Eastside – Ellie (Don’t X Loyal Cover) (Coucheron Remix) : Chill Indie Electronic [Free Download]

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Ellie Coucheron

Little is known about newcomer act Eastside who announced themselves into existence with a beautifully constructed vocal and acoustic cover that combines two of this summers biggest hits, Chris Brown's "Loyal" and Ed Sheeran's "Don't", as the reconstructed single "Ellie". Well emerging Norwegian producer Coucheron has remixed the cover into a completely new direction giving the perfect amount of electronic influence with a full line of drums and effected synths, leaving us with an instantly infectous track. Listen below and don't miss out on the free download thanks to Coucheron. Enjoy!

Eastside – Ellie (Don't X Loyal Cover) (Coucheron Remix) | Free Download

Ed Sheeran “I See Fire” Gets Extra Chill Remix from Kygo [Free Download]

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Ed Sheeran - I See Fire (Kygo Remix)

Ed Sheeran’s first recent solo single in 2 years ‘I See Fire’, apart of the upcoming soundtrack for the second part of The Hobbit movie, just got an amazing remix from one of our new favorites Kygo. He gave it a smooth chilled out trap meets house remix using the vocals and acoustic from original flawlessly. This follows up Kygo’s recent remixes of Marvin Gaye’s ‘Sexual Healing’ and Ellie Goulding’s ‘High For This’. I have attached a video Ed Sheeran performing the original below as well. Stream and download this remix, enjoy! Also make sure to follow Kygo.

Ed Sheeran – I See Fire (Kygo Remix) | Free Download

Ed Sheeran – I See Fire (Original Acoustic Version) | iTunes

Cisco Adler – Motorbike (Ft. Reeves of Aer) : Summer Indie / Reggae / Hip-Hop [Exclusive Free Download]

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Malibu based musician Cisco Adler has just put out his latest release, a 6 song Mahalo EP. To celebrate the release Cisco has given us the exclusive download on “Motorbike” featuring longtime TSIS vet Reeves of Aer from the EP. The song is focuses around a guitar riff with a wah wah pedal giving a fun off beat flavor. Cisco’s singing and Reeves rapping come together nicely. Enjoy!

Cisco Adler – Motorbike (Ft. Reeves of Aer) | Exclusive Free Download | Purchase Mahalo EP

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[Full Album Stream] Shwayze – Shwayze Summer (Album) : Chill Fun Hip-Hop Album [TSIS PREMIERE]

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Malibu, California based rapper Shwayze is back with his debut full length album as a solo artist without his previous singer Cisco Adler. Shwayze Summer couldn’t be a more fitting title for this 12 track release that is the perfect laid back soundtrack to the summer. He brought out The Cataracs, Tayyib Ali, Kevin K, Paul Couture and more. We have an exclusive stream of the full album below, and you can now pick it up through iTunes. Enjoy!

Shwayze – Shwayze Summer | iTunes

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Radical Something – Cheap Drink : Summer Reggae / Hip-Hop [Thissongissick.com Premiere] [Free Download]

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Radical Something hits us up to drop an exclusive free download of their latest summer spirited anthem “Cheap Drink”. It packs a perfect blend of hip-hop and reggae making a perfect summer track. The guitar and singing fuel the track with the rapping adding the unique constrast that makes Radical Something stand out. This track is off their upcoming album which will be available later this summer. This song will be available on iTunes on tomorrow, so we got hit up to pass out an exclusive free download. Enjoy!

Radical Something – Cheap Drink | Download

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VIBE – Ready For the World (Music Video) + Carpe Diem : Chill Summer Hip-Hop Video / Album [Free Download] [TSIS PREMIERE]

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VIBE the duo hip-hop act based out of California is back with another fantastic music video to their song “Ready For the World”. This is off their recently released Carpe Diem album that they have hit us up to pass out as  free download. Their sound is very genre bending mixing the chill summer sound you can vibe with with some lyrics touching on real topics that are hardly get mentioned in hip-hop and I support it to the fullest. Their sound is very unique and I couldn’t be happier to be able to pass out this great album for free. The album is also through iTunes, so if you really dig it please support, these are some great guys! Enjoy!

VIBE – Carpe Diem |Download below | iTunes

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Cisco Adler – Classic (Ft. Sammy Adams) : Acoustic Summer Hip-Hop Remix [Free Download] [TSIS Premiere]

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Cisco Adler brings on Sammy Adams for the official remix to his track “Classic” off his recent album Aloha. Sammy Adams verse adds a fresh contrast between Cisco’s smooth choruses leaving us with a chilled out summer track. Hope to see these two on some future stuff together. Grab the exclusive free download. Enjoy! 

