Conspirator – Unleashed EP : Live Instrument Melody Driven Dubstep EP [Free Download] [TSIS PREMIERE]

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Conspirator, the 4 piece band fusing live instruments and electronic elements have just released their Unleashed EP. The group features Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner of The Disco Biscuits, guitarist Chris Michetti, and Pendelum tour drummer KJ Sawka. Their live instrument / electronic blend delivers some powerful yet melody driven dubstep bangers that hit hard.  The end result of the instruments and heavy bass sounds unlike anything I have ever heard. They have been nice enough to pass us the free download on the project, and it is also available through iTunes. Enjoy!

Conspirator – Unleashed EP | Direct Download | iTunes

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10 Comments to “Conspirator – Unleashed EP : Live Instrument Melody Driven Dubstep EP [Free Download] [TSIS PREMIERE]”

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  • […] Full album stream and FREE download of Conspirator – UNLEASHED now available exclusively on! […]

  • Fuck. So many rich college kids on molly love this shit but i just cannot understand it. This does not sound like the electronic jam band i love, it sounds like more chainsaws and robot raping laser bass. Fuck. Why do all the good electronic jam bands evolve into this shitty womp sound. go ignore reality more and snort some more molly and painkillers you sweaty little raver douches.

  • /\ya know…i think i judged this too quickly. I just heard powwow and wanted to vomit. but some of the other songs are oK….still sounds like dj produced womp but i still hear some of that good ole conspirator i know and love. as long as they dont start wompin out live I wont hate. not really what i like…but not as bad as i said….

  • If it wasn’t so unbelievably horrible, it would almost be funny how horrible it is.

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  • These guys know where it’s at, following in Justin BeeberZ wanky little footstep$.

    Sellouts, just like tDB.

  • None of this sounds remotely close to the old conspirator I know and occasionally listened to, wonder what Omen thinks.

  • I’ve been a biscuits fan for a long time and will always beone . Love this sound some people (haters) are to elitest for their own good to only like Bisco new things make the classics that much better. Favorite conspirator album these guys go hard.

  • […] Many thanks to Magner for his time this week, and for discussing 70's funk with me as well.  The new album, Unleashed, can be streamed and downloaded for free here. […]

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