Paper Diamond – All We Do Is (Drake ft. Fabolous – Throw It In The Bag [Remix]): Sick New Electronic / Dubstep Anthem

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Paper Diamond, becoming a houshold name through his epic Kanye West – Power dubstep remix that really became an anthem in the past couple months. Also gaining alot of recognition from his debut EP Levitate, and latest remix of Turnin Me On featuring Keri Hilson and Wiz Khalifa. He impressed alot of people at Snow Ball during the festival and at after parties. If you’ve caught any of his sets in the past month or so you’ll recognize this new exclusive remix. He took the intro to Drake’s ‘Throw It In The Bag’ and looped it and made it into a very sick dubstep sounding almost jazzy remix that is pretty epic in it’s own chilled out way. It’s very catchy and unique sounding and has a slow, yet needed start, and you really have to just listen to it and judge for yourself, and i’m sure most will fall in love. Be on the look out for some upcoming Paper Diamond concert dates and a couple future shirt collaborations. Check out this song that is sure to become the next anthem, enjoy!

All We Do Is – Paper Diamond | Direct Download | Hulkshare | Mediafire |

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Check Out This Video of Paper Diamond killing it at Snow Ball Music Festival where he really turned some heads

Chris Young the Rapper – Party Animals: Sick New Rap/Dance Track

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Chris Young the Rapper never disappoints, and now we get our hands on the last single to drop before the entire Value Pack 2 mixtape drops April 1st exclusively here. You guys have gotten to know Chris Young through Touch The Stars, The Crave, Postin Westcoastin’, and the 1991 EP among others. For this song ‘Party Animals’, Chris teamed up with producer duo Les Professionnels to create a more european inspired dance track, rather then the chill hip-hop Chris you’ve mainly heard. It’s definitely different then the other songs he’s dropped, but it’s still sick and shows how he attacks different styles of rap. Check it out and enjoy!

Party Animals (Produced by Les Professionnels) – Chris Young the Rapper | Download

Check Out More Chris Young the Rapper through Official Facebook Here

MiMOSA – 58 Degrees: Sick New Fresh Dubstep EP

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MiMOSA is defintely one of the bigger players in this rising new bass music scene. You guys loved his anthem featuring Lil Wayne F.T.A.M.F., the Days Go By (MiMOSA Remix), and the recently posted 2pac – Still Ballin (MiMOSA Remix). Well Tigran MiMOSA just dropped a brand new free 5 song EP called 58 Degrees. It’s spans over various genres, Dubstep, Glitch, even some Drum & Bass, and more. It’s filled with the perfect amount of hip-hop and other vocal sample short clips that add the perfect touch to the bass infused music that MiMOSA is known for making. This EP is a great listen and can great for homework, partying, driving, or whatever. It might not be my favorite MiMOSA work, but the more I listen it, the more It grows on me, which is always a sign of quality music. A few songs shined out above others, but all of them are so different and it’s only 5 songs, so it’s definitely necessary to download the whole thing. Check this out and enjoy!

Download the Entire 58 Degrees EP Here

Check Out More MiMOSA through Official Facebook Here

Eligh of Living Legends – Music Dies: Exclusive Hip-Hop Track + Akomplice Clothing Boxed Set Giveaway

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We are very excited to announce that we have started working with one of the most innovative, cutting edge, and freshest clothing companies around, Akomplice Clothing. They were originally based out of Denver but have recently moved to LA. Today we’re giving away a limited edition boxed set between Akomplice and Eligh of hip-hop group Living Legends. It includes a special edition of his latest ‘Grey Crow’ album, a limitied edition Akomplice x Eligh T-Shirt, all in a special made box. This boxed set includes this exclusive track ‘Music Dies’ that you can only hear on Thissongissick and in this boxed set. See details below to enter to win the boxed set, and check out this sick chill song as well. Enjoy!