Cisco Adler – Classic (Ft. Sammy Adams) | Download

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Tayyib Ali & Cisco Adler – One Way EP : Chill Summer Hip-Hop [This Song Is Sick Exclusive Leak Download]

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Philadelphia based rapper Tayyib Ali teamed up with Malibu beach based singer / producer Cisco Adler for blend of chilled out summer styled hip-hop with their new One Way EP.  The chemistry between Tayyib’s rapping and Cisco’s singing works well reminding me of Cisco’s past famous collaboration alongside Malibu rapper Shwayze. Tayyib drops some light hearted lines which bounce of Cisco’s smooth vocals and production for a great new summer soundtrack. We have been given the exclusive limited 48 hours “leaked download” of the entire EP before it comes becomes available through iTunes the first week in June.   Don’t miss Enjoy!

Tayyib Ali & Cisco Adler – One Way EP | Direct Download

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Cisco Adler – Medicine (Music Video) + #RoadTrippin Tour Recap ft. Mod Sun, Tayyib Ali and More : Chill Acoustic Hip-Hop [TSIS PREMIERE]

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A few weeks back the This Song Is Sick sponsored #RoadTrippin Tour ended featuring Mod Sun, Cisco Adler, Tayyib Ali, Choo Jackson and Pat Brown. Today we have the newest visual for Cisco Adler’s song “Medicine” complete with a full tour video recap showing some shots on the road. You get to some some of them performing live and lots of behind the scenes shots seeing the more personal side of them. To anyone that made it out to any of the dates, knows how live they got, and congrats to everyone who won our VIP package for each date and got to hand with the artists and watch the show from on stage. Watch the video and enjoy the song!

Cisco Adler – Medecine | iTunes | Aloha EP

Aer – Take It Wrong : Chill Acoustic Hip-Hop [Free Download]

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Today we get the latest original from the fresh movement, Aer. “Take It Wrong” is an acoustic powered anthem that brings nothing but good vibes. As both members grow up their sound continues to grow and get more defined. The chemistry between the rapping, chorus, and mild guitar plucking is unreal. These guys have really crafted an amazing sound you can listen to anytime. Sit back and enjoy!

Aer – Take It Wrong | Direct Download

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Jon Bellion – The Wonder Years (Music Video) : Indie / Pop [TSIS PREMIERE]

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Here is the 4th and final single and video from the talented Jon Bellion‘s upcoming free album Translations through Speakers which is going to be coming out as a sponsored release through This Song Is Sick later this month. “The Wonder Years” features another production from Jon himself with a catchy piano line and some light electronic elements. The talent from Jon shines through on another level on this song. You can tell this guy is going to go far. Sit back and rewatch until the album. Enjoy!

Jon Bellion – The Wonder Years

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Jon Bellion – Dead Man Walking (Music Video) : Acoustic Indie Pop Video [TSIS PREMIERE]

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Here is the latest feel good single from Jon Bellion. Following up “Paper Planes” and “Life”, he hits us with “Dead Man Walking”. This time Jon switches things up adding an acoustic element to his indie pop sound. It seems like every track has a completely different vibe, showing signs of a very diverse artist. The download for this will be available on his free album and will be coming out later this winter. Enjoy!

Jon Bellion – Dead Man Walking

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Cisco Adler – Aloha (Album) : 13 Song Full Album

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Cisco Adler the Malibu singer first known for making a few albums with Shwayze just followed up his recent Aloha EP with an album of the same name with 7 new tracks on it. All the songs carry over Cisco’s signature often acoustic fueled summer jams packed with California vibes. He’s recruited a cast of features including G-Eazy, Mod Sun, Pat Brown, Don Carlos, and North Mississippi All Stars. It’s a great album that will take you to a tropical care free state of mind. Enjoy the free download of “Try You”. Also don’t miss the recent music video and download of “Boom Boom Boom” ft. G-Eazy off the album. The album is available through iTunes!

Cisco Adler – Aloha | Purchase iTunes

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Aer – Songbird (Music Video) : Fresh Acoustic Hip-Hop Video

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It’s no suprise that we’ve been a fan of Aer. They are a 2 person youthful duo with traits of Sublime and Rebulution. Their recent album The Brightside featured one of my favorite tracks they have made “Songbird”, and they just made a music video for the song. The video follows them and a few other around, creating some relatively simple yet clean visuals, fitting the track. Also don’t miss their recent Dispatch cover of Two Coins. Enjoy!

Aer – Songbird | Purchase iTunes | Listen to The Brightside (Album)




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