[PREMIERE] Far East Movement – The Illest (Remix) (Ft. Riff Raff, Schoolboy Q, B.O.B) : Rap / Electro

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Far East Movement's recent single "The Illest" featuring Riff Raff just got a HUGE official remix recruiting man of the year Schoolboy Q and the always great B.O.B. The energy of the track is only amplified with the new added verses from both Schoolboy Q and B.O.B giving it their twist. With all eyes on Schoolboy, I'd expect to see him doing features far more in the near future. Listen to the exclusive premiere of the stream of the remix below and we will update with release details. Enjoy!

Far East Movement – The Illest (Remix) (Ft. Riff Raff, Schoolboy Q, B.O.B) | Stream Only

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Big Boi – Shoes For Running (Feat. B.O.B. & Wavves) : Must Hear Indie / Hip-Hop Collaboration

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Big Boi is making a serioius statement with his newest album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors. Rivavling “She Hates Me (ft. Kid Cudi” for my favorite track off the album is “Shoes For Running” which is a indie / hip-hop fusion bringing on rapper B.o.B. and indie group Wavves. This song is so catchy in all the best ways. It sounds like Big Boi brough B.o.B. and had a beach party creating a track completely unlike anything I would ever expect from Big Boi.. yet working so unexpectedly well. All I can say is grab Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors when drops on December 11th. For now here is another sample to tide you over. Enjoy!

Big Boi – Shoes For Running (Feat. B.O.B. & Wavves)

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B.o.B. – Fuck Em We Ball (Mixtape)

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B.o.B. tides us over with a full length extra fresh 18-track mixtape, Fuck Em We Ball. The production throughout the entire project is very on point, with half the tracks being produced by B.o.B. himself. There are a few stand out tracks like “Fuck Em We Ball”, “So Blowed”, “Alright”, and more. But if you dig Bobby Ray, you will love it all. He gets a littlel cliche with some lyrics, but all in all a solid hip-hop tape. We picked out a few of our favorite tracks, but don’t miss the whole thing. Enjoy!

B.o.B. – Fuck Em We Ball (Mixtape) | Download

B.o.B. – Fuck Em We Ball – (Prod. By Featherstones)

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B.o.B – Out Of My Mind (Ft. Nicki Minaj) (Clark Kent Remix) : Must Hear Dubstep / Hip-Hop Remix [TSIS EXCLUSIVE]

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B.o.B.‘s latest anthem “Out Of My Mind” featuring some vocals from Nicki Minaj just got a HUGE dubstep remix, making for the perfect new BANGER.. premeired exclusively through TSIS. It’s done by Clark Kent, the guy who smashed the smooth house track “Bombs Over Capitals” by AN21 & Mac Vangelli. From the vocal sampling and just the right amount of bass, this track is sure to be an anthem. Turn it up, enjoy!

B.o.B – Out Of My Mind (Ft. Nicki Minaj) (Clark Kent Remix) | Direct Download

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DOSVEC – Beast Break (B.o.B. vs Zeds Dead) : Insane New Hip Hop / Dubstep Mashup Beast Mode vs Coffee Break

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Today I’ve got a real epic mashup that almost sounds like B.o.B. went in over a Zeds Dead track. This track combines the vocals from B.o.B.’s Beast Mode (which is off his No Genre mixtape) over the epic Zeds Dead track Coffee Break. Now Coffee Break is defintely one of my favorite tracks to come out in a few months, so seeing a mashup of it kind of worried me. But mashup producer DOSVEC made the perfect blend of the two tracks. It’s got the fresh bass filled goodness of the Zeds track mixed with the fitting vocals from B.o.B. Turn up the bass for this one, enjoy!

DOSVEC – Beast Break (B.o.B. vs Zeds Dead) | Direct Download | Hulkshare

B.o.B. – Strange Clouds (ft. Lil Wayne) (Music Video) : Must Hear New Hip Hop / Electro Song

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B.o.B., a rapper who’s continued to impress me ever since his mixtape. His single Beast Mode made the Marshawn Lynch phrase apart of  alot of our everyday speech. Well today this track ‘Strange Clouds’ where he teamed up with Lil Wayne is an amazing new collaboration with a beat filled with bass. It’s got a familiar hiphop feel, then it drops to some hard hitting bass. B.o.B. and Weezy both spit some pretty sick bars on the track. It doesn’t sound like most hip hop I hear, as we don’t really post much mainstream stuff. Check this one out, turn it up, enjoy!

B.o.B. – Strange Clouds (Ft. Lil Wayne) (Stream Only)

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Eminem ft. B.o.B. – Things Get Worse: Real Sick New Rap Collab

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It’s crazy how long Eminem has been rapping in the spotlight, and with Recovery being a great success he shows no signs of letting down. Well now we get our hands on some new Eminem, this time featuring newcomer B.o.B.. I was a little thrown off at the mixture of the artists, but it works very werll. The beat is solid and chill, and both rappers thrown down some great lines. Eminem has always been a pretty sick rapper, despite some songs that some might dislike, but what really gets me stoked about this song is what’s next with B.o.B.. A reader informed me that a snippet of this was released back when Em did a feature on Airplanes, maybe they have some more collaborations no one’s heard? Looking forward to new stuff from both artists, but for now check this out and enjoy!

Things Get Worse – Eminem ft. B.o.B. | Download

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B.o.B. – Beast Mode (DJ Kue Remix): Sick New Electro BANGER

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So most of you have become fans of B.o.B. over the past year one way another, through his mixtapes or singles. Well he dropped his No Genre mixtape and it quickly became one of the most downloaded tapes on the site, just breaking 12,000 downloads. The single off the tape Beast Mode became a new favorite tracks amongst Bobby Ray fans, and now I”ve got a sick BANGER to bring some new life to the song. It’s done by DJ Kue who makes it a electro party song full of enery. Turn up the bass and enjoy!

Beast Mode (DJ Kue Remix) – B.o.B. | Download

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