Adele – Set Fire To the Rain (Josh Heinrichs Reggae Cover ft. Stick Figure) : Must Hear Reggae Cover

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone. To change up the pace, here is an incredible reggae cover to “Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele. The original was an instant classic, and was filled with countless remixes. Here is a very fresh laid back change of pace done by Josh Henrichs and produced by Stick Figure. It will leave you with a smile and put you in a good mood. And free download? What better. I am incredible thankful I have an audience that wants to see what new music I have to post every day. Thanks for sticking around guys. Enjoy!

Josh Heinrichs – Set Fire to the Rain (Adele Cover) (Ft. Stick Figure) | Direct Download

Adele – Skyfall “007″ (Clark Kent & Oscar Daniel Remix) : Bond Film Dubstep Remix

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Whoaa.. Adele‘s insane new theme song for the latest 007 bond film Skyfall” is already one of the best songs I’ve heard all year, and is easily one of my favorite tracks from her. Well Clark Kent decided to team up with Oscar Daniel and blast it full of smooth dubstep greatness. It’s got enough bass to make you move your head, but not ever enough to overpower Adele’s powerful vocals. And free, what could be better? Enjoy! Also if you don’t miss Clark Kent’s HUGE dubstep remix of B.o.B.’s “Out of my Mind”.

Adele – Skyfall (007)  (Clark Kent & Oscar Daniel Remix) | Download

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Adele – Skyfall (007 Theme Song) (Audio + Video) : Incredible Theme Song Sung by Adele

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The newest James Bond 007 movie is coming out, it’s called Skyfall, and they called upon the sweet voice of Adele to sing the theme song. She obviously destroys it, but really on another level. The emotion in this song is so powerful. Now I’ve heard a lot of Adele, but don’t listen to her regularly, but I can’t get enough of this song. Looking forward to the rest of the soundtrack of the movie. Enjoy!

Adele – Skyfall (007 Theme Song) | Download | iTunes

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Mashup-Germany – Top Of The Pops 2011 [What the F*ck] : Mashup with 25 Songs

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Today I’ve got a mashup complete with video that will let you relive the entire year of radio hits, all mashed into one track. It’s the latest from Mashup-Germany, and its’ called ‘Top of the Tops 2011 [What the F*ck]. It’s got 25 of the top radio hits blended together for a surprisingly catchy mashup. It moves from every track so fast you’re not exactly sure what you’re listening to at any given point. Not the biggest fan of many of the tracks in this mashup on their own, but all together works pretty well. This reminded me of DJ Earworm ‘United States of Pop‘ with 25 of 2010 Billboard hits. Check it out, enjoy!

Mashup-Germany – Top of the Tops 2011 [What the F*ck] | Direct Download | Hulkshare

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Jay – Z, Kanye West & Adele – Brooklyn. Chicago. London. (Urban Noize Mashup / Remix Album) : Excellent New Mashup Album

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Today I’m excited to bring you a free new album by the duo known as Urban Noize. The twins Steve and Steven from Miami have been created a slew of remixes, and this album is the clear standout. Brooklyn. Chicago. London. is a Mashup / Remix Album combining three of the biggest artists in the U.S. and the U.K. The producers use the vocals of all three artists, instrumentals and samples of Adele, and they incorporate their own drums. It all combines into an exceptional pretty laid back album. For not working with Jay – Z, Kanye or Adele Brooklyn. Chicago. London. sounds great, the quality shows that they can do a lot more than just mash a few songs together. The feel of the whole album is very natural. The twins find Jay – Z and Kanye A Capella’s from many different albums that really go with the beauty and sadness of the Adele lyrics and instrumentals. This is one of those albums that you can listen to over and over, enjoy!

Jay – Z, Kanye West & Adele – Brooklyn. Chicago. London. (Urban Noize Mashup Album) (Entire Album .Zip) | Direct DownloadHulkshare

Never Chasing pavement (Urban Noize Remix) | Direct Download

Won’t Go (Wishing) (Urban Noize Remix) | Direct Download

Dear Summer (Make You Feel My Love) (Urban Noize Remix) | Direct Download

Cazzette vs Adele – Set Fire to the Rain (A Stupid Hole Bootleg) : Real Sick New House Banger

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Today I’ve got a great a sick track featuring some more vocals from Adele. Don’t forget the sick Rolling in the Deep remixes from Minesotta and MartyParty and Samples.  Well now I’ve got a real sick new bootleg from Cazzete, the guys who brought you the real juicy Save the World remix. Well there may be a million tracks sampling and remixing Adele, but this one really stood out to me. It’s got a good blend of keeping the original piano sample, Adele’s voice, and the right amount of bass. Well this track is perfect for the club or a dance party. Turn it up, enjoy!

Cazzette vs Adele – Set Fire to the Rain (A Stupid Hole Bootleg) | Direct Download | Hulkshare | Mediafire

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Adele – Rolling In The Deep (Deathstar Remix) : Epic New Dubstep Remix from MartyParty + Minnesota Collaboration

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Rolling In The Deep  is stil one of the most popular songs out and has got to be one of the most remixed tracks I’ve heard since Martin Solveig’s ‘Hello’. We posted the Ben Samples Remix a while back as well as his even more vicious VIP remix, and they both got a ton of love. This remix is as sick as the last one of not better. Deathstar is the brand new collaboration between producers Marty Party and Minnesota. This song is a preview of their new material. This song is the perfect combination of the two producers. Minnesota keeps the track very melodic while Marty Party brings the huge lead. I think Deathstar is an appropriate name for this duo because they will no doubt be destroying entire planets with their bass. Turn it up and enjoy!

Adele – Rolling In The Deep (Deathstar Remix) | Direct DownloadDownload | Mediafire Download

Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Samples VIP Remix) : Epic New Glitch Bass Filled Remix

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You may remember the filthy glitched out remix to Adele’s instant hit ‘Rolling in the Deep’ done be Samples. I loved the remix, and now we actually get a better version, done by Samples himself. This time it’s his VIP remix, with some added glitch and bass for an even more epic remix. Turn up the bass and enjoy another new light on a now popular track. Enjoy!

Rolling in the Deep (Samples VIP Remix) – Adele | Direct DownloadHulkshare | Mediafire

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Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Ben Samples Remix): SICK BANGER REMIX

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Ben Samples, aka SAMPLES, the beast of a producer from Boulder who brought you the BANGER Black and Yellow Remix w/ Big Gigantic, the Justice – Stress remix, and the epic Def Leppard – Women remix among others is back with a new remix exclusively dropping through Samples has a very distinguisable glitchy BANGER style that I’ve grown to really dig. He remixed ‘Rolling in the Deep’ by Adele, and it has a nice slow intro, building anitipation then some nice glitched out bass drops. Samples just dropped a new EP called Skyscraper, which can be purchased here. Turn up the bass for this one and enjoy!

Rolling in the Deep (Samples Remix) – Adele | Download

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