Jurassic 5 – What’s Golden (Dylan Sanders Remix) : Sick Bass Filled Remix

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Jurassic 5 is a hip hop group that I’ve listened to for awhile, but haven’t followed much lately. Well today Dylan Sanders recharges a classic ‘What’s Golden’ from Jurassic 5 with a good amount of bass. The first remix I posted of his, the Animal Rights (Dylan Sanders Re-Blast), was pretty heavy. Well this one follows the theme of some of the latest dubstep type remixes posted and doesn’t get to wild. This should be listened to with good speakers, and lots of bass. Turn it up and enjoy!

Jurassic 5 – What’s Golden (Dylan Sanders Remix) | Download

Akomplice Summer Release Party June 2nd with Sorry for Partying

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Hey everyone we’ve been working with a the clothing company Akomplice, and we’re stoked to announce that we’re helping sponsor the Akomplice Summer Release party in Santa Barbara, California. This is going to be a night filled with Music, Drinks, Art, Akomplice Giveaways, Models and more! Sorry for Partying and Catch Lungs are going to be performing at this event. Also the first 50 people to walk through the door get a shirt, hat, skateboard, or flask. Hope to see all our CA fans!

1115 State St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Doors: 7:30 pm
Date: June 2nd

Sorry for Partying – Ballers Believe in C.R.E.A.M. | Direct DownloadDownloadMediafire

J. Cole – How High : Sick New Chill Hip Hop

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J. Cole never seems to disappoint, and always continues to drop new tracks. Dropping Disgusting and The Good Son among others since the real sick Friday Night Lights mixtape. This track has a real sick mellow feel with some always sick J. Cole flow. Check out this track, chill and enjoy!

J. Cole – How High | Direct Download | Mediafire | Hulkshare

Check Out more J. Cole through Official Facebook Here

Chiddy Bang – Peanut Butter and Swelly : Sick New Chill Hip Hop Mixtape

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Chiddy Bang, the duo who brought you The Swelly Express, Opposite Of Adults and more, are back with their second mixtape Peanut Butter and Swelly. It’s a a real sick mixtape with a good bunch of chill hip hop tracks with samples from indie groups Matt and Kim and more. I’ve posted Heatwave ft. Mac Miller, Baby Roullete, and When You’ve Got Music ft The Knocks, which were all sick. Xaphoon Jones kills it on production, and Chiddy delivers some solid flow all the way through. This tape is perfect for chilling and welcoming in summer. I’ve picked a few of my tracks, but as with all the mixtapes I post, I recommend downloading the whole thing and giving it a good listen. Enjoy!

Download the Entire Peanut Butter and Swelly Mixtape Here

Chiddy Bang – Camera (Ft. Matt and Kim) | Download

Chiddy Bang – Nobody Has It Down | Download

The Knocks – Dancing With the DJ (Chiddy Bang Remix) | Download

Check Out More Chiddy Bang through Official Facebook Here

Dev – Dancing in the Dark (Proper Villains Remix) : Sick New Dubstep Remix

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Who doesn’t like a new filthy remix perfect for the club/party? Well today I’ve got a real sick new remix of Dev’s single ‘Dancing in the Dark’ done by NYC based Proper Villains, the guy who brought you vicious Bass Down Low remix. This is a real smooth sounding track, not that overly intense dubstep. Dev’s got a great voice, and the bass is nice. Turn it up and enjoy!

Dev – Dancing in the Dark (Proper Villains Remix) | Direct DownloadDownload | Mediafire

Check Out More Proper Villains through Official Facebook Here

Skrillex & 12th Planet – Needed Changes : Sick New Dubstep Collaboration

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Skrillex and 12th Planet have teamed up to make another super filthy bass filled dubstep anthem. This new track ‘Needed Changes’ has a lot of signature Skrillex sounds, but with 12 Planet’s influence shining through. This track really is a sick collaboration, and I hope to hear more from the the two, possibly an EP? Well this track is packed with great sampling, vicious amounts of bass. Turn it up and enjoy!

Skrillex and 12th Planet – Needed Changes | Direct DownloadHulkshare | Mediafire

Kam Royal – Dude : Sick New Chill Feel Good Hip-Hop

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Today I’ve got the latest track from an artist I haven’t featured in awhile, Kam Royal. I first posted up Fire and  The Lesson by this Tulane rapper months ago. Well today I’ve got his latest song and music video accompany it. It’s got a nice blend of southern  and east coast sound for a combonination I really haven’t heard before. The beat done by Felix Beats is way chill and catchy. Check out this track, and enjoy!

Kam Royal – Dude | Download

Check Out More Kam Royal through Official Facebook Here

Huey Mack – Freshman 15 : New Chill College Rap Mixtape

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Today I’ve got another perfect chill mixtape for welcoming in summer, Freshman 15. It’s by the talented kid holding down West Virginia, Huey Mack. He brought you the catchy Popular, and made the surprisingly sick take on Katy Perry’s single ‘Firework’. He’s got that youthful college rapper sound, has some catchy songs and is on his way to becoming a really talented rapper. I’ve picked out a few of my favorite tracks, but the whole thing is a good chill listen all the way through, and don’t judge it from the first 2 or 3. He’s got production from Brenton Duvall and others really pulling the whole thing together. Check it out and enjoy!

