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Laugh Your Ass Off In This 13 Minute Flosstradamus Interview With Narduar

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Trap frontrunners Flosstradamus officially "made it" as they joined the ranks of artists who've chatted with hysterical Toronto based interviewer Narduar. The king of digging up things about his interviewees about subjects they had forgotten blew Josh & Curt away, and gave them some classic gifts while they reminisced. It's pretty hilarious to see the Floss guys in such a hilarious light. Watch below and enjoy!

Nardwuar vs. Flosstradamus

Skrillex and Flume Collide Forces

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skrillex-Flume-what so not

Skrillex has jump started his 2014 by taking a trip down under to perform a string of shows in Australia while jumping in the studio with Flume and Emoh Instead of What So Not. The Grammy winning Producer / DJ made a pit stop at the infamous Triple J radio studio’s and shared juicy details on what he has in store for the music community, the first time he “lost his shit” seeing Daft Punk live, and hitting the studio with Flume and Emoh of What So Not (pictured above).

“I’ll be seeing Flume into the studio tomorrow, so maybe we’ll make something, who knows?…. I mean technically What So Not is the artist on the [Shore Thing] lineup, so maybe we can do some stuff with all of us”

By the sound of it, Skrillex is fully motivated to finish up music for his next big release which should be his debut album and it’s only a matter of time before we’re hit by another surprise attack of new music. Check out the interview below and watch Skrillex going b2b with What So Not live in Sydney, Australia! Enjoy

Skrillex – Triple J Interview

Here is video of Skrillex with both Flume and Emoh Instead of What So Not Playing live in Sydney


UPDATE: A$AP Rocky confirmed in the studio last night with Skrillex and What So Not.

A$AP Rocky, Skrillex, What So Not

Skrillex and Boys Noize Talk Dog Blood Collaboration and More In Behind The Scenes Video

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Skrillex-Boys Noize-Dog Blood

“If you want to make amazing music, get together with a friend and start your own little scene that can become a community…”

What seemed like an unorthodox pairing from the start has turned into a worldwide music phenomenon as the partnership of Skrillex and Boys Noize as Dog Blood created a whirlwind of attention this year. Both pioneers in their respective genres, the collaborative efforts and unique on stage chemistry of Sonny and Alex have rocked the very foundation of the electronic music community. The two were caught on film working on the new Middle Finger Pt 2 EP and shared what Dog Blood means to them along with some wise words for all you up and coming producers / DJs out there. Enjoy

Source: Red Bull Music

[EXCLUSIVE] Mat Zo Tells All About Debut Artist Album ‘Damage Control’, Beatport’s Top 100, Huge Collaborations and More In Intimate Interview

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Mat Zo Promo

TSIS’s Nick Guarino recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Mat Zo to discuss his debut album Damage Control, that is now available worldwide. Mat Zo granted us an exclusive inside look into the natural origin of the album, detailed stories on how some tracks came to life, and upcoming collaborations he has in the works, his thoughts on the Beatport Top 100, Bottle Service Culture, The Golden Age of Producer that is upon us and more. The UK native who now resides in LA has left the title for his album up for interpretation, but agrees that he will be causing Damage Control on the often stagnant electronic world. Listen to the album here, and read our intimate interview with Mat Zo below the player.

Mat Zo – Damage Control (Album Stream) | iTunes

TSIS: Your debut album ‘Damage Control” includes over 15 tracks while other producers strictly releasing single after single, what inspired this bold statement?

MZ: It wasn’t really a conscious move to be honest. It was more for myself to experiment with new sounds and produce music that differs from my previous releases.  Writing this album has been long process over the past 4 years and most of the tracks on the album now aren’t the same ones I started with back then… they’ve all evolved into different pieces and bits.

      “This album is my brains translation of everything that I’m into.”

TSIS: The album features not only Electro House, Trance, Drum & Bass, but Hip-Hop and Rock influences. Is this your life time of influences all conveyed into one cohesive project?

MZ: Yes. This album is my brains translation of everything that I’m into. After listening to a bunch of different genres over the last few years, ‘Damage Control’ features the output of what I’ve made from hearing those styles of music.


