3LAU – Bang (Tiësto Bootleg) ft. Blood Hound Gang : Huge Official House Bootleg

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3LAU Bang Tiesto Blood Hound Gang

Breakout producer DJ 3LAU is back with a very interesting and impressive new release. It's a release of his upcoming original "Bang", which is a hard hitting progressive house anthem, but we get to hear the song in bootleg / mashup version by none other then Tiësto who adds the throwback party classic "The Bad Touch (Discovery Animal)" from Bloodhound Gang into the mix to great effect. The song also goes back to 3LAU's roots of dropping mashup album Dance Floor Filth series. You can stream the song below before its release on April 28th via Tiësto's very own Musical Freedom record label! Enjoy

3LAU – Bang (Tiësto Bootleg) ft. Blood Hound Gang | Stream Only

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3LAU – How You Love Me (Ft. Bright Lights) : Massive Progressive House Anthem

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Justin Blau aka 3LAU has been on a non stop rise since transitioning from a DJ known for bootlegs / mashups to busting out incredible house originals. Justin has just unleashed possibly his biggest track to date, a Progressive House bomb, "How You Love Me" featuring vocals from Bright Lights who we saw on his last original "Escape". He kicks things up laying down some of his best melodies to date perfectly suiting the smooth vocals from Bright Lights. Stream the song below and support it by purchasing through Beatport. Enjoy!

3LAU – How You Love Me (Ft. Bright Lights) | Purchase on Beatoport

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3LAU Releases Huge New ‘Escape Me Home’ Bashup Featuring 3 Remixes Together [Free Download]

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3LAU & Tiesto dropping bombs

3LAU has just let loose a brand new single in spirit of breaking 200k facebook fans. In typical 3LAU fashion, the song is not just a single, he calls it a ‘Bashup’, which is actually the 3 official remixes of his original single ‘Escape (Ft. Bright Lights)’ together feat. FLATDISK, Kill FM, and Charity Strike. He has also mixed in the vocals from Cash Cash’s ‘Take Me Home’, adding his signature 3LAU twist. The song comes together as a seamless high energy ride that doesn’t let up. You can stream and download the song below and also purchase the remixes of ‘Escape’ through Beatport now. Enjoy.

3LAU – Escape Me Home | Free Download


[PREMIERE] 3LAU – Dance Floor Filth 3 : Must Hear Bootleg Pack [Free Download]

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The extremely talented DJ and producer 3LAU is no stranger to bootlegs / mashups having gotten onto countless fan’s radars with his infamous bootleg mixtapes Dance Floor Filth Volume 1 and Dance Floor Filth Volume 2 both sponsored by TSIS. Today we get the latest installment with Dance Floor Filth 3 featuring 5 brand bootlegs and even a original mix track. Justin’s (3LAU) skills at blending tracks has only got more amazing over the years and countless live shows. He seamlessly goes from radio vocals to gritty hard hitting electro and trap basslines. Stream and grab the exclusive free download of the entire mixtape below. Enjoy. Be on the look out for 3LAU’s upcoming original tracks “Get Naked” and “How You (Ft. Bright Lights)”.

3LAU – Dance Floor Filth 3 | Free Download Premiere

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3LAU “What I Didn’t Play” (Unplayed Electric Zoo Live Set) : Incredible 60 Minute Set [Free Download]

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Due to the seriously unfortunate circumstances of the last day of Electric Zoo music festival taking place in New York getting cancelled this weekend, 3LAU aims to lift spirits by releasing the full version of the live set he intended to play. He has made clear to state that this is what he intended to play and is in no means a pre-recorded set. We get to hear a huge amount of new unreleased tracks including some originals and collaborations from him and others including DallasK and more, full track-list below. He has been nice enough to pass this out for free download.

3LAU – Unplayed Electric Zoo Live Set | Direct Download

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3LAU drops off latest 3LAU HAUS Mix #16 (Throw Some B’s) : High Energy Electro / Hip-Hop / Big Room House Mix [Free Download]

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One of our favorite rising DJ / Producers 3LAU drops us off an extra special edition of his monthly 3LAU HAUS MIX with Volume 16 (Throw Some B’s Edition). He works in some new uncharted territory including more hip hop and minimal big room stuff. The mix is filled with energy from start to finish while working in so many styles really taking the listener on quite the journey. All he asks is for a facebook like to for a free download.

In 3LAU’s words:

this mix incorporates a lot of hip hop samples, electro and minimal big room – focusing less on the super popular tracks (while it has a few) and more on the underground stuff from promising up and coming producers. The tempo changes keep it moving really fast w/ a lot of energy”

3LAU – 3LAU HAUS MIX #16 (Throw Some B’s) | Download

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3LAU, Paris & Simo – Escape Ft. Bright Lights : Progressive House Collaboration on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings

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Just Blau aka 3LAU has been hard it work on his first completely original production, “Escape” a collaboration with Paris & Simo and featuring the amazing singer Bright Lights that just got released through Hardwell’s label Revealed Recordings. This marks another step in his transtiion from being a strictly bootleg mashup artist to a original house DJ who can compete with some the best. Don’t miss his staple mixtapes featuring some of the best bootlegs you will ever here on Dance Floor Filth 1 and Dance Floor Filth 2 mixtapes. This song is an uplifting progressive house anthem packing some electro kicks. 3LAU has truly arrived. This song is for sale unlike most his other music, you can support by picking up a copy through Beatport.

