Cisco Adler – Motorbike (Ft. Reeves of Aer) : Summer Indie / Reggae / Hip-Hop [Exclusive Free Download]

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Malibu based musician Cisco Adler has just put out his latest release, a 6 song Mahalo EP. To celebrate the release Cisco has given us the exclusive download on “Motorbike” featuring longtime TSIS vet Reeves of Aer from the EP. The song is focuses around a guitar riff with a wah wah pedal giving a fun off beat flavor. Cisco’s singing and Reeves rapping come together nicely. Enjoy!

Cisco Adler – Motorbike (Ft. Reeves of Aer) | Exclusive Free Download | Purchase Mahalo EP

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Aer – Take It Wrong : Chill Acoustic Hip-Hop [Free Download]

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Today we get the latest original from the fresh movement, Aer. “Take It Wrong” is an acoustic powered anthem that brings nothing but good vibes. As both members grow up their sound continues to grow and get more defined. The chemistry between the rapping, chorus, and mild guitar plucking is unreal. These guys have really crafted an amazing sound you can listen to anytime. Sit back and enjoy!

Aer – Take It Wrong | Direct Download

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Aer – Songbird (Music Video) : Fresh Acoustic Hip-Hop Video

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It’s no suprise that we’ve been a fan of Aer. They are a 2 person youthful duo with traits of Sublime and Rebulution. Their recent album The Brightside featured one of my favorite tracks they have made “Songbird”, and they just made a music video for the song. The video follows them and a few other around, creating some relatively simple yet clean visuals, fitting the track. Also don’t miss their recent Dispatch cover of Two Coins. Enjoy!

Aer – Songbird | Purchase iTunes | Listen to The Brightside (Album)

Aer – Two Coins (Dispatch Cover) : Chill Acoustic Cover + Original

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Here’s a nice chilled out cover to start the day, or wind down for some parts of the world. It’s the start of a new cover series by the duo Aer, where they cover some of their favorite songs. The first of the series covers “Two Coins” by Vermont based band Dispatch. They do the cover very well, giving it their youthful edge. I’ve also included the original song by Disptach to check out as well, listen below. Comment below with what you think! Also check out the duo’s past releases The Brightside and The Reach. Enjoy!

Aer – Two Coins (Dispatch Cover)

Dispatch – Two Coins | iTunes

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Aer – The Brightside (Album) : Must Hear Summer Hip-Hop / Acoustic / Rock Album

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Aer is back with absolutely refreshing glass of hip-hop. Aer is a that feel good feeling of Sublime or Pepper fused with a very modern twist. Hip-Hop and Rock have never came together so well. David and Carter, and making up Aer have been working on this project ever since completing the What You Need EP, and following up The Reach (Mixtape Album). This is their first debut album, and damn is it good. We featured the video for “Floats My Boat” off this album earlier, which still might be one of my favorite tracks on the album. Also included in this post is video for “Like the Way”, another great track on the album. “Songbird”, “Few Times”, and “Medina” stood out as some of my favorite tracks on the album. Purchase through iTunes, stream below, enjoy! Also follow Aer through Facebook.

Aer – The Brightside (Album) | Purchase through iTunes

Aer – Songbird

Aer – Few Times

Aer – Medina (Remastered)

Aer – Like The Way

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Aer – Floats My Boat (Music Video) : Laid Back Summer Hip-Hop Single + Bonus

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Time for some new fresh Aer. These 2 never seem to disappoint . For “Floats My Boat” both Dave and Carter’s voice with the guitar fueled beat makes for another summer anthem. These guy bring good vibes, enough said. This is the first track off their debut album The Bright Side, available July 30th. Also included for download is another track from Aer, featuring Guy Harrison. Check Out their past Wonderin’ Why Music Video as well. Enjoy!

