Avicii – New Album Promo Mix 2013 : Including New Album Tracks

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Avicii played main stage at this year’s Ultra Music Festival and through down a contreversial set debuting tracks off his new album. He collaborated with artists such as country star Mac Davis, bluegrass musician Dan Tyminski, singer Audra Mae, soul artist Aloe Blacc, Incubus guitarists Mike Einziger and Ben Kenney. His set got critsized for having too much of a country  and live influence. The live instrumentation may have been a little to overwhelming for the DJ mold seen at Ultra. The funniest part is that people hated on Avicii when he would played “Levels” non stop and other typical house tracks, and now hate on the guy for stepping outside of the box and bringing in live instrumentation to house music.

He just let loose “Promo Mix 2013” featuring a lot of the tracks he debuted at his live set. The mix basically sounds the Avicii you know with some adiditonal live elements. It spans from progressive house to some gritty electro action. Loving what I have heard so far. Listen and let us know what you think? Enjoy!

Avicii – Promo Mix 2013



16 Comments to “Avicii – New Album Promo Mix 2013 : Including New Album Tracks”

  • will this mix be available for download?


  • Google Chrome -> Developer Tools -> Network. Play the song and it will show up.

  • Song at 24:30?

  • name of the first song

  • best live set i’ve heard this year

  • Amazing!

  • song 24:30 Avicii ft Aloe Blacc – Wake Me Up

  • song at 4:42

  • Song at 4:42- dance in the water

  • whats is the name of the song at 33:50 thks

  • can anyone please tell me the name of the song at 33:50, please? thank you all ;)

  • song @33:50 With my heart upon my sleeve

  • name of first song is HOPE THERE’S SOMEONE

  • song at 55:00?

  • the voiceovers are crazy annoying. Same with fake crowd noises. Decent mix. The “wake me up’ track ~24:00 is unique.

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