3LAU, Paris & Simo – Escape Ft. Bright Lights | Beatport

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3LAU HAUS – Thissongissick.com Rage Mix : Progressive House / Electro House

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Just Blau aka 3LAU the house bootleg mashup specialist who is on is way to having a truly huge 2013,  just dropped off hislatest installment of his mix series 3LAU HAUS, this time Thissongissick.com Rage Mix special edition for everyone to bring in Spring Break. It is just under 30 minutes of some of the best progressive and electro house all mixed together seamlesslly. Turn this mix up, look out for his spring tour dates coming soon, enjoy! Don’t miss the previous Volume 10 of 3LAU HAUS.

3LAU HAUS – Thissongissick.com Rage Mix | Download | Alternate Download

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3LAU – HAUS #10 Mix (Don’t Blink) : 30 Minute Progressive / Electro House Bootleg Mashup Mix [TSIS PREMIERE]

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The philanthropist within the raging electronic world, mr. Justin 3LAU is back with his latest 3LAU HAUS Mix, #10 (Don’t Blink). This high energy mix features 22 tracks mixed seamlessly in a nice 30 minute package. It is basically one big bootleg mashup, with about a new track every minute. As 3LAU says “The goal of these mixes is to create a 30 minute mindfuck, leaving the listener with the reaction “what the fuck did I just listen to” it’s kind of the same strategy I use in my live sets”. He switches to the next track right as you can identify the last one. Enjoy the high speed mix.

3LAU – HAUS #10 Mix (Don’t Blink) | FB to Download | Direct Download

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Zedd – Spectrum (3LAU Remix) : Big Room Progressive House Remix

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3LAU, the all star mashup bootleg star who dropped mashup albums Dance Floor Filth Vol. 1 and Dance Floor Filth Vol. 2, on top of the massive remix to James Egbert – Back To New is back with another HUGE track. What better then to remix Zedd’s latest beastly electro infused progressive house anthem “Spectrum”. 3LAU takes the track and adds his very happy brand of progressive house  with some trance elements that’s equally epic and smooth. He gives the track a a new flavor, and wanted to give it out for free. Turn it up, enjoy!

Zedd – Spectrum (3LAU Remix) | Direct Download

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3LAU – Dance Floor Filth 2 (Album) : Must Hear Party Electro House / Dance Mashup Album

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3LAU, the man who can make better mashups then just about anyone is back with his latest mixtape Dance Floor Filth 2, following up Dance Floor Filth. For this mixtape he includes a variety of older tracks, new re-edits, and 4 unreleased tracks for and hour of high energy BANGERS. Justin Blau, aka 3LAU is the king of combining popular top 40 radio lyrics over hard hitting bass fueled tracks. Enjoy!

3LAU – Dance Floor Filth 2 (Mixtape) | Direct Download

James Egbert – In The Beginning EP (Featuring Remixes from 3LAU, Acetronik) + Exclusive Dubstep Instrumental : Electro House + Dubstep EP

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Today I have a huge next step for James Egbert. This rising electro house star is here with a HUGE release. James may have popped on your radar with his free 4 song  Blackhawk EP, and has shown no signs of slowing down. This EP features 6 new all original tracks, including the single ‘Back to New’. James has a unique breed of hard hitting electro house, yet maintaining a smooth trance vibe. It has a great balance of heavy and mellow blended perfectly on every track. There are also 2 dubstep tracks “Milky Way” and “Halo”, showing how brutal James can get. It features some guest vocals from Laura Brehm, Kill Paradise, and Brittany Egbert, really adding another level to this project. James was nice enough to throw us the exclusive download of an instrumental dubstep remix of “In The Beginning”, the title track on the release. Don’t miss the other 5 official remixes of “Back to New” included in the full release below.

This remixes featured all have a different flavor. The first of which is 3LAU’s big house remix, which he’s donating all proceeds to building a school, see the video here. Another stand out remix was Acetronik’s dubstep take, with a real funky bass packed punch. Scope out all the remixes. Also James Egbert was nice enough to throw us an exclusive free download of an instrumental dubstep remix by himself of “In The Beginning”, the title track on the EP, to include in this post. Check out the whole thing, rage it everywhere, enjoy!

James Egbert – In The Beginning EP | Purchase through Beatport Here

James Egbert – In The Beginning (Ft. Brittany Egbert) (Instrumental Mix) | Direct Download

James Egbert – Back to New (3LAU Remix) | Purchase through Beatport (All proceeds donated)

Also COLORADO fans, James Egbert is having his album release party concert at The Boulder Theater on Saturday, May 12th, with special guest 3LAU. What a better way to help kick off the summer, the night after The Skinny Dip. Tickets are only $12 right now, grab them here.



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