[UPDATED] Outkast Set to Reunite and Headline Coachella 2014 and Other Festivals

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UPDATE : André 3000 and Big Boi were together in Atlanta for Thanksgiving this past week as seen on Big Boi’s instagram. Just coincidence? Or does this solidify speculation of a 2014 reunion?

Outkast Big Boi Andre 3000 Reunion Coachella

Outkast, one of the most iconic hip-hop duos of all time,  are in serious talks to reunite and potentially headline Coachella in 2014. Big Boi and Andre 3000 haven’t performed together in over seven years, but officials have tipped off Billboard to some plans stirring up for next year including Coachella and some other unspecified dates.

“One source tells Billboard that there have definitely been “some conversations” about Outkast reuniting, while another says it is “all systems go” for Big Boi and André 3000 to end their hiatus next year.”

This is definitely a green flag that the duo is coming back and hitting the road. When a group of this size plays a reunion at Coachella, it is typically followed by headlining a handful of the other influential music festivals in the country like Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and Austin City Limits. Anyone else as excited as me?

Source: Billboard

Frank Ocean – Pink Matter (Remix) (ft. Big Boi & Andre 3000) : First Track With Both Members of Outkast in Years

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Apparently Frank Ocean is so damn good, that he actually reunited both Big Boi and Andre 3000 of Outkast on his track Pink Matter. But when it got released on his album, channel Orange, complications arose and only Andre 3000‘s verse saw the light of day. Well now we get the remix, which is actually the true version feauring Big Boi‘s verse. He adds a nice fresh flowful edge with consistent solid lines adding just the right twist to a great track. If this is the sign of these three working together on some original material, the world might just loose it. Do you like this version better then the previously released one? Sit back and enjoy!

Frank Ocean – Pink Matter (Remix) (ft. Big Boi & Andre 3000) | Download

Big Boi – Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors (Album) : Incredible Hip-Hop Album Incorporating Many Genres and Artists

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It is finally upon us, another contender for best hip-hop album of 2012. Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors is the latest album from Big Boi. I had no idea what to expect since his 2010 release, and he blew me away. He made some very smart moves and bringing in a fresh new indie influence. One example was bringing on New York based electronic indie duo Phantogram and Swedish based Little Dragon for a handful tracks, taking Big Boi in a completely new direction. He brought out Wavves for a beach friendly indie flavored “Shoes for Running” also featuring B.o.B.. The album also features the spacey weed induced “She Hates Me” featuring Kid Cudi we got to sample. Another favorite from the release is “Lines” recruting A$AP Rocky alongside Phantogram. AlsoHe has also brought on a full cast of big names including T.I. and Ludacris, Theophilus London, Big K.R.I.T., and few more. With this album Big Boi has progressed far past his days apart of Outkast and has really continued to establish himself as an artist. I would have loved at least a few tracks with Andre 3000, and Big Boi had even made efforts, but ”contractual obligations” kept it from becoming a reality. All in all, Big Boi took some risks with this album, and they left us with one of the best albums of the year. The entire thing is great defintely worth the purchase. You can listen to a few of the tracks below, and grab it through iTunes. Enjoy!

Big Boi – Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors (Album) | Purchase on iTunes

Big Boi – Lines – (Feat. Phantogram & A$AP Rocky)


Big Boi - CPU (Feat. Phantogram)

Big Boi - In The A (Feat. T.I. & Ludacris)

Big Boi – Shoes for Running (Feat. B.o.B. & Wavves)


Big Boi – Shoes For Running (Feat. B.O.B. & Wavves) : Must Hear Indie / Hip-Hop Collaboration

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Big Boi is making a serioius statement with his newest album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors. Rivavling “She Hates Me (ft. Kid Cudi” for my favorite track off the album is “Shoes For Running” which is a indie / hip-hop fusion bringing on rapper B.o.B. and indie group Wavves. This song is so catchy in all the best ways. It sounds like Big Boi brough B.o.B. and had a beach party creating a track completely unlike anything I would ever expect from Big Boi.. yet working so unexpectedly well. All I can say is grab Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors when drops on December 11th. For now here is another sample to tide you over. Enjoy!

