Hoodie Allen – Crew Cuts (Free Album) : Must Hear Hip-Hop Album [Free Download]

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Hoodie Allen just let loose an impressive 11 song free album Crew Cuts. We got to sample “Cake Boy” and “Fame Is For Assholes (Ft. Chiddy)” which both came with music videos. The entire project has Hoodie venturing into some unknown territory  truly expanding his boundries as an artist. He brings out a stacked lineup of features from artists like Chiddy, Shwayze, G-Eazy, Skizzy Mars, OCD & MooshJared Evan and Chance the Rapper. This is easily some of his best work to date. This follows up his recent All American EP, and past free mixtape Leap Year. Enjoy!

Hoodie Allen – Crew Cuts (Free Album) | Direct Download

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Hoodie Allen ft. Chiddy – Fame Is For Assholes ‘FIFA’ (Music Video) : Hip-Hop [TSIS PREMIERE]

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Hoodie Allen drops us off Fame Is For Assholes or for short FIFA featuring Chiddy (of Chiddy Bang), the second single from his upcoming free album Crew Cuts. This is smooth chilled out hip-hop ballad is a complete 180 switch compared to his agressive 808 filled Cake Boy. He takes a classic doo-wop influence with a fresh upbeat hip-hop style his fans have grown to love. The video follows the high school rivalry of Team Hoodie and Team Chiddy paying a tribute to the film Hoosiers and the Wolf. Grab the free download of this on Crew Cuts February 20th.

Hoodie Allen – FIFA (Ft. Chiddy)

Chiddy Bang – Ray Charles : New Chill Hip Hop with Sick Sample

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It’s been a while since we posted anything by viral hip hop star Chiddy Bang. The last thing was the Peanut Butter And Swelly mixtape, which was a bit more chilled out. Today I have a song off their long awaited Freshman album ‘Breakfast‘. This track has more of an up beat party vibe that pays tribute to Ray Charles. Xaphoon Jones crushes the beat with a great sampling and production. Chiddy’s flow is on point as usual and the rapper delivers plenty of new rhymes and punches. Hopefully this song will ease the wait till upcoming album ‘Breakfast‘. Enjoy!

Chiddy Bang – Ray Charles | Hulkshare

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Sick New Chill Rap Song: The Kid C-G ft. Chiddy Bang

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Loving this new track, it’s one of the first songs I’ve seen Chiddy make an appearance on not with Chiddy Bang. This is on The Kid C-G’s upcoming mixtape The Lifestyles of the Rich and Swellegant. The tracks got a real mellow chilled out feel wit lots of sick flow. I dig it, and can’t wait to hear more chill sounding Chiddy, even though the more dancey stuff like the MGMT Kids remix are sick as well. Enjoy this real sick track!

Get In Your Zone – The Kid C-G ft. Chiddy | Download

Get In Your Zone

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