Zeds Dead 2 Nights In Denver : Live video recap with 2 Exclusive Unreleased Zeds Dead Songs

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Just last week the Canadian duo Zeds Dead played a soldout two night run at The Ogden Theater in Denver, CO. Now this was a very epic 2 nights, filled with severe amounts of bass, raging, sweat, and love for electronic music. Zeds Dead does an amazing job and blending all your favorite types of music for an action packed show that never leaves you on your toes. Because this was the first time  Zeds Dead had done a 2 night run, they brought out rapper Omar LinX to make the two nights even more memorable.

Cinesthetics caught the entire two night experience, from the rowdiness and raw energy of the shows, to the more personal post show shots. (Cinesthetics is the company we teamed up with to bring the Avicii at Red Rocks and the Wolfgang Gartner videos). This video has epic visuals, alongside live audio from the show, and studio versions of unreleased Zeds tracks. TSIS helped Denver based Souls In Action with the concert, and are glad to be working with them on some exciting events in the future.

Enjoy this TSIS Premiere, featuring two unreleased Zeds Dead tracks! The first is a brand new bass powered anthem called ‘Ruckus the Jam’ that’s getting released on Dim Mak records in a few weeks, and the second is the unreleased Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead VIP Remix) (W/ Omar LinX Jackie Boy Vocals). Both of these tracks have only been played in their live sets. They were kind enough to hook us up with the exclusive download of the Eyes On Fire VIP Remix, extra filthy. Turn up the bass, enjoy!

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First Track:
Zeds Dead – Ruckus the Jam
| Available for Purchase Soon!

Second Track :
Eyes On Fire x Jackie Boy (Zeds Dead VIP Remix ft. Omar LinX)Download | Hulkshare

Additional Listening:

1. Zeds Dead – Coffee Break

2. Jason Faulkner – Only You (Zeds Dead Remix)

3. Zeds Dead & Omar Lynx – Out For Blood

Click this image above to see more photos from the event shot by Cinesthetics

Logic – Live on the Air [VIDEO] : Sick Live Hip Hop Song / Video

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Logic, the incredibly talented rapper who brought the Young Sinatra mixtape is here with a new unique video concept. It’s the music video of the song ‘Live on the Air’ off of Young Sinatra, but this is actually a video of him recording this track live on the air. In the original song you hear him at a radio station recording with DJ commentary, well that was real, and here’s the radio station where the track was recorded at. The video is well put together and shows Logic killing it, and is a crazy concept that the audio for this has been out before the video. This further shows the raw talent that Logic possesses, really showing us what fast talented rapping should sound like. Check it out, enjoy!

Logic – Live on the Air | Direct Download | Hulkshare

Check out Logic on Facebook and Twitter

Big Gigantic – Nocturnal (Official Release) : Must Hear Electronic Bass Music Song

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Today I’ve got another track truly showcasing why Big Gigantic’s sound is on another level. This is the second song off their upcoming Nocturnal album set to release January 11th for free. We got the first sample of this new album with the track Rise and Shine. Well this song, with the same name is the new album ‘Nocturnal’,  is another very well made track. It has an amazing mixture of infectious musical rhythm and melodies fused with a hard hitting bass. From the beginning to finish the song truly sounds like something I’ve never heard before, in the best way possible. I can’t wait for the full album in January. For now, turn up this track and enjoy!

Big Gigantic – Nocturnal | Direct Download | Hulkshare

Check Out More Big Gigantic through Official Facebook

Avicii – Levels (Music Video) : BONUS Avicii – Levels (Skrillex Remix) Preview

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Today I’ve got the music video for one of the biggest anthems I’ve heard in awhile, Levels by Avicii. Well it’s about time that the official music video gets released to the track. It’s a comical story following an office worker as he begins to rage in the workplace, then sings the breakdown while pushing a boulder up a mountain, and then ends in a hospital with a flower in his mouth… Seriously. I got a little lost, regardless it’s always cool to see some official visuals to a song that is so epic. Enjoy!

Avicii – Levels | iTunes

BONUS: So with all of the Levels remixes going around (like Hardwell and FTampa’s), it only seems fitting Skrillex should take a shot at it. Well below is video of him dropping the track for the first time ever at a show in Sheffield over in the UK. I typically hate low quality stuff like this, but it’s sounding like it ‘s going to be one of the biggest remixes in a long time. Check it out, snag the live preview, enjoy!

Avicii – Levels (Skrillex Remix) (Preview) 




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