Angel Haze – Babe Ruthless : Must Hear Hip-Hop

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Angel Haze

Angel Haze has taken a brief hiatus to work on her best project to date, and today we get one the most exciting tracks we've ever heard from her. 

"Babe Ruthless" showcases a completely different side than we've seen from her as she is more raw then ever, sounding relentless to say the least. I already liked Angel Haze, but this song has transformed me into a die hard fan. Enjoy.

This is what Angel had to say about this anthem of a song:

"Babe Ruthless is my Machiavelli," she told The FADER. "It's me becoming Super Saiyan. It's me becoming something you can't label or contain and being better at it than all the versions of myself who've stepped up to bat before me.”

Must Listen: Ellie Goulding – Life Round Here (Ft. Angel Haze) (James Blake Cover) : Indie / Hip-Hop

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Ellie Goulding - Life Round Here (Feat. Angel Haze) artwork

English angel Ellie Goulding linked up with Brooklyn rapper Angel Haze for an beautiful cover of James Blake's "Life Round Here"We essentially have a female version of the succesful remix of the song featuring Chance the Rapper, with Angel Haze taking over his spot on the song while Ellie manages to fill James Blake's chorus and verse. The combination of the two is nothing short of incredible as they leave listeners with quite the uplifting ballad of a cover. We can only hope this leads to future work between the two talented female vocalists. Enjoy.

Ellie Goulding – Life Round Here (Ft. Angel Haze) | Stream Only

Angel Haze & Lunice – “Gimme That” : Insane Rapper Flow + Behind the Scenes

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Female rapper Angel Haze who was first featured on Bassnectar’s “Freestyle” recently got in the studio with Lunice to create an extremely hot new electronic fueled hip-hop track “Gimme That”. Angel Haze lays down some fierce lyricisim and wordplay that will give you chills. The incredible beat prouded by Lunice packs some strong hip-hop influence drums with some eerie synths added. See above for behind the scenes of creating the song thanks to Adidas new “Songs from Scratch Series” where they bring 2 artists in the studio, have them create something. Check out the mini documentary, then blast the hot track. Enjoy!

Angel Haze & Lunice – “Gimme That”

Bassnectar – Freestyle ft. Angel Haze + Freestyle EP: Must Hear Bass / Dubstep / Trap Collaboration

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Bassnectar let’s loose the full version of one of the hottest tracks he debuted in his recent “Freestyle Mixtape”. It’s the first sampling of the chaotic clashing of genres that is his upcoming Freestyle EP coming out October 16th. The track is also called “Freestyle” and features some guest vocals from Angel Haze. The song kicks off with a bass heavy blast of 808’s and trap vibes letting some of Angels’ verses out. Then building up to a drop filled with wobbles that keep going. This track lives up to the name “Freestyle” going on a journey through a variety of genres of sounds. Octopus? Mountains? Ocean? Perfect artwork to match the wild song. Comment below with what you think of Bassnectar’s new track. Turn this up, enjoy!

Bassnectar – Freestyle ft. Angel Haze

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