Avicii – Next Levels (TheFatRat Remix) : Must Hear Electro House / Disco Remix

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I know, I almost didn’t even want to listen to another Levels remix, but the person giving me this track was persistent, and I’m glad. I’ve got an amazing new elctro house / disco remix of one of the most popular songs from the past year “Levels” by Avicii. It’s hard to follow up the Skrillex’s massive remix, but this one packs a crunchy electro punch with a fun disco vibe. It’s blend of electro houes and disco reminds me of TheFatRat’s last remix. Turn up the bass for this one, rage to Levels one last time, enjoy!

Avicii – Next Levels (TheFatRat Remix) | Direct Download

Eligh & Amp Live – Destination Unkown Ft. The Grouch & Zumbi : Must Hear Electronic / Hip Hop Song

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Today I’ve got a seriously must hear new track combining the best parts of hip hop and electronic for a track that I can’t stop listening to. It’s from a new projet of Eligh the rapper from Living Legends, and Amp Live, the DJ / producer in Zion-I. Well they teamed up for some new music, and this track features the other half of Zion-I Zumbi, and The Grouch. With an all star cast like this you can expect it to be epic, and it does so well. It’s got a hip hop vibe with an electronic edge, and sick rapping from everyone. This track has been on repeat. Find some good speakers, blast this, enjoy our new favorite track!

Eligh & Amp Live – Destination Unknown Ft. The Grouch & Zumbi | Direct Download

Purchase All of Eligh through iTunes Here

Skrillex, Flux Pavilion, and Digitalism – Syndicate Free Remixes : Filthy Electro/Moombahton/Dubstep Bangers

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With the forthcoming release of the first person shooter Syndicate approaching, the creators decided to get some electronic heavy weights to do a few remixes of the games original 8 bit theme song, much like the most recent electronic album for the Mortal Kombat game. Needless to say they made some excellent choices. Skrillex, Flux, and Digitalism all transform the original into their very own unique take on the track. Flux and Skrillex both drop it down to that lower tempo with some Moombahton madness, as well as an electro remix from Digitalism that will get your fist pumping for sure. Enjoy these bangers and turn up the bass!

Skrillex – Syndicate | Direct Download

Flux Pavilion – Syndicate | Direct Download

Digitalism – Syndicate | Direct Download

Dirt Nasty – 1980 : Must Hear Outrageous Hip Hop Song + Music Video + Remix [EXPLICIT] : Also Details on Malibu Event “Dirty Shwasted Love”

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Alright a ton of you already have know about this guy for years, but for those unaware, I’d like to introduce you to Dirt Nasty, an outrageous rapper from the Bay Area in California. The only way to explain his style of rapping, is that it’s almost got a little Dave Chappelle influence, and I say that in the best way possible. He’s a sick rapper, with a comical swag unlike any I’ve ever heard. This track and music video “1980″ is hilarious, and so catchy, by the end of it you’ll be dancing and singing along, no matter if your appalled or not. It doesn’t sound like anything I’ve ever heard, it’s hilariously awesome. Enjoy!

Dirt Nasty – 1980 | Direct Download

For those who didn’t know we started teaming up with Shwayze for a new monthly party combining electronic and hip hop music and all sorts of suprises, Shwasted Fridays. Right now it’s taking place at Malibu Inn, located in Malibu, CA. Below is a video for last month’s event, and for this month’s event “Dirty Shwasted Love” we’ve got Dirt Nasty performing live, alongside rapper Riff Raff, a Dj set from Shwayze and more Friday February 10th at the Malibu Inn again. This event is 18+, and should be one to remember.  Grab Tickets Here.

Shwayze and Thissongissick present “Dirty Shwaysted Love” February 10th

W.E.E.D. – I Won’t Go (Ft. Adele) | Download Used as background music in the video above

Super Mash Bros. – ¡Holy Guacamole! : New Electronic / Hip Hop Mashup

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Today I’ve got a new track from California based Super Mash Bros. There one of the bigger names in the mashup area, under Girl Talk. Well this first track shows that they’ve never lost their fantastic mashup skills. This is the first track off an upcoming Mile(y) High Club coming out soon. Like I’ve said before, there’s far too many mediocre mashup artists out there due to how easy it is to slap two tracks together, but actually making a good mashup like this one, does take skill. Turn it up, enjoy!

Super Mash Bros. – ¡Holy Guacamole! | Direct Download

Check Out More Super Mash Bros. through Twitter

Bassnectar – Amorphous Music Mixtape Vol. 7 : Epic 30 Minute Dubstep Mixtape

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Bassnectar is an amazing producer, and kills it just as hard mixing, which not all producers can do. We’ve posted his Colorstorm mix, and if you heard that you know he slays the mix game packing some the best originals and remixes of his own, and some of best exclusive tracks from artists that have that Bassnectar sound, all into a perfectly mixed product. This mix Amorphous Music Mixtape Vol. 7 features 13 tracks with some a ton of unreleased stuff. Turn up the bass, let it rip. Enjoy!

Bassnectar – Amorphous Music Mixtape Vol. 7 | Direct Download

Setlist after the jump

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Porter Robinson – Essential Mix Live in Hull 2012: 60 Minute Heavy Electro House Mix

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Today I’ve got an essential mix from one of the hottest new names in electronic music, Porter Robinson. We’ve seen this 19 year old beast boom from a new name to touring with Tiesto and now an essential mix. This hour long mix showcases all of his popular anthems, as well as a ton of bootlegs of all the other tracks you know. His set is filled with a level of energy most DJ’s never experience. I’ve caught Porter more then a few time this past year, and he’s always blown me away. Excited for the world to hear how this beast throws down live. Turn it up, enjoy!