Aer – Floats My Boat | Purchase on iTunes

BONUS: Aer ft. Guy Harrison – Tell It Straight (Pete Rock Remix) | Download

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Aer – What You Need (Music Video) : Acoustic Summer Hip Hop w/ Exclusive Download

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Today I have some more summer vibes with a fresh new music video from Aer. It’s to their track “What You Need”, off their What You Need EP, available through iTunes. The video fits the track with a mellow feel, and the guys were nice enough to let us have a an exclusive free download of the track as well to spread the vibes to even more people. They have a new album coming out later this year that I can’t wait for. Check this out, enjoy!

Aer – What You Need | Download | Purchase iTunes

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Aer – Wonderin’ Why (Music Video) + What You Need EP : Must Hear Chill Hip Hop

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Today I’ve got sick new video, and the EP for a group we’ve featured a few times before, Aer. They’ve got a mellowed out hip hop sound that reminds me a little bit of Sublime or Slightly Stoopid, but with a youthful newer vibe. This new video for ‘Wonderin’ Why’ is pretty simple and laid back, fitting the track. It’s basically various shots of them kicking it. Also included is the 4 track What You Need EP. All 4 songs on the EP are amazing, and filled with a set a perfect chilled out mood I can’t get enough of. It is available through iTunes here. Also make sure you don’t miss their free album The Reach, chill, enjoy!

Aer – What You Need EP | Purchase through iTunes

Aer – What You Need

Aer – Try Her

Aer – Throw It Back

Aer – Wonderin’ Why

Aer – Smoove Bruh (Music Video) : Mellow Hip Hop Song w/ Video

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Today I’ve got the latest from mellowed out hip hop duo Aer. I was just listening to their incredibly catchy The Reach album, which reminded me of a new age Sublime / Pepper. Well this track takes them more in the classic hip hop direction with both of them spitting more bars then a stoner anthem. I still really dig the sound, and can’t wait to hear more of their new stuff. Enjoy!

Aer – Smoove Bruh (Produced by mattMiGGZ) | Direct Download

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Aer – Shot Clock (Avicii Remix) : Hip hop Remix of Avicii – Levels

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Here’s a brand new take on one of the biggest electronic tracks of the year, Avicii’s Levels, which seems to be getting remixed quite a bit. We recently featured the high energy electro house remix to the track by Haydn Hoffman. Well Aer, the duo who makes a great blend of hip hop and chill acoustic music, decided to do a hip hop take on the track. The outcome is pretty cool, and a great take on a house classic, and might let hip hop fans get into Avicii. It’s got some chill rapping and chorus. Check it out, enjoy!

Aer – Shot Clock (Avicii Remix) | Direct Download | Hulkshare |

Aer – Slow Down ft. June : Sick New Chill Laid Back Song

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Today I’ve got a real sick new single from Aer, the duo who brought you The Reach, the super chill laid back album that you need to grab if you haven’t yet. This new track featuring June is a great chilled out track with amazing work all the way around. The vocals on this track are great all the way around. Some great rapping, and the chorus spot on as well. Check out this track, slow down, enjoy!

Aer – Slow Down ft. June | Direct Download | Hulkshare Download | Mediafire Download

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Aer – The Reach : Must Hear Free Album For Fans of Sublime

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I’ve been going through the Soundcloud dropbox that I hadn’t looked at in about 6 months, and have been finding some really sick new artsists. If you know of an artist that hasn’t been posted on TSIS, email me here or upload a track to soundcloud here because I’ve been so busy and haven’t had the time to check like I should! Also try the new comment feature below with your thoughts!

Well today I’ve got a great new duo that you chill fans will fall in love with called Aer. They’ve got a summer, feel good, acoustic, almost rap and reggae influenced sound that reminds me of Sublime and Pepper.  This mixtape entitled ‘The Reach’ is hardly a mixtape, but a free album. All 13 songs make up a chilled out journey perfect for lighting one up, chilling, and welcoming in summer. It’s just got that laid back, everything’s alright sound. I picked out a few favorites, but you should definitely download the whole thing. Chill and enjoy!

Download The Entire The Reach Mixtape Here

Aer – Come & Go| Download

Aer – Run Again | Download

Aer – Somewhere I Been | Download

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