Mysterious Outkast Cover Artist Revealed As “ZHU”

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Step 1. One of the most interesting stories we've ever written started by featuring this infectious Outkast mashup cover "Moves Like Ms. Jackson" last Sunday. With no artist name attached, the song spread virally raising the question of who this might be, leading to speculations ranging from Disclosure, Duke Dumont and Moon Boots. 

Step 2. Then this past Sunday, we received another track from the mysterious artist; this time an original titled "Superfriends" featuring the same style and vocals, yet still no name for the artist.

Step 3. Well today we are finally unlocking the mystery.. or at least the beginning. One of Thissongissick loyal readers posted a comment on the article stating they were sure "this artists' name is ZHU." We started digging and after reaching out to a writer from 20 minutes (The French New York Times), we were sent an exchange of email's he had with the artist responsible for the songs who we now can confirm as "ZHU". His name is Steven Zhu, a producer and singer from LA who has gone to great lengths to keep people focusing on the music rather than the musician. ZHU declined an interview but issued the following statement about about keeping his identity:

“Many are wondering why I chose to release my music anonymously. I am my own ghostwriter. As a society, we become more attached to the creator than to the creation. Music is faceless. My music is for a new generation—one in which people appreciate art for its intrinsic value—Generation WHY.“

We searched around and found, and up until literally 15 minutes ago the entire site was pure black, yet now appears with the familiar Z symbol featured on both previous artworks (image below), confirming the identity. On the page there is a video with the Z symbol and what sounds like another new original song from our main man ZHU. He also has a field for collecting e-mails for what we can assume will be the next steps in project ZHU. We can rest a little easier now knowing at least part of the mystery, yet now we are left with ten more. What are these original songs apart of? Some future album we might see very soon? Should we expect another release on Sunday like the first two? When will we get to see him live?

At least we now know who he is, and judging from these two first tracks and overall movement he is starting, we can rest assured that ZHU will easily become one of the biggest breakout acts of 2014. 


Source: 20 Minutes


[PREMIERE] Mystery Skulls – Ghost (Viceroy Remix) : Chill House / Summertime Remix

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Whether cold weather has you down or your making your pool playlist, we are supplying you with a much needed pick me up from San Francisco native Viceroy. While sticking to his roots of making chill house music that invokes summertime vibes, Viceroy has supplied his eclectic talents to up and coming indie / electronic producer Mystery Skulls fresh new single “Ghost”. The smooth set of vocals are laid out perfectly for Viceroy to heat the beat up with disco sythns and a dance ready foundation. Stream the exclusive premiere below and grab a free download to go. Enjoy

Mystery Skulls – Ghost (Viceroy Remix) | Purchase on iTunes

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[PREMIERE] Keys N Krates – Dum Dee Dum (Party Favor Remix) : Bouncy Electro House Remix [Free Download]

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Keys N Krates - Dum Dee Dum (Party Favor Remix)

Canadian live electronic group Keys N Krates latest catchy single “Dum Dee Dum” is brought back to life with twice the energy in this bouncy new house remix from rising act Party Favor. The LA based producer / DJ has been on the rise since winning our Bro Safari remix competition (which will see it's long awaited release later this month!), and shows no signs of stopping with another festival anthem. The original vocals are chopped and rearranged perfectly to accent this exciting new track. Listen to the exclusive premiere below and grab a free download, enjoy!

Keys N Krates – Dum Dee Dum (Party Favor Remix) | Free Download

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[GIVEAWAY] Win VIP Tickets and Meet & Greet With MAKJ For Every Date of The Peyote Tour

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MAKJ Peyote Comp New2

LA based DJ and producer MAKJ had quite an impressive previous year all leading up to kick off 2014 in the best way possible with his first ever headlining North American tour. The Peyote Tour featuring 28 stops across US & Canada featuring clubs, venues and even stops at festivals including Coachella, Northern Lights Festival and Ultra Music Festial.

MAKJ has been nice enough to let Thissongissick give out a VIP experience for every date which includes you and a friend getting hooked up with VIP tickets to the show or festival in your city and then you get to meet MAKJ in person before or after his set! (Excluding Coachella and Ultra) Enter below.

Buy tickets for the Peyote Tour Here

Grand Prize (1 winner per city): 2 VIP tickets to the show in your city + Get walked backstage by Tour Manager to get a personal Meet & Greet with the with MakJ.

Winners will be chosen daily up to March 15th (until the contest ends) then all others winners will be contacted that day at 5pm pst. (Notified through E-Mail or Facebook) (We will pick a winner each night every date before the show)

Entry Method: Enter through Contest Widget here (You must answer the question specifying which city) (Every method of entry increases your chances)


More info and full tour dates after the jump (Click here)

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MIA – YALA (Bro Safari & Valentino Khan Remix) : Massive Trap Remix [Free Download]

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yala-bro safari-valentino khan

The creative minds of multiple genre producers Bro Safari and Valentino Khan have come together for one almighty collaboration to kick off a brand new week. The two go deep into their arsenal of samples and add-ons to flip British-Sri Lanken singer MIA's single "YALA" into a festival ready trap and bass heater. Trying not to break into a feverish dance pattern will be hard to achieve, so take on the challenge by streaming the remix below and grabbing a free download. Enjoy!

