song to be entered to win a pair of tickets to the event! Buy your tickets to be safe here

Black and Yellow (Big Gigantic + Samples Remix) – Wiz Khalifa | Direct Download | Hulkshare | Mediafire

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Phantom of the Opera (Whole-Z Remix ft. Lil Jon): MUST HEAR EXCLUSIVE BANGER REMIX

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I’m here with an exclusive remix I’m very stoked to post. It’s from Burlington DJ/Producer Whole-Z who brought us the infectiously catchy BANGER remix of Edward Sharpes’ Home. The song quickly became one of the site’s favorites and I’ve been waiting for his latest ever since, and now the time is here. He took parts of a song from Phantom of the Opera, mixed it with some Lil Jon vocals, and his own dose of electro/house almost dubstep influence at parts. The song honestly remind me of Deadmau5′s ghosts n stuff. Check it out this remix is a must hear, turn it up and enjoy!

Phanton of the Opera (Whole-Z Remix ft. Lil Jon) – Whole-Z | Direct Download | HulkshareMediaFire

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