Ultra Music Festival 2013 ‘Huge Announcement’ Will Take Place Over 2 Weekends : Dates, Early Bird Tickets On Sale

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Ultra Music Festival.. the longest running electronic music festival that has been taking place in Miami, Florida for 15 years next March.. to make this the biggest year ever they have decided to kick it up and make the festival 2 weekends this year, being the first electronic only festival to do so. This is a move that Coachella did last year, and despite skeptics, went over great. So get ready for 2 weekends in March during the weekends of March 15th, 16th, 17th and then the following March 22nd, 23rd, 24th. Despite it being easily the most expenseive weekend of 2012 so far, you can expect to see us at 1 of the weekends!! I hope that they do manage to live up to their name and deliver the best electronic festival in the country.. 2 weekends in a row. They always have an insane lineup and tons of surprises. We will keep you updated as we bring you more news on 2013’s Ultra Music Festival! We will update you all the exact time that early bird tickets go on sale Wednesday October 17th through the Ultra Official Website!

“There are A LOT of incredible plans and surprises lined up for everyone attending our 15th Year Anniversary” -Russell Faibisch (Ultra Festival Executive Producer)

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Early bird tickets go on sale on Wednesday October 17th at 1pm EST


Click here to purchase Tickets (Sold-Out in 10 minutes last year)




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  • I love Ultra and will go again but I don’t see how this makes the festival any better, just more expensive/lucrative for the promoters. Will the weekends be the same? Many people like myself travel for Ultra and it’s already phenomenally expensive for 4 days of hotel + 3-day pass… making it two weekends sounds ridiculous… so the stage will be set-up for like 10 whole days?! Even if I was from Miami this would now be a $1000 proposition.

  • Acquiring the 2-weekend VIP tix are the ONLY way I would go. But they are sooo out of reach money wise… God, bless me with this! Im a good guy….

  • So I want to buy tickets, but I REALLY want to know how I am supposed to pick a weekend without knowing the lineups. Am I supposed to just assume the finale will be better and so I should choose the 2nd weekend? Or should I assume that more people will want to go the first weekend and be burnt out by the 2nd, so that will create a better atmosphere? Thoughts/comments/opinions appreciated

  • I love Ultra music festival and want to join this festival.

  • I love Ultra music festival and want to join this festival.

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