[PREMIERE] Coyote Kisses – Ferrari : Future Bass / Tropical [Free Download]

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Coyote Kisses continue to keep the stream of new content in 2015 flowing with yet another single "Ferrari" following up previously premiered tracks "Sunny Day" and "Revive". They continue to build on their new future bass meets tropical sound full of bright melodies and sunny vibes which packs some unexpected drops that give the song a nice twist. It's another song you will find yourself replaying endlessly. Listen to the premiere of the song below and grab an exclusive free download for our readers thanks to Coyote Kisses. Enjoy!

Coyote Kisses – Ferrari | Free Download

[TSIS PREMIERE] Coyote Kisses – Sunny Day : Tropical Future Bass [Free Download]

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CK-Sunny Day

Coyote Kisses comes back strong on our radar with yet another new song "Sunny Day," which follows up their first offering in quite some time with "Revive". The song is in the same future bass styled direction while packing a glitchy, retro video game sounding twist drawing inspiration from Wave Racer. They pack it full of bright melodies and tropical sounds throughout, leaving it with the fitting track title it has. The guys have a very interesting production method that was used in the creation of this track. Here's what Coyote Kisses had to say: "We dragged all our equipment onto a dock in Florida and channeled the energy of the passing pelicans and seagulls. Somewhere along the line, seagulls turned into skittle-shooting automatic lasers.  We hope it brings people some sunshine.". Stream the sun filled track and grab a free download thanks to Coyote Kisses. Enjoy

Coyote Kisses – Sunny Day | Free Download

[TSIS PREMIERE] Coyote Kisses – Revive : Future Bass [Free Download]

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Los Angeles based duo Coyote Kisses are back on the map with their first single in over a year and we are happy to see their return. We last featured their Thundercolor EP and today we see a more chilled out side from the duo on the new track "Revive" with a more future bass/chill trap vibe. The song carries a melodic foundation with chopped up vocals and percussion that will leave you dancing wherever you are. You can stream the world premiere below and grab a free download thanks to Coyote Kisses. Enjoy!

Coyote Kisses – Revive | Free Download

Coyote Kisses drop must hear genre defying future sounding ‘Thunder Color EP’ [Free Download]

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Coyote Kisses have been hard working on their newest record Thunder Color  EP. We get electronic based productions with live elements that are easily some of their best work to date leaving you unable to really classify the unique material. If you had to attempt to identify this, it has some indie dance, electro, and future bass sounds all fused together in an insanely fresh way. The vocal sampling is on another level really letting the listener get lost in the uncomprehendable words. They released this through iTunes but have also made it avaialble as a free download. Don’t miss out and grab the incredible project. Enjoy!

Coyote Kisses – Thunder Color EP | Free DownloadBeatport

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Seven Lions – Days To Come (Coyote Kisses Cover) : Must Hear Live Electronic Cover

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Seven Lions recently announce a contest to remix his “Days to Come” song, and Coyote Kisses to a stab at it.. and created something incredible. As the description states “Decided to take a break from finishing up all our originals and try something we’ve never done before, incorporating more “live” instrumentation. The result is something more rock & roll/different. Enjoy :]” Listen and you will understand.  They fuse live instrumentation with electronic elements like I never thought possible. The result is really something ground breaking, and I really hope to hear more songs in this fashion from Coyote Kisses. Besides incorporating live instruments the song maintains a great blend of the sweet melodies and just the right amount of smooth bass. You can vote for this song here. Enjoy!

Seven Lions – Days To Come (Coyote Kisses Cover) | Vote for this Song

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Clockwork – Titan (Coyote Kisses Remix) : Incredible Trap Remix (Mad Decent Contest Winner) [Free Download]

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Mad Decent Records and Clockwork aka RL Grime (The guy who made the notorious Mercy remix) just wrapped up a remix contest for Clockwork’s single “Titan”, and the winner was none other then Coyote Kisses, beating out over 400 entires.They took this track to unepexcted places, making it into a full on certified trap BANGER. Trap isn’t a definite new direction for CK, but they were trying to win a Mad Decent contest. Turn up the bass for this one, enjoy!

Clockwork – Titan (Coyote Kisses Remix) | Direct Download

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Call Me Maybe (Coyotes Kisses Remix) + Coyote Kisses – “Starchaser” – Bass Filled Remix + BANGER Original

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The bass weilding genre bending duo Coyote Kisses who brought you Acid Wolfpack, Galactic Love, and the Binary Sun (Star Wars Remix) are back with a new remix. They’ve been recruited to make the only official remix of the popular pop track “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepson, see Milkman’s here.  I believe there’s a props in order.. I think haha. They make the annoyingly catchy pop hit into a track that most can enjoy. I know the girls are going to eat this up.. but I knew I had to get something a little heavier to offset this post. I got them to send me the download for “Starchaser” and older, more heavy BANGER from them. Check out both of these, turn them up, enjoy!

