Swedish House Mafia vs Knife Party – Antidote (Stratus Remix) : Massive Dubstep Remix [TSIS EXCLUSIVE]

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So when I first heard the track Antidote between Swedish House Mafia and Knife Party I was blown away at how heavy the Swedish house legends had made a song. Well today I’m pleased to present you a new remix of the track that might be even more massive. It’s from Stratus, the Chicago up and comer that dropped the Drake – She Will Remix. He takes the already heavy track and gives it a full blast of dubstep. Turn up the bass, enjoy!

Swedish House Mafia vs Knife Party – Antidote (Stratus Remix) | Direct Download

Check Out More Stratus through Official Facebook Here

Cypress x Rusko – “Roll It, Light It” (Music Video) : Must See Insane Video to Dubstep Single

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So by now you probably have heard the newest collaboration between dubstep producer / DJ Rusko, and hip hop group Cypress Hill. The audio for the song was very sick, and created a fresh sound that pleases dubstep fans but also would make a huge hip hop hit, and one I wouldn’t mind listening to. This video is very sick, filled with a high speed mixture of shots of Cypress and Rusko playing in a moving train while mountains, trees, and other objects outside of them gets blown apart and pieced together with lots of visually stunning effects. I’ve seen a lot of music videos use video effects like this, but I haven’t seen any this good. I could see this video making it’s way to the TV. Turn it up, enjoy!

Cypress x Rusko – Roll It, Light It | Direct Download

Silver Medallion & Feature Cuts – Drop Out, Kiss Girls : Filthy Electro House / Groove Single

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Today I’ve got a track that’s got a real unique sound. It’s from New York based Silver Medallion, who we’ve previously featured with his single “All I Ask”. He’s got a voice that reminds me of an 80′s singer, in the best way possible. This electronic powered track starts off pretty chill, then continues to buildup, and finally drop the bass at 1:40. Feature Cuts was recruited for the production of it, and really killed it. It’s a groove filled song, with clashing bass giving it some contrast. Turn it up, enjoy!

Silver Medallion & Feature Cuts – Drop Out, Kiss Girls | Direct Download

Rusko & Cypress Hill – Roll It, Light It : Must Hear Dubstep / Hip Hop Collaboration

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So there’s been word on the street that dubstep powerhouse Rusko and American classic Cypress Hill we’re teaming up to make a record. And this is the first track off of it. It’s called ‘Roll It, Light It’, and features some bass packed dubstep whomps, and smoke themed lyrics from Cypress Hill. The sound works pretty well, with a very unique vibe. Find some massive speakers to really hear this track, turn it up, enjoy!

Rusko x Cypress Hill – Roll It, Light It | Direct Download

Eligh & Amp Live – Destination Unkown Ft. The Grouch & Zumbi : Must Hear Electronic / Hip Hop Song

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Today I’ve got a seriously must hear new track combining the best parts of hip hop and electronic for a track that I can’t stop listening to. It’s from a new projet of Eligh the rapper from Living Legends, and Amp Live, the DJ / producer in Zion-I. Well they teamed up for some new music, and this track features the other half of Zion-I Zumbi, and The Grouch. With an all star cast like this you can expect it to be epic, and it does so well. It’s got a hip hop vibe with an electronic edge, and sick rapping from everyone. This track has been on repeat. Find some good speakers, blast this, enjoy our new favorite track!

Eligh & Amp Live – Destination Unknown Ft. The Grouch & Zumbi | Direct Download

Purchase All of Eligh through iTunes Here

Pretty Lights feat. LeAnn Rimes and Dr. Ralph Stanley – Wayfaring Stranger (Pretty Lights Electro Mix) : Electro remix of an epic collaboration by Pretty Lights

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So you remember the insanely epic collaboration between Pretty Lights and LeAnn Rime and Dr. Ralph Stanley ‘Wayfaring Stranger’? Well the chilled out track just got blasted with a dose of bass and energy with a new Electro Mix compliments of Pretty Lights himself. It still sounds very similar to the original, but a a little heavier giving it a good change of pace. The vocals and PL’s style works so well on this track. Turn it up, enjoy!

Pretty Lights feat. LeAnn Rimes and Dr. Ralph Stanley – Wayfaring Stranger (Pretty Lights Electro Mix) | Direct Download

Skrillex ft. The Doors – Breakn’ a Sweat (Music Video) : Sick Video for Epic Collaboration

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We posted up the audio to this insanely monumental collaboration between Skrillex and the remaining members of The Doors. Well now we get to see some visuals to accompany it, giving an inside look in the studio with all 3 of them. It also features some shots of Skrillex’s latest live show The Skillrex Cell, which has a huge cube display with some motion control. The song was very epic on it’s own, so a video does it very well. Check it out, enjoy!

