Thissongissick Presents Spring Awakening Music Festival Official Mixtape / Playlist ft. 26 Songs from Bassnectar, Krewella, Figure, Wolfgang Gartner, Boys Noize and More including Unreleased Music [Free Download]

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Us here at have teamed up with Spring Awakening Music Festival to create a 28 song mixtape / playlist featuring all artists playing the festival including Bassnectar, Krewella, Chuckie, Wolfgang Gartner, Flosstradamus and Boys Noize and even some legends like Felix Da Housecat while also managing to work in rising acts like Carnage, Savoy, Figure, Green Lantern Zomboy on top of so many more you can see below. The playlist ranges from a mixture of premiered unreleased songs to huge originals or remixes with lots of free downloads. You can listen to the entire playlist below.

Exclusive Download: We have gotten the approval to exclusive permission to include an exclusive download of 12 of the tracks on the mixtape and have compiled these tracks into a convenient packaged up zip file for easy access. Download just became available here

Download 12 tracks from the mixtape here

Spring Awakening Artist Meet & Greet with Krewella, Nicky Romero, Bingo Players and 12th Planet (Read below playlist to see info on Meet & Greet)

Spring Awakening Music Festival Official Mixtape / Playlist | Download 12 Tracks

Artists Meet & Greet: This Song Is Sick is happy to announce that at this year’s Spring Awakening Music Festival we will be launching our brand new interactive booth that will be holding Meet & Greets with a select group of artists playing the festival. Click on the map below to see where our booth will be located. We will also have our new line of This Song Is Sick gear at the booth and Street Team sign up at the booth to make sure to check out!

Here is our current schedule of artists scheduled for meet & greets. (Schedule subject to change based on artist, please check back on this page the day of the festival for any updated times)

Attention: We have been receiving a huge response and each artist. There will be a line, and to ensure seeing the artist you want to meet, you need to get there early as each artist only hass a certain amount of time!

Bingo Players – Friday – 5:15 – 5:45

12th Planet – Saturday – 4:30 – 5:15

Nicky Romero – Saturday – 6:30 – 7:00

Krewella – Sunday – 2:30 – 4:00

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17 Comments to “Thissongissick Presents Spring Awakening Music Festival Official Mixtape / Playlist ft. 26 Songs from Bassnectar, Krewella, Figure, Wolfgang Gartner, Boys Noize and More including Unreleased Music [Free Download]”

  • Need that download link!!!! Savoy is just too good to wait on! Haha!
    But seriously thanks for all you do! I will wait… :)

  • I cant find the link to the map for the meet & greet on the page.. im so excited for this ive never seen this at a festival before!

  • Where’s the DL at?

  • Where is the DL yo! It’s well past 3pm CST

  • Fuck free download manager, what we need here is a direct download link mah d00d.

  • found the DL link but it keeps freeing at like 24% DAFUH make them direct link downloads plz

  • So SAMF website says Krewella is on Saturday, yours says sunday…who is right

  • Why is this site posting Brass Knuckles music and crediting Dotexe?

  • please listten to my new ep

  • WHEN WILL THE KREWELLA MEET AND GREET PICTURES BE UP???? We were told they would be on here so there was no need to take a personal picture. I really wanna see and download my pic. Please put them up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • How can we download the whole mix tape?

  • […] Spring Awakening Musical Festival Mixtape […]

  • I downloaded the file but only got 12 tracks

  • What Paige said. Where are the Krewella meet and greet pictures? I’ve been constantly checking my E-mail and on here to see if they’re uploaded, or sent to me but they’re not. So where are they?

  • Krewella meet and greet pictures?

  • Yes, I agree with everyone where are the Meet and Greet photos? It was posted on Instagram that the pictures were to be posted yesterday afternoon, and I have yet to see anything. It’s truly frustrating and disappointing. I could have taken my own photos

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