Also COLORADO FANS, the time is almost here, Coyote Kisses are going to be playing at our initial summer monthly concert series, The Skinny Dip, which is kicking off in Denver, CO Friday May 11th. Alongside Coyote, we’ve got LazerDisk Party Sex, TheFatRat, Viceroy and Religion. Check out more information on the event here. Grab some of the last $10 tickets here. Update: $10 soldout, now there are some $13 tickets available here. This is going to be truly an epic night you don’t want to miss.

Carly Rae Jepson – Call My Maybe (Coyote Kisses Remix) | Download | Download through Facebook

Coyote Kisses – Starchaser | Download

Thissongissick.com Presents A New Monthly Concert Series “The Skinny Dip” : Feat. Lazerdisk Party Sex, Coyote Kisses, TheFatRat, Viceroy and more! (Info and Music)

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Today I’m excited to bring you a sick new monthly event “The Skinny Dip”. It’s a fresh new summer event that we’ve been working on with Souls In Action Entertainment to bring you. We are bringing in new names from all over that could do there own shows, and putting them under the same roof for a rowdy night form start to finish. The first month is going to be in Denver, and we’ve got an all star cast cast to launch it. The theme is bringing in the freshest new names to new locations. This one features a bunch of names brand new to CO and it’s one of the artists second US performance ever. We’ve got LazerDisk Party Sex, Coyote Kisses, TheFatRat, Religion, and Viceroy. It’s going to be a 18+ event. This event is going to be one for the books.

The first event is going to be taking place on May 11th at Summit Music Hall in Denver, CO. Check out tickets below, and follow The Skinny Dip on facebook and twitter below.

 100 early bird tickets at $8 that just went on sale EARLY BIRD SOLDOUT

$10 tickets are now available here

All early bird and advanced tickets are SOLDOUT, get your tickets ASAP!

$13 advanced tickets are now available here

Check out the Facebook Page for The Skinny Dip, and attend the official Facebook Event for this night

“Like” The Skinny Dip on Facebook to stay updated, contests, and more

The Skinny Dip May Playlist

Thissongissick.com and Souls in Action Present

The Skinny Dip 

Summit Music Hall

LazerDisk Party Sex
Coyote Kisses

Coyote Kisses – Acid Wolfpack + Galactic Love Song : Must Hear Electronic / Dubstep / Bass Music

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Today I’ve got some insane bass filled tracks that sound unlike any other. It’s from the duo Coyote Kisses who brought the MASSIVE Star Wars – Binary Sun remix, also posted below. They fuse a certain melodic element with hard hitting bass in such a way that my ears can’t get enough. I’ve seen these guys play a twice now, they had a lot of energy and were really fun to watch. We had them at our Ultra late night party in Miami, can’t wait to see the video. The first track Acid Wolfpack has been floating around online awhile, we posted it when it was a free download, but just recently got released onto Beatport to the DJ community alongside Galactic Love Song. These are both must hear, and if you like them, purchase them through Beatport. Turn em up, enjoy! UPDATE: Colorado fans stay tuned for details on a TSIS show bringing them to Denver in May!

Coyote Kisses – Acid Wolfpack

Coyote Kisses – Galactic Love Song (Ft. Elliot Evins)

Star Wars – Binars Suns (Coyote Kisses Remix) | Direct Download

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Thissongissick and PLM Present An Ultra Music Festival Late Night Party in Miami featuring A Stacked Lineup!

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Alright so almost all of you probably heard about the MASSIVE Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida at the end of March. Well we are going to be down in Miami, and are helping throw an after party with a stacked lineup. We are going to be taking over two room at Mekka, having acts playing back and forth the the entire night. It’s going to crazy time you really don’t want to miss with some special guests.

In the first room we’ve got almost the entire Pretty Lights Music cast of artists including Gramatik, Paper Diamond, Break Science, Paul Basic, Michal Menert and a Secret Guest Performance. Then in the second room we’ve got Adventure Club, Griz, The M Machine, Coyote Kisses, Ana Sia, Vibesquad.

Because this is such an epic event with a stacked lineup, tickets are going to sell out fast, like Ultra.

Buy Tickets Here

Official Facebook Event Here 


Star Wars – Jedi Theme (Coyote Kisses Remix) : Amazing Electro House Remix of Star Wars Soundtrack

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Today I’ve got a track that is going to get the Star Wars fans stoked, and non Star Wars fans will still rage just as hard, because this song is so damn sick. They take the Jedi Theme (composed by John Williams) and pump it full of electronic goodness. It’s got an retro 80′s meets modern filthy bass vibe that works very well. The entire track sounds so different and unlike any other electro house track I’ve ever heard. Turn it up, enjoy!

John Williams (Star Wars) – Binary Suns (Coyote Kisses Remix) | Direct Download




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