Download the Entire Freshman 15 Mixtape Here

Closing ft. Alec Kornfield (Produced by Brenton Duvall) – Huey Mack | Download

Reckless – Huey Mack ft. Penguin Prison | Download

To Be Young and Alive – Huey Mack | Download

You’re A Star Pt. 2 – Huey MackDownload

Check Out More Huey Mack through Official Facebook Here

Alice Deejay – Better Off Alone (Lymph Project Remix) : Sick New Chill Dubstep Remix

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Typically when I’ll post a dubstep remix, it tends to be pretty high energy and filled with mass amount of bass. Well today I’ve got a remix that’s on the chiller side of dubstep, chillstep if you will haha. It’s still got loads of bass, but has a more smooth chill feel. Reminds me of Cudi Zone (KillGrahm dubstep remix) or Metric – Gimme Sympathy (Dubstep Remix) in the smooth dubstep feel. Turn up the bass for this one, chill out and enjoy a fresh take on what might be the first electronic song you ever heard. Enjoy!

Alice Deejay – Better Off Alone (Lymph Project Remix) | Direct DownloadHulkshare | Mediafire

Bisco Inferno at Red Rocks Saturday May 28th – The Disco Biscuits, Rusko, Big Boi, BoomBox, Emancipator : Ticket and VIP Giveaway and Songs!

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So it has finally come, Bisco Inferno 2011 is finally upon us this Saturday here in Colorado at the legendary Red Rocks (picture above). This year’s Bisco Inferno will include Rusko, Big Boi, Boombox, and Emancipator, alongside the legends themselves who throw the event every year The Disco Biscuits. Thissongissick couldn’t be more excited to be apart of this event along the way and now it’s finally here and we have a really exciting contest to win some tickets if you don’t have them yet and special grand prize. Also below is a sampling of some of the music from some of the artists.

THISSONGISSICK is giving away 3 pairs of tickets to Bisco Inferno and is also offering 2 lucky winners Exclusive Access to Disco Biscuits Soundcheck! 3 winners will get pairs of tickets to Bisco Inferno on May 28 at Red Rocks, and then one of those winners will get the grand prize on top of that including their own private show before the big show – exclusive access to the Disco Biscuits sound check at Red Rocks before doors open. Front and center, up close and personal. Boom !!

All you have to do to enter is click the Facebook “Like” button above, and comment right below while logged into Facebook and we’ll pick the winners at random. We’re going to pick 1 winner at noon everyday starting Thursday, Friday, and the grand prize on Saturday! And you’re allowed to enter once per day by adding additional comments to increase chances, going over once per day will get you disqualified. Good luck to everyone, you don’t want to miss this party kicking off the Red Rocks season!

Congratulations to Crystal Summers for winning the private show! Hope to party with you all there!

Soldier On (Rusko Remix) – The Temper Trap| Download

Emancipator – The Anthem | Download

BoomBox –  500 Miles| Download

The Disco Bisucits – On Time | Download

Aer – The Reach : Must Hear Free Album For Fans of Sublime

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I’ve been going through the Soundcloud dropbox that I hadn’t looked at in about 6 months, and have been finding some really sick new artsists. If you know of an artist that hasn’t been posted on TSIS, email me here or upload a track to soundcloud here because I’ve been so busy and haven’t had the time to check like I should! Also try the new comment feature below with your thoughts!

Well today I’ve got a great new duo that you chill fans will fall in love with called Aer. They’ve got a summer, feel good, acoustic, almost rap and reggae influenced sound that reminds me of Sublime and Pepper.  This mixtape entitled ‘The Reach’ is hardly a mixtape, but a free album. All 13 songs make up a chilled out journey perfect for lighting one up, chilling, and welcoming in summer. It’s just got that laid back, everything’s alright sound. I picked out a few favorites, but you should definitely download the whole thing. Chill and enjoy!

Download The Entire The Reach Mixtape Here

Aer – Come & Go| Download

Aer – Run Again | Download

Aer – Somewhere I Been | Download

Check Out More Aer through Facebook

Chiddy Bang – When You’ve Got Music (ft. The Knocks) : Sick New Chill HIp Hop Collab

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Chiddy Bang and The Knocks are both two really talented groups, and today I’ve got a really sick collaboration between them both. It’s the first leak off of Chiddy Bang’s upcoming mixtape Peanut Butter and Swelly set to drop this friday. It’s got a more slow chilled out beat then most Chiddy tracks, but his flow fire all the way through. And the vocal sample works perfect. These two groups were meant to work together. Check it out and enjoy!

Chiddy Bang – When You’ve Got Music (Ft. The Knocks) | Direct DownloadHulkshare |Mediafire

Check Out More Chiddy Bang and The Knocks

Outkast – Bombs Over Baghdad (Styles & Complete Remix) : Filthy New Dubstep Remix

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Outkast, what a great hip hop duo. Well they are broken up and won’t be coming out with anything new, so how’s a new filthy remix of their classic ‘Bombs Over Baghdad’. This remix is done by Styles & Complete, and is their first official dubstep remix, he typically produces for some rappers including the Ying-Yang twins but said he was influence by TSIS to make some filthy dubstep. It’s got a nice heavy sound, but not to overtop like a lot of dubstep. Turn up the bass up for this one and enjoy!

Bombs Over Baghdad (Styles & Complete Remix) - Outkast | Direct DownloadHulkshare | Mediafire

Check Out More Styles & Complete through Official Facebook Here

Matt Dubois – Won’t Stop : Sick New Chill Upbeat Hip Hop

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Hey guys I’ve been busy lately, but got some cool new stuff coming out. And I’m starting to go through the songs submitted in the Soundcloud Dropbox, which is pretty backed up, so if there’s some really sick song that I haven’t heard, upload it through soundcloud here. Today I’ve got a chill upbeat hip hop track done by Matt Dubois. Now I couldn’t get too much information on the guy, but he’s young and from Canada, and has a fresh sound. I love that acoustic, summer, feel-good sound. Chill and enjoy!

Won’t Stop – Matt Dubois | Direct Downloadhulkshare | Mediafire




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