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Tiësto Interviewed by Hardwell About Career and New Artist Album Live at ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event)

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Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 1.05.11 PM

One of the highlights at this years ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) was the worlds new #1 DJ Hardwell speaking with the legendary  Tiësto about his lifelong career, state of the electronic music community, and more in an informative yet fun interview. Tiësto sheds light on releasing his latest artist album in 2014 and following up his previous 2009 release Kaleidoscope, which was a pivotal shift in his production from Trance to House. Tiësto’s newfound style derives from headlining massive festivals worldwide and being exposed to the progression of Big Room House and Trap music. This has allowed him to creatively fuse these genres into his own music. Tiësto also mentions being re-influenced by his older Trance sound from seeing so many amazing Trance acts play throughout the world since his last album release. He manages to let us know his next album is very different from anything in the past.

 Tiësto Interviewed by Hardwell About Career and New Album Live at ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event)

Tiësto interviewed by Hardwel at ADE 2013

Feed Me Talks Collaborations with Skrillex, Kill The Noise, Noisia, Short Film in Progress, State of Beatport Top 100 and more in Exclusive TSIS Interview

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Skrillex and Fee dME Live Beatport

Just a few days after releasing his well received debut album Calamari Tuesday, UK producer Feed Me sat down with us via Twitter to have a back in forth conversation about the industry, upcoming collaborations, his short film and much more.

He discussed in progress collaborations with Skrillex, Kill the Noise, Noisia, Zeros and Yadi. Leaving in with a wave of anxiety as we read the following tweet:

We then asked about his Feed Me monster and got filled in that his robotic re-creation is still happening and might be involved in a short film that’s in the ‘early stages at the moment’.

Feed Me recently looked into the state of electronic music via the Beatport Top 100 charts, we asked him his thoughts on what he found.


Kanye defends public fight with Jimmy Kimmel on his show and gives incredible interview [FULL VIDEO INTERVIEW]

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kanye jimmy kimmel The recent controversy between Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel was squashed last evening as Kanye made a special lengthy appearance on Jimmy's show last night. He dives into very real subjects, going in depth explaining some of the outrageous statements that derived from his must see multiple hour interview with Zane Lowe at BBC in the UK, that saw lots of media backlash. The site has always been pretty supportive for Kanye regardless of some of the things he's done in public, and this interview I truly feel more then any other piece of media around Kanye will let you see him in a far more understanding light. In the sea of rappers and generally most musicians, Kanye is actually trying to change the standards of so many things. Besides music and fashion Kanye strives to push the idea of being creative, and believing in yourself in such a unique way that hopefully you can understand a little bit more after this interview. Watch the full 6 part interview below. Think Kanye was outrageous? Or still is just as wild? Comment below.

Full Interview here via World Star Hip Hop

Kanye West Jimmy Kimmel

Full ‘Must-Watch’ Kanye West interview with Zane Lowe of BBC Radio 1(With all 4 Video Parts)

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Kanye west is easily one of the most entertaining and regardless if you like it or not, influential people in the music world. He sat down with Zane Lowe for a very rare video interview spanning over 4 parts really diving into the unbelievably “complex” mind of Kanye West. This is the interview that Jimmy Kimmel has since made fun of and led to a “rap feud” with Mr. Kanye West.

Kanye does bring up some amazing points, but get’s diluted by some of crazy shit surrounding these great points.

Just watch all 4 parts of this now iconic interview and see for yourself and comment below:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Watch: Deadmau5 takes Pharrell for hilarious 35 minute Coffee Break Interview

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Deadmau5 follows up his entertaining Coffee Break interview with Zedd (watch the Zedd Coffee Break here), this time taking critically acclaimed hip-hop / electronic producer Pharrell for a journey to Tim Horton’s. We get the entire journey totalling in just under 35 minutes, getting to see a more humanistic side of both artists. They touch on Notorious B.I.G., Electric Cars, Family Life, working hard as kid and more. Should we be getting our hopes up for a potential collaboration between both this artists? Enjoy.

Watch: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis give a hilarious interview on Chelsea Lately and The Heist goes Platinum

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have gone from the underground heroes to one of the most popular artists on the radio faster then anyone could have ever imagined through hits “Thrift Shop”, “Can’t Hold Us” and “Same Love”.  Although the two are in the spotlight, they still couldn’t be any more real, and we see that in this video of their televised interview Chelsea Lately. Both Ben (Macklemore) and Ryan Lewis give a very hilarious interview discussing linking up through Myspace and Ben’s love of the musical Cats in the third grade among other things.

