ASAP Rocky – Live.Love.A$AP : New Hip Hop Mixtape

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ASAP Rocky is a harlem based rapper with a laid back an almost southern style, giving him a real unique feel. He’s been gaining some buzz and now drops his debut mixtape Live.Love.A$AP. It’s great laid back ride with a rapper with areal unique voice. He’s got an interesting flow, and it’s pretty catchy. Check out this mixtape, enjoy!

ASAP Rocky – Live.Love.A$AP | Direct Download | Hulkshare

Macklemore X Ryan Lewis – And We Danced [VIDEO] : Up Beat 80′s Party Hip Hop Music Video

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Today I have the video to the older upbeat single And We Danced off The Unplanned Mixtape. It was off Macklemore’s debut mixtape and had a more serious and chill vibe, but one of the best songs was this highly infectious one; And We Danced. It’s about time it got a proper music video. The video is over the top and hilarious, which is fitting that it came out on Halloween. It’s got  an outrageously dressed Macklemore breathing life into every joke and punch. It takes place in what looks like an 80′s themed house party, with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis raging right in the middle of it. Hot girls in 80′s costumes abound as the rapper brings dance back upon the U.S. with the video to this up beat single. Enjoy!

Macklemore x Ryan Lewis – And We Danced | Direct Download | Hulkshare

Buy The unplanned Mixtape on iTunes Here

VIBE – Hakuna Matata : New Chill Acoustic Hip Hop / Pop Album

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Today I’ve got a great new album that will bring you right back to the summer state of mind. It’s the debut album from VIBE, made up of Chris Young the Rapper and Rossy. It’s got Rossy singing and playing acoustic and Chris Young adding his contrasting rapping making a real unique combination. It lives up to the title ‘Hakuna Matata’ and real does have that ‘worry free’ vibe, lifting you of your problems. Sit back, chill out, enjoy!

VIBE – Hakuna Matata | Direct Download | Hulkshare

Check Out More VIBE through Official Facebook Here

Waka Flacka Flame – Hard In Da Paint (Crizzly Remix) : Real Crunchy Dubstep / Glitch Remix

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There’s some remixes that after you hear a few times it makes the original not as epic, well that’s the case with this version of Waka Flacka Flame’s ‘Hard In The Paint’. This is Crizzly’s crunchy bass heavy take on the already massive hip hop track. He’s the talented young gun that made the catchy Snap Back Swag remix.  Turn it up, enjoy!

Waka Flacka Flame – Hard In Da Paint (Bellizio Remix) (Crizzly Edit) | Direct Download | Hulkshare

Attention COLORADO Readers, Crizzly is going to be playing in Boulder at The Fox Theater with DallasK and local support Rodway, and Tip-Z, should be a rowdy night filled with bass. Tickets have been going fast, grab them below!

Purchase Tickets HereOfficial Facebook Here

Mike Stud – Bottle It Up (ft. Kinetics & One Love) [VIDEO] : New Party Hip Hop Song with Music Video

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Today I’ve got a sick new music video for a one of the tracks off Mike Stud’s A Toast To Tommy album. It’s got a more mainstream sounding party hip hop track, ‘Bottle It Up’. The track features Kinetics & One Love for some sick production and an added verse. It definitely sounds like a college party track, turn it up, let it rage. Enjoy!

Mike Stud – Bottle It Up (Ft. Kinetics & One Love) | Direct Download

Kraddy – Anthems Of The Hero : Hard Hitting New Electronic Album With A Classic Rock Feel

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As a founding member of the Glitch Mob, Kraddy helped with the groups early success. He decided to go at it solo with the hit Android Porn and later the full album Labyrinth. The producer stays true to his style on this one, while trying out a ton of new things.  Anthems Of The Hero is an electronic album with some classic rock influences. For this album he brought in live drummer and guitarist Jon Theodore and Cody Votolato, together they recorded the guitar and synths onto tape and then ran the samples through Pro Tools to get a unique sound that is influenced by Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. The creation of heavy electronic music with a classic rock vibe is awesome and epic at times. Anthems Of A Hero Covers a range of musical styles with chill songs, bangers, and everything in between. This is a great album to listen to all the way through. Pop it in the deck and enjoy!

Kraddy – Anthems Of The Hero (Full Album .Zip) | Direct Download | Hulkshare

Kraddy – Iron Man | Direct Download

Kraddy – Holy Avenger | Direct Download

Kraddy – Bare Bones | Direct Download

Michael Jackson – Thriller (Aylen Remix) : Must Hear New Halloween Electro Remix

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A few days ago we posted our Halloween mixtape to kick off the long weekend. Since then a few more Halloween songs keep popping up. There were two great thriller remixes on the mixtape , but when this one popped up I couldn’t resist posting it. This remix is more upbeat like the original, but still hits pretty hard. The bassline kind of reminds me of Zedd and its mixed perfectly with the high pitched sample of thriller. Bump this up-beat electro house remix all weekend long. Enjoy!

Michael Jackson – Thriller (Aylen Remix) | Direct Download | Hulkshare

Wolfgang Gartner Live at the Boulder Theater [VIDEO] : Must See Rowdy HD Video Recap and Photos With New Song

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Today excited to bring you another and even more action packed live edit of one of our Thissongissick concerts. Check out the Feed Me one if you missed it. Earlier this month we brought in world famous Wolfgang Gartner to play at The Boulder Theater. We also had James Egbert and J Flash as support. This concert was SOLD OUT, and packed with a ton of people ready to rage. I hadn’t seen that much energy in Boulder in awhile. Wolfgang played an incredible set with all the anthems you wanted to hear like Animal Rights, Illmerica, Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony, and a ton of tracks from his new Weekend in America album. Great work to Cinesthetics, the video crew from Boulder who did this, an took some photos of the event here (There’s some great shots of Wolfgang and the crowd that was there). Hit up if you want to get involved with throwing one on your campus! Turn up the bass, and watch this in full screen HD, and relive a glimpse of the night. Enjoy!

Wolfgang Gartner – Shrunken Heads (Sample)| Stream Only

Check Out More Wolfgang Gartner and Cinesthetics

Purchase All of Weekend in America through Beatport Here

Check out more photos from the event here





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