To enter for a chance to win 1 of these limited edition boxed sets, simply “Like” this post and comment below with your favorite Eligh or Living Legends song

Music Dies – Eligh | Download

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Purchase the Limited Edition Boxed Set Here

Chris Brown ft. Benny Benassi – Beautiful People (Disco Fries Remix): Sick New Electro/House Remix

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After a week DJing and at Lake Havasu, AZ it made me realize I may have been lacking in the electro, house areas, and that is a key part of getting a party to rage status. Well have no fear I’ve got countless new tracks and more in store for the next couple weeks to help get you guys into Summer party mode. Today’s track is a vicious high energy bass fueled electro/house remix by The Disco Fries to the new single from Chris Brown produced by Benny Benassi. The fusion of mainstream hip-hop and electronic music is happening more and more by the day, and working with a big new producer like Benny Benassi almost seems expected now. Well the orignal Beautiful People is a great track, but The Disco Fries reworked to an even better high energy remix. Their the guys who brought you the Flo Rida – Turn Around remix, Mike Posner – Ambiguous remix, and the epic Like A G6 Remix. For this ones the bass drops with a filthy edge to it that just makes you smile. Turn the bass up, and enjoy!

Beautiful People (Disco Fries Remix) – Chris Brown ft. Benny Benassi | Download

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Skrillex – Equinox: Sick NEW Dubstep/Bass Song

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Skrillex, who has really become one of the hottest names in the electronic music scene through his unique sounding high energy remixes and originals his been releasing this past year. His epic remixes of Cinema, Hey Sexy Lady, and In For The Kill are some of my favorites, and now we finally get our hands on a new Skrillex track. This is rumored to either by an orignal called ‘Equinox’, or a remix to the song ‘Equinox’ released under his solo name Sonny Moore. Either way this track has the Skrillex style you’ve grown to love, filled with bass drops and vocal sampling. He really blends so many genres, I guess you could just call his genre Skrillex music? haha. Turn up the bass for this new track, that sounds like it’s missing a little bit. Enjoy!

Equinox – Skrillex | Purchase Link TBA


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Childish Gambino – The Longest Text Message: Sick New Chill Hip-Hop

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I started posting Childish Gambino on the site a few weeks ago, otherwise known as Troy from the show Community or by his real name Donald Glover. I first posted his remix of Javelin – Tryouts (Prod. by Brenton Duvall) and then the single Freaks and Geeks, and his latest 5 song EP. I’ve been listening to all his stuff since it all came out and couldn’t be more stoked to hear more. Check out this song that’s got a real chilled out beat, and some great signature Gambino flow. Enjoy!

The Longest Text Message – Childish Gambino | Download

Check Out More Childish Gambino through Official Facebook Here

The Police – Roxanne (Love & Light + MartyParty Remix): Sick Dubstep Remix

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There are so many new dj’s and producers sometimes I forget to post some of the best in the game, and today I’m doing just that. Say hello to the very talented DJ/Producer who calls Johannesburg, South Africa his hometown. He goes by MartyParty and he certainly likes to get the party going with some bass filled glitched out noise. Him and Love & Light teamed up to give the classic hit ‘Roxanne’ from The Police and sick new cool glitched out dubstep feel. It’s got a chill calm sounding intro with a real nice sounding clap giving it a modern flair. Then a piercing synth line comes in followed by a vicious dubstep bass drop that really makes the song. This track is definitely necessarily for any dubstep set. Turn the bass up and enjoy!

Roxanne (Love & Light & MartyParty) – The Police | Download

Check Out More MartyParty through Official Facebook Here

Steve Aoki & Sidney Samson – Wake Up (Datsik Remix): Insane BANGER Dusbtep Remix

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Steve Aoki is a site favorite, we’ve helped present 2 shows, posted a handful of his remixes, and now I’ve got an insane new remix that is sure to do exactly what the title ‘Wake Up’. The original high energy track by Steve Aoki and Sidney Samson has so much going on, and it’s a little intense for some. Well one of my favorite dubstep producers Datsik, who I’ve posted his epic remixes of Bassnectar -Basshead, M.G.M.T. – KIDS . and M83 – We Own The Sky. He takes Aoki and Samson’s track and makes it his own high energy dubstep BANGER. This song has just as much energy as the original but that smooth dubstep twist. This song is the perfect way keep going through spring break, especially for  raging at 9am. Turn it up and enjoy!