MIA – YALA (Bro Safari & Valentino Khan Remix) | Free Download

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Skrillex – Because (ft. Ellie Goulding) : Must Hear Future Bass Collaboration Debuted on Annie Mac

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You read it correct ladies and gentleman! Thissongissick reported last year that producer / DJ extraordinaire Skrillex would be linking up with beautiful UK songstress Ellie Goulding for another collaboration, and today we finally have a sneak peek of the track titled "Because" which was featured during in the Ellie's recent minimix for BBC DJ Annie Mac. Picking up where their past song "Summit" left off, the production applied by Skrillex this time around sounds very Shlohmo-esque in design; with chill future bass aesthetics laden all over the beat while Ellie's sultry voice is chopped up and added throughout the track. While we wait on any release details for this track, we are just going to have to settle with this snippet for now. Stream below and above all … Enjoy

Skrillex – Because (feat. Ellie Goulding) | Stream Only


Mysterious Outkast Cover Artist Releases Amazing Original “Superfriends”, Still No Identity

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Last week we asked you to help us figure out "Who the F*ck Made This Amazing OutKast Mashup House Cover?" and received answers ranging from Duke Dumont to Moon Boots. While we wait on our toes for news as to who made the infectious track, we received another anonymous e-mail from the no name artist with a new song and similar artwork. Pitched down rap samples set the tone of this track, yet the vocals coming in sound like the same singer from "Moves Like Ms. Jackson"; this leads us to believe whoever these tracks are from are both a producer and singer. We are also not crossing out the idea of it being a group as opposed to a solo artist. Looking forward to anymore news with this artist if it's new releases or even his / her / their name or identity. We will keep you posted as we find anything else out. Enjoy!

Unknown – "Superfriends" | Free Download

Drunk In Love (The Weeknd Remix) – Beyoncé : Must Hear Cover / Remix [Free Download]

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Drunk In Love-The Weeknd

Beyoncé's hot new single "Drunk In Love continues to stay on our radar with potentially the best rendition of the song yet with a surprising remix / cover from The Weekend complete with free download. The Weeknd breaks down the song and reconstructs it from the hot new background production to his completely new verses while still keeping the original hook lyrics in place. He manages to slip in some of his signature over the top lyrics like "the pussy's got some superpowers" and "I fuck my enemies" throughout. This is a complete change of pace from the recent festival remix of the song from Diplo from a couple days ago. Enjoy!

Beyoncé - Drunk In Love (The Weeknd Remix) | Free Download

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Mac Miller Releases Entertaining Music Video for “Avian”

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Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 6.31.13 PM

Mac Miller is back with another unbelievably entertaining music video, this time for “Avian”, the spacy single from his latest Watching Movies With The Sound Off album. The video directed by Rex Arrow (responsible for a fair amount of Mac’s previous videos), gives us a video centered around an older man spitting the verses of the track. The video shows that you don’t necessarily have to center a video around the artist and still put it off, as seen with not a single shot of Mac throughout. Watch the video and pick up your copy of Watching Movies With The Sound Off if you don’t haven't it already. Enjoy!

Mac Miller – Avian | Purchase

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Beyoncé – Drunk In Love (Diplo Remix) : Unexpected Trap Anthem

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Beyonce-Drunk In Love-Diplo Remix

Personally enjoying one of the most successful periods of his star-studded life, Mad Decent head honcho and producer extraordinaire Diplo has delivered the goods to close out Valentine's Day with a last minute remix of epic proportions. After stunning the electronic music community by announcing the inaugural Mad Decent Boat Party set to hit the high seas November, Diplo has gone into the Queen Beyonce newest single "Drunk In Love" and brought the weight of the trap movement with him for a certified trap anthem for upcoming festival season. Go on till the break of dawn and stream the remix below and above all…. Enjoy!

Beyonce – Drunk n Luv (Diplo Remix) | Stream Only 

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Drunk In Love-diplo remix

Wet – Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl (Branchez Remix) : Love Trap [Free Download]

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Bring down the lights, slip into something sexy and prepare yourself for the D-efining jam this Valentines Day from our 2013 "Remix Artists of the Year". Similar to his now infamous touch of What So Not's "High Are You", New York beatmaker Branchez has further added to his impressive remix catalog by taking control of indie band Wet's silky "Don't Wanna Be Your Girllyrics and supplying his patented smooth bass additions in an oh so smooth manner. Slip away in seduction by streaming the track below and grabbing a free download as well. Enjoy the love!

Wet – Don't Wanna Be Your Girl (Branchez Remix) | Free Download

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[PREMIERE] Alma – Ashes to Ashes (feat. Kill Paris) : Melodic Dubstep [Free Download]

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Crossover producer and Boulder, CO newest transplant Kill Paris continues to build on his startup record label Sexy Electric by releasing the second single for the collective's newfound songstress Alma. Following up on the successful release of "Avalanches", we get "Ashes to Ashes" containing a smooth serenade of vocals over a smooth mellowed out production filled with punchy synths coming in at a dubstep pace. This is Alma's second single under Sexy Electric and is apart of her forthcoming EP. Stream the premiere below, grab a download, and stay tuned for release details. Enjoy!

Alma – Ashes to Ashes (feat. Kill Paris) | Free Download

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