Akon – Love Handles (Produced by David Guetta & Afrojack): Sick New House/Pop Party Song

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Akon continues to work with some of the hottest house/electro producers in the game right now, with this latest track ‘Love Handles’ being produced by David Guetta and Afrojack. With a combo like that you know it’s gonna be a hit, it’s the perfect new party track. Akon is pretty hit or miss with me these days, but with David Guett and Afrojack backing this one, it certainly makes it a quality track, despite the absolutely ridiculous lyrics haha. I’m trying to keep a variety of more house/electro tracks for all you guys who don’t like to party to dubstep.. yet haha. Turn up the bass for this one and enjoy!

Love Handles (Produced by David Guetta and Afrojack) – Akon | Download

Love Handles (Produced by David Guetta & Afrojack)

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Dean and Ravo – A to B: Sick New Exclusive Hip-Hop Mixtape

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Dean and Ravo, the new two piece group composed of rapper Dean, and singer Ravo making a great combination of hip-hop with a mild Pop / R&B influence. I featured Walking Around and End of the Week which both got a good response, and now I’m debuting their newest mixtape exclusively A to B. It’s in the spirit of the two songs I’ve posted, and is just a chill mixtape. I’ve featured some of the best tracks below or download the whole thing below. Check it out and enjoy!

Download The Entire A to B Mixtape Here

Dope Boys – Dean and Ravo | Download

Walking Around – Dean and Ravo | Download

End of the Week – Dean and Ravo | Download

Finally – Dean and Ravo | Downlaod

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Wiz Khalifa ft. Snoop Dogg – Young, Wild & Free: Sick New Chill Hip-Hop

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So there’s no denying that Wiz Khalifa’s style is changing, and that happens when you get signed to a major label, and have to appeal past the college/high school audience. Black and Yellow was a great single, That Good ft. Snoop Doog was money, and then Roll Up was pretty good, and he just dropped the Cabin Fever mixtape that had some good tracks. Well we get another track off of ‘Rolling Papers’, and this one featuring Snoop Dogg again. Now I think this may be my favorite of his new more mainstream sounding tracks. It’s got a chill beat, quality hook, and good rapping from both artists. What are your thoughts on Wiz Khalifa’s transition to mainstream, again? Check this out and enjoy!

Young, Wild & Free – Wiz Khalifa ft. Snoop Dogg | Download

Young, Wild & Free ft Snoop Dogg

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Kid Cudi – Cudi Zone (KillaGrahm Remix): BANGER DUBSTEP REMIX

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Today I’ve got a dubstep remix that could be classified as chillstep, it’s the dubstep that even though it has mad amounts of bass, it’s still somehow got a chill smooth vibe to it. A brand new producer ‘KillaGraham’ has put out the remix to Kid Cudi’s ‘Cudi Zone’, and he destroyed the track and made something completely new, also be sure to check out the remix of Marijuana done by Caliguala or the remix of the now infamous Pursuit of the Happiness done by Steve Aoki. KillaGraham samples the perfect amount of the song, and has the perfect combination of dirty bass and synth lines and smoothness throughout. I’m sure this song is gonna be a hit with you guys, and for a good reason it’s a very well done dubstep remix. Turn up the bass and enjoy!

Don’t you worry House and Electro fans I’ve got a bunch of great new tracks coming this week.

Cudi Zone (KillaGraham Remix) – Kid Cudi | Download

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