Skrillex ft The Doors – Break’n A Sweat : Insane New Collaboration featuring Guitarist and Keyboardist

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Today I’ve got an insane unreal collaboration. It’s between Skrillex and the remaining members of The Doors. It features Skrillex’s high energy bass filled sound with The Door’s Robby Krieger’s guitar and Ray Manzarek’s legendary keyboard riffs. This is a track that’s apart of project called Re: Generation connecting modern artists and older artists to create some new music. The singing in this track through me off a little bit, but the breakdowns and every other part of the song are pretty damn epic. Enough talking, turn up the bass, enjoy!

Skrillex ft. The Doors – Break’n A Sweat

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23 Comments to “Skrillex ft The Doors – Break’n A Sweat : Insane New Collaboration featuring Guitarist and Keyboardist”

  • i like it alot, but the vocals in the track isnt really my cup of tea

  • Sick but who are the vocals? Are they just voices morphed all to hell?

  • “im breaking a sweat” is skrillex and “thats alright” is a jim morrison imitator

  • I like it but skrillex should never have any vocals with that little girl voice of his

  • How does this website have this but Skrillex has not released it himself?

  • His voice sounds like a group of caterpillars yelling. I hate it. h8 it.

  • *threw me off, not through

  • I’m pretty sure “that’s alright” is Ray Manzarek

  • I’m pretty sure “that’s alright” is Ray Manzarek

  • I’m pretty sure “that’s alright” is Ray Manzarek

  • hell naw thats defff jim morrison.

  • i really don’t get the skrillex fascination. certainly there’s such better stuff within their genre that actually qualifies as “fun to listen to.”

  • He is the best DJ in the entire world and your just stupid if you dont at least respect his talent and what he can do.

  • PLEASE no more skrillex. No emo/screamo vocals, and definitely no tainting the Doors’ legacy by duping the aged, drug-ravaged minds of the lovably innocent Ray and Robby!!!

  • that song was SICK!

  • that song was SICK!

  • This is way too much skrillex, and way too little doors. Fuck you skrillex.

  • read the rolling stone article, the vocals are skrillex and ray, how can you say anything about the doors state of mind before your hear what they said? just open your mind. if you dont like skrillex then what the fuck did you think was gunna happen when you clicked play? a magical change of style? its fucking awesome and i was a doors fan before skrillex was an artist.

  • i hope you’re kidding…

  • Approved

  • […] posted up the audio to this insanely monumental collaboration between Skrillex and the remaining members of The Doors. Well now we get to see some visuals to […]

  • abomination of anything doors. this is a sad sad day.

  • “jim morrison imitator”??????????
    That’s Ray and Robby, I’m pretty sure. I just couldn’t identify if John (photo above) sings too.
    The “that’s good” is just Ray.

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