It is a fun look at two artists that have gone on the world’s radar since releasing The Heist last fall, which has now officially gone Platinum in album sales with over 1.1 million copies sold to date.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis interview on Chelsea Lately

Logic gets incredibly entertaining interview from the legendary Nardwuar [VIDEO]

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This Song Is Sick co-signed hip-hop star Logic gets interviewed by one of the most entertaining people alive out of Vancouver, BC Canada. For those unaware, Nardwuar will dig deeper then any reporter pulling out details from artists past that always end up blowing them away, like how Logic used to rap at Joe’s Crab Shack back in his hometown. Watch  this very enjoyable 14 minute interview to dig a little deeper with Logic. Attempts to Explain Stealing from Arty & Mat Zo with Video

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After admitted that he did in fact steal the song “Rebound” from Arty & Mat Zo for his song “Let’s Go”, he sits down with none other then the Assosiated Press (AP) to explain himself. He basically plays dumb while saying some outrageous statements.

“If you look on the album there is credit. YOU CAN’T STEAL if you credited someone.”

Does for some reason think that you can “steal” or “sample” parts of other commercial released songs and release them as your own by simply putting someone’s name on album credits? Is he actually this horribly misinformed or just being very sneaky and playing dumb?

“That happens a bunch of times. Where legal takes so long but creative is instantaneous. And a lot of times, the community, for the sake of the art, bond with each other.”

Wow really? Arty & Mat Zo are supposed “bond over the art” after you steal one of their tracks and give them no compensation at all and release it commercially?

“What do I know? I give it to legal I’m not no attourney. I did my piece. I gave credit to the person who did it, It’s not my fault he didn’t tell me about the other guy. So who’s to blame? I didn’t know, I wasn’t in the room when you made it. You shoulda told me you had a collaborator.”

Then he actually goes on to say that he is sorry about Mat Zo not getting his name on the album credits.. Mat Zo is probably looking for a little more then simply getting his name on the album credits, maybe getting compensated for the song Will just released commercially.

This is above legal and financial obligations. It comes down to an artist who is more popular not giving respect to lesser known artist and attempting to take advantage of him. We will keep you posted on what plans to do.

Listen to the shocking case of stealing “Rebound” from Arty & Mat Zo here or below. justifying stealing from Arty & Mat Zo to the Associated Press (AP) – Let’s Go (ILLEGALLY SAMPLING MAT ZO & ARTY)

Mat Zo & Arty – Rebound (Go to 1:00) (SONG THAT WAS SAMPLED)

Quick Inside Look at Porter Robinson – Thissongissick Interview [TSIS EXCLUSIVE]

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Hey guys, we’ve been going through some changes, and have a sick interview that we did a few months ago with Porter Robinson. This is a quick inside look at Porter Robinson, showing his thoughts on how people react to music, a breakdown of what he has in store with his live sets, outlook on touring, past thoughts on making “the most exciting drop ever”, and his 2 goals in making music. His Spitfire album has been incredibly successful, (listen to the whole thing below), and he’s been touring with countless big names like Skrillex, Tiesto, Zedd, and a ton more. This really is the year for Porter.

Porter states how his original goal was to make “the most exciting drop ever”. then moves onto his admiration for hyper detailed music from artists like Wolfgang Gartner and Noisia, but liked how “hard and danceable they kept they’re music”. He ends with his conclusion for his outlook on making music “Fuck everything else except for those two goals, I want to be complex,  and I want it to be agressive.”  He certainly does both of those so well, and been doing nothing but making HUGE waves since the interview. It was a great pleasure to sit down with Porter, and it’s really amazing to see how big he is getting, and how fast. Hope everyone enjoyed this quick inside look on Porter Robinson.

This video was filmed by our friends Cinesthetics, who do some of the best Photo and Video work I’ve we’ve ever seen. Follow them on Facebook Here. This interview was filmed at Global Dance Festival at Red Rocks, check out more information on the festival here.

Porter Robinson – Spitfire (Album) | Stream Only | Purchase

TSIS Exclusive Download Porter Robinson – Say My Name | Direct Download




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