Wake Up (Datsik Remix) – Steve Aoki & Sidney Samson | Download

Check Out More Datsik through Official Facebook Here

Tayyib Ali – California Love [VIDEO]: Sick New Hip-Hop Song/Video

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Here’s the the second music video / single following up Keystone State of Mind off of Tayyib Ali’s upcoming mixtape Keystone State of Mind that I will be sponsoring on the site, and couldn’t be more stoked to support it. Tayyib has  similar style to Wiz Khalifa, with some hints of Mac Miller and Shwayze, but above all completely his own style. This video California Love is a great new song with visual supporting it. It’s a great chill song that I know a lot of you will definitely dig. This is the first song that Tayyib and his management team want to hold back from releasing the mp3 quite yet, to really build up the buzz for when the new mixtape drops on April 25th here on the site. Check out this song, chill out, and enjoy!

Also geting announced soon, Tayyib Ali and Chris Young are going to be playing at The Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado in April for 4:20 Aftermath concert. More details about that getting announceced soon!

California Love – Tayyib Ali

Check Out More Tayyib Ali through Official Facebook Here

J. Cole – Nothing Like It + The Good Son Pt. 1: Sick New Chill Hip-Hop

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J. Cole is an artist that is a legend in the making. Almost every single track he drops is gold, and his Friday Night Lights mixtape was amazing to say the least. He used to drop a new track every week or so, well now here’s a few new J. cole tracks that have seen light of day in the past few weeks. The first of which ‘Nothing Like It’ is a more upbeat track with lots of energy and solid fire flow from Cole throughout. The second ‘The Good Son Pt. 1′ is a more down tempo chilled out track, with Cole still delivering some powerful vocals in such a short amount of time. Check out these new J. Cole tracks, and enjoy!

Nothing Like It – J. Cole | Download

Nothing Like It

The Good Son Pt. 1 – J. Cole | Download

The Good Son Pt 1

Check Out More J. Cole through Official Facebook Here

Diddy Dirty-Money – I Hate that You Love Me (Chuckie Remix): Sick New House BANGER!

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Today I’ve got a sick new house/electro remix thats is perfect fo the club or a house party. It’s Dutch house producer Chuckie’s latest remix, who brough you the Enrique – Tonight remix, Lil Jon – Take Your Clothes remix, and I Like It remix, this time of Diddy Dirty-Money’s single ‘I Hate That You Love Me’. It’s a got a real good dance vibe throughout the track, then goes nuts with a signature high pitched dutch house drop. It’s filled with tons of energy and consistently makes you want to dance. Check it out, turn it up, and enjoy!

I Hate That You Love Me (Chuckie Remix) – Diddy Dirty-Money | Download

I Hate That You Love Me (Chuckie Marquee Remix)

Purchase All of Chuckie’s Music through iTunes Here

Daladubz – Pink Elephants VIP: BANGER Dumbo Song Dubstep Remix that Bassnectar Dropped

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Today I’ve got a real sick dubstep remix of the Pink Elephant song you may remember from Dumbo, see orignal here. Bassnectar dropped a version of this track at the recent Snow Ball Music festival and it was epic to say the least, video of it live. It was the highlight for a majority of the people I talked to. Well I finally got my hands on the epic remix and it turns out it was made by a swedish dubstep producer, Daladubz. It’s got some nostaglic samples, and some insane bass. Check out this epic remix, and enjoy!

Pink Elephants VIP – Daladubz | Download

Check Out More Daladubz through Official Facebook Here

Gorilla Warfare Tactics – Premier: Sick New Chill Hip-Hop EP

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Gorilla Warfare Tactics have dropped their debut EP, and it’s safe to say that these young talented muscians are here to stay. It’s refreshing hearing some real quality sounding chill hip-hop, and that’s exactly what they bring. You may remember me posting Temptations and Tale of Mr. Street, which were a sampling of what to look forward to with this EP. All of the beats (produced by CakexCrumbs) have a solid organic real hip hop sound that is completely lost in almost all mainstream hip-hop. Then Kid Dilla kills every track with his vocals. Check out this chill smooth ride of a hip-hop EP. Enjoy!

Download The Entire Premier EP Here

Check Out More Gorilla Warfare Tactics through Official Facebook Here




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