Big Boi – Shoes For Running (Feat. B.O.B. & Wavves)

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Big Boi – She Hates Me (ft. Kid Cudi) : Incredible Hip-Hop Collaboration off of Big Boi’s New Album

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Whoa.. I just got to listen to most of the new Big Boi album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors.. and damn it might swoop in taking the title away from Kendrick Lamar’s‘good kid, m.A.A.d city’ a run for best mainstream hip-hop release of 2012. Big Boi has completeley adapted to the times and created a very diverse album with influences that you would expect and a ton of fresh new indie influence that works unbelievably well. We first got to sample “Line (Ft. A$AP Rocky & Phantogram)”. One of the fan favorites is going to be “She Hates Me”, a chilled out collaboration track calling for Kid Cudi to help out. The chemistry between the two aritsts over the simple yet effective beat makes for instantly one of my favorite tracks I have heard all year. This is a song underground fans will love, but could all crossover to mainstream reminding me of Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness”. Until Big Boi’s Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors comes out December 11th, you can play this track on repeat. Enjoy! (Let me know if anyone is having problem with the new player.. comment below!)

Big Boi – She Hates Me (ft. Kid Cudi)

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Big Boi – Lines (Ft. A$AP Rocky & Phantogram) : Fresh Hip-Hop / Indie

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It’s a been quite a while since hearing from Big Boi, but now get a very fresh new track “Lines” featuring rapper A$AP Rocky and indie electronic duo Phantogram. This is a very dope complete change of pace then what anybody’s grown to expect from Big Boi. A$AP and Big Boi both throw down some solid bars in between Sarah of Phantogram’s vocals. The unlikely chemsitry of all three works very well. This is the first cut off of Big Boi’s upcoming new album Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors set to release 12/11/12. Enjoy!

Big Boi – Lines (Ft. A$AP Rocky & Phantogram)

SnowBall Music Festival 2012 Full Lineup : Bassnectar, Snoop Dogg, Rusko, Major Lazer, Big Boi, Tv On the Radio and more!

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We’re very excited to be partnering up with Snow Ball again this year, and the lineup is just as insane as last year. From Rusko, Snoop Dogg, Bassnectar, Ghostland Observatory, Dada Life, Griz, Dillon Francis, Mimosa, Rusko, TV On the Radio, Gramatik, Bag Raiders, Marty Party and so many more. Stay tuned for more details on the festival including giveaways, a mixtape, and more!

Buy Tickets Here | Official Website Here

Big Boi – Shutterbugg (Mochipet Remix): SICK DUBSTEP REMIX BANGER

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Here’s a sick new remix of the hit from earlier this year Shutterbugg by Big Boi. Mochipet to the song and reworked it into a sick dubstep BANGER that’s not to intense. It’s very sick, well done, and has a lot of energy.

And be sure to check out info on BroBible’s concert at Terminal 5 in New York, NY featuring Big Boi as the headliner with Calvin Harris, La Riots, and The Knocks as well. Click here to buy tickets!

Shutterbugg (Mochipet Remix) – Big Boig | Download

Check Out More Mochipet via Official Facebook Here

Real Fresh Party Song: Brand New Sick Big Boi Banger

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Big Boi who made his name in the popular rap duo Outkast, has been making a name for himself as a solo artist in recent years, and with his upcoming album Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty set to drop July 6th he is sure to turn some heads. Well I got my hands on the first single and am here to share it with you, which is of course real sick. The beat drops soo hard, and is just real sick. Turn up the bass, blast your speakers, and pump this track on repeat. If you don’t really like it your first listen through, listen again haha. It really is one of the tracks that grows on you, especially with a good system. Well i’m sure you’ll like it, enjoy!

Shutterbugg – Big Boi


Download (Click Link on Page)

Purchase Big Boi’s music on iTunes here

2 Sick Songs from B.o.B – One using a Beatles sample and Nothin’ on You remix

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So some of you have started hearing from the very talented B.O.B. recently in his latest hit seeing some radio airplay “Nothin’ On You”, which I’ve included the latest official remix below this first track. He’s another up and comer in the rap scene, and reminds me of Wiz Khalifa and Lupe Fiasco a little bit. Well the first song samples The Beatles “Eleanor Rigby”, and it is done so perfectly. It reminds me of the MGMT kids remix posted earlier in how they take a short sample and turn it into a brand new rap song. Well give it a listen and i’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Lonely People (Eleanor Rigby Sample) – B.o.B.


Download (Click Link on Page)

Next up is a remix of the song seeing radio time “Nothin’ On You”, so i’m gonna be honest I feel that most of the music getting played on the radio these days is…. well not the best. And I was surprised by this one, I think it’s got a good beat, and nice contrast between the vocals and rapping. Well if you haven’t heard the original, enjoy this for the first time, and if you have enjoy this remix featuring Big Boi. Enjoy guys!

Nothin’ On You (Remix ft. Big Boi) – B.o.B.


Download (Click Link on Page)

Click Here to buy the original single off of iTunes




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