Skrillex ft. The Doors – Breakn’ A Sweat | Direct Download

W.E.E.D. – Summertime : Exclusive Dubstep / Hip Hop Song Ft. Shwayze & Secret Guest + Details on Malibu Show

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I’m excited to announce that Thissongissick is going to be teaming up with rapper Shwayze to bring Shwaysted Fridays. Providing a fresh new monthly electronic event with an added dose of hip hop to mix things up. The next one is happening Friday, January 13th in Malibu at the Malibu Inn. The lineup has Shwayze & Cisco Adler, The Cataracs, my Dj project Sorry for Partying, and local DJ G-Nash. The capacity is only 450, and tickets have been flying already, so don’t miss out! Can’t wait for this party, hope to see you all there!

Purchase Tickets Here

I’m also excited to bring you the premiere of the first track from the new project W.E.E.D., featuring rapper Shwayze, singer Mark Rosas, and a special guest I can’t tell you who it is yet (see if you can guess). The song was used in the video for the event above, but here’s the full track. The project has a very cool dubstep fueled hip hop party vibe that sounds pretty sick. It starts off a little on the chiller side, then it when it drops and both rappers spit their verses. The crunchy bass filled dubstep drops continue throughout the track, giving a sick unique feel. We’re proud to be sponsoring the EP the project has got coming out January 13th, for free, here. I love tracks that blend genres diving into the electronic world, and this one does it well. Enjoy!

W.E.E.D. – Summertime | Direct Download

Drake – Lord Knows (Ft. Rick Ross) : New Chill Hip Hop Collaboration

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Drake is about to drop his second album, and just teamed up with Rick Ross for a real sick new track. The production is very on point by Just Blaze. Not going to lie, this might be one of the my favorite Drake tracks I’ve ever heard. He raps throughout, and doesn’t do that slow R&B voice that only girls really dig. Ricky Ross spits some fire on the second part of this track, complimenting Drake perfectly. This song has been on repeat all day, turn it up, enjoy!

Drake – Lord Knows (Ft. Rick Ross) | Hulkshare

Pretty Lights – Wayfaring Stranger (ft. LeAnn Rimes & Ralph Stanley) : Must Hear New Electronic / Rock Collaboration

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So you may have seen the epic collaboration between Skrillex and American music legends The Doors ‘Well I’ve got another insane collaboration between a few other American music legends. For this one, one of the kings of electronic music Pretty Lights teams up with country stars LeAnn Rhymes and Ralph Standley. Derek typically samples a bunch of older rock tracks, so it’s sick to hear him actually team up with two influential muscians and make some original new tracks. It’s got the classic PL vibe to the track. Turn it up, enjoy!

Pretty Lights – Wayfaring Stranger (Ft. LeAnn Rhymes & Ralph Stanley) | Direct Download | Hulkshare

Skrillex ft The Doors – Break’n A Sweat : Insane New Collaboration featuring Guitarist and Keyboardist

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Today I’ve got an insane unreal collaboration. It’s between Skrillex and the remaining members of The Doors. It features Skrillex’s high energy bass filled sound with The Door’s Robby Krieger’s guitar and Ray Manzarek’s legendary keyboard riffs. This is a track that’s apart of project called Re: Generation connecting modern artists and older artists to create some new music. The singing in this track through me off a little bit, but the breakdowns and every other part of the song are pretty damn epic. Enough talking, turn up the bass, enjoy!

Skrillex ft. The Doors – Break’n A Sweat

Purchase All of Skrillex through iTunes Here

Datsik & Bassnectar – Elevate + Yes : Filthy New Dubstep Collaboration + Old One

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Today I’ve got a sick new track Huge producers Datsik and Bassnectar. Now these two are simply crushing it right now, consistently putting out new material. We’ve heard these two collaborate on the track Yes, which got released as a free download earlier this year, and posted below. This new track starts off pretty mellow but then builds up to epic-ness you’d expect on a collaboration like this one. The drop has a huge screaming lead synth, with massive bass. The “La – Di – Da – De” sample is a great touch. The track Yes is a massive Reggae influenced track with a ton of bass. I love the combination of the two producers, and both really shine through. Turn up the bass and enjoy!

Datsik & Bassnectar – Elevate | Direct Download | Hulkshare

Datsik & Bassnectar – Yes |  Hulkshare



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