Aylen 2013 Bootleg Pack : Must Download 13 Track Electronic Mashup Bootleg Pack Album [Free Download]

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Mashups and Bootlegs have been abused by countless people discovering how easy it is to put two songs together, the trick is doing it well. Aylen has somehow proven that mashups can be great if done like this. He just dropped off a 13 song 2013 Bootleg Pack to start 2013 off right. He is the guy who made the insanely catchy remix of Coldplay’s “Fix You”. For this pack, just about every track is incredible, keeps you guessing, and never gets boring. This is what mashups should sound like. What better then to pass this out for free. Listeners sit back, and DJ’s say hello to your new favorite secret weapons. Don’t hesitate, just download the whole pack. Enjoy!

Aylen 2013 Bootleg Pack | Download Entire Pack 

Aylen – 2013 Bootleg Pack by Thissongissick.com

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Coldplay – Fix You (Aylen Remix) : Smooth Chill Dubstep Remix [Free Download]

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Coldplay‘s iconic ‘Fix You’ just got a fresh “chillstep” remix from Aylen. It has a fun dubstep flavored packed with some groove and upbeat pace coming in around 128. The drums have a nice punch to them giving the track a minor trap element. Aylen really lets the original vocals shine through well, while still flipping it into his own creation. He has been nice enough to give this out as a free download. Enjoy!

Coldplay – Fix You (Aylen Remix) | Download

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Michael Jackson – Thriller (Aylen Remix) : Must Hear New Halloween Electro Remix

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A few days ago we posted our Halloween mixtape to kick off the long weekend. Since then a few more Halloween songs keep popping up. There were two great thriller remixes on the mixtape , but when this one popped up I couldn’t resist posting it. This remix is more upbeat like the original, but still hits pretty hard. The bassline kind of reminds me of Zedd and its mixed perfectly with the high pitched sample of thriller. Bump this up-beat electro house remix all weekend long. Enjoy!

Michael Jackson – Thriller (Aylen Remix) | Direct Download | Hulkshare

Wiz Khalifa – No Sleep (Aylen Remix) : Sick Upbeat Electro Remix

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Wiz Khalifa continues to secure his spot as a mainstream artist, and his single ‘No Sleep’ is another track that’s been on the radio from Rolling Papers. Today I’ve got a real sick funky sounding electro remix from Aylen. It starts off sounding very unique and not like most remixes I’ve heard. I really like Aylen’s different sound, yet it still has an electro punch. One of the better Wiz Khalifa remixes I’ve heard in awhile. Turn it up, enjoy!

Wiz Khalifa – No Sleep (Aylen Remix)Hulkshare | Mediafire




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