Porter Robinson – Essential Mix (Live in Hull) 1-28-2012 | Direct Download

Purchase All of Porter Robinson’s Tracks through Beatport Here

Additional Porter Robinson

1. We Speak No Americano (Porter Robinson Remix)

2. Porter Robinson – Say My Name

3. Tim Berg- Seek Bromance (Porter Robinson Remix)

Tarik – Know Her Name (Music Video) : Chill Hip Hop Song + Video

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Today I’ve got a new music video for a chilled out track from Tarik, the Brooklyn based rapper. It’s off his T.R.I.G.S. Mixtape, which featured one of my favorite tracks of his  ‘Weatherman’. He’s a newcomer who’s got a mellow style the combines some singing and rapping, for a great blend. This track has a great mixture of his singing and rapping. It’s got chill chorus that works well with a acoustic guitar powered beat that has  summer vibe. The video is great done by Jon Kilmer. Check it out, chill, enjoy!

Tarik – Know Her Name | Stream Only

Check out more Tarik through Facebook Here

Mike Stud – Happy Ending : Mellow Serious Hip Hop Video + Song

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Today I’ve got a change of pace for college themed rapper Mike Stud.  He’s typically cracking jokes about partying or having fun, but this was one of his more serious tracks on his A Toast to Tommy. It’s a ballad highlighting three very serious tragic events of three different lives that have all effected Mike’s life. It’s got a mellow beat with a catchy piano line and a girl chorus that repeats throughout. Mike really has a great storytelling voice that’s enjoyable to listen to to. Check out the sad tales, enjoy.

Mike Stud – Happy Ending | Direct Download

Check Out More Mike Stud through Official Facebook Here

Nero – Must Be The Feeling (Delta Heavy Remix) : New Electro / Moombathon BANGER Remix

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Today I’ve got a fresh new remix of one of Nero’s recent tracks off their Welcome Reality album. This new remix of the track is a electro Moombahton track that’s got a real funky feel. It’s got a good cinemetic epic sounding intro, then it drops partially leaving you unsure if it’s really going to hit. Then it builds up until a massive Moomahton drop comes in full force. The vocals and rock vibe of the track work well with all the insane bass. Turn it up, enjoy!

Nero – Must Be The Feeling (Delta Heavy Remix) | Direct Download

Childish Gambino vs Zedd – Slam The Heartbeat (Styles&Complete Mashup): Sick Electro / Hip Hop Mashup

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Today I’ve got a real sick new mashup featuring vocals from one of Childish Gambino’s latest track ‘Heartbeat’, and the filthy electro house anthem ‘Slam the Door’ by Zedd. The result is an upbeat well done bootleg mashup that works very well. They don’t overuse the vocals, and only put them in at the perfect time, never clashing with the bass. makes a new track out of two. Turn it up, enjoy!

Childish Gambino vs Zedd – Slam The Hearbeat (Styles&Complete Mashup) | Direct Download

Additional Styles&Complete Music

1. Big Sean – Dance (Ass) (Styles&Complete Remix)

2. Feed Me & Bonecrusher – Cloudcrusher (Styles&Complete Mashup)

3. Styles& Complete – Hour of Power Dubstep / Electro Mix

Daft Punk – Technologic (Scary Toys Remix) : Funky Electro Glitch Remix

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Electro producer Ftampa, the man who brought you the epic remix of Avicii’s Levels, has apparently taken a couple of his close friends under his wing with the result being Scary Toys. As expected, the sound is still pretty similar to that of Ftampa’s yet its got their own take on the up and coming Brazilian electro style. But not to mention it takes some huevos to remix Daft Punk. They leave just enough of the original track to take us back before breaking it down into some funky glitch filled bass! Turn it up and enjoy this electro banger!

Daft Punk – Technologic (Scary Toys Remix) | Direct Download

Porcelain Black & Lil Wayne – Rock n Roll (R3hab’s Ruby Skye Remix) : New Electro House Club Remix

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Today I’ve got a new classic house remix fit for the club. It’s a remix of Porcelain Black and Lil Wayne’s track ‘Rock n Roll’, don’t be none other then rising electro house start R3hab. He’s a turned a bunch of so-so radio hits into club bass filled BANGERS like Judas and Champagne Showers. This track is no different, it’s got the vocals from Porcelain Black and Lil Wayne, and a club hit all the way through. Turn it up, enjoy!

Porcelain Black & Lil Wayne – Rock n Roll (R3hab’s Ruby Skye Remix) | Direct Download

Pretty Lights feat. LeAnn Rimes and Dr. Ralph Stanley – Wayfaring Stranger (Pretty Lights Electro Mix) : Electro remix of an epic collaboration by Pretty Lights

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So you remember the insanely epic collaboration between Pretty Lights and LeAnn Rime and Dr. Ralph Stanley ‘Wayfaring Stranger’? Well the chilled out track just got blasted with a dose of bass and energy with a new Electro Mix compliments of Pretty Lights himself. It still sounds very similar to the original, but a a little heavier giving it a good change of pace. The vocals and PL’s style works so well on this track. Turn it up, enjoy!

Pretty Lights feat. LeAnn Rimes and Dr. Ralph Stanley – Wayfaring Stranger (Pretty Lights Electro Mix) | Direct Download




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