Deadmau5 To Perform Free Show For Fans

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Iconic producer / DJ Deadmau5 has never been one to shy away from controversy (having a track record a mile long of infamous call outs with everyone from Tiesto to Ultra Music Festival), but Joel still has a faithful following and worldwide recognition for his massive contributions for propelling electronic music to the heights. Deadmau5 recently took to Twitter after a show in Miami to declare war against the "trust fund kids"  who disallowed his true fans from experiencing his music at Mansion on NYD. He even went as far to say he wouldn't play anymore Miami nightclubs in the future. This bold statement prompted the owner of Space Miami to offer to cover Deadmau5 wages in order to put on a free show at one of their venues. After weeks of waiting, it looks like the show is a 100% free show with ticket registration taking place January 28th and the show schedule on February 15th from 10pm – 5am. Say what you want about Deadmau5, but a free show of this caliber is a pretty boss move and will surely be something to not miss if you live in the area of anywhere, or able to travel. Enjoy

Deadmau5 – Free Show At Ice Palace (Miami) | Ticket Registration Here


deadmau5 Previews Haunting New Unreleased Song ‘Gula’ Filled With Piano and Electro Elements

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deadmau5 with "Gula" Cheese

deadmau5 is back again after following up his seven song piano only  7 EP  was released for stream the same day he left Twitter. Now we get another brand new rendition of deadmau5′ recent piano fascination with a track titled ‘Gula’. He labels the genre “7step” for this new release; letting the piano elements shine through while smashing gritty electro kicks and synths. The song is unpredictable to say the least and captures a certain minimalistic approach that’s refreshing to hear. Thoughts on where deadmau5 is going with this new sound?

deadmau5 – Gula

 Update: Deadmau5 releases updated version of the track hours later totalling 13 minutes.

deadmau5 Releases 7 New Song EP as He Leaves Twitter

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deadmau5 has just announced his departure from Twitter, and this has let loose a powerful 7 song EP of sorts titled ’7′ with each song correlating with one of the 7 deadly sins. All 7 of the songs are a complete change of pace featuring primarily Piano lines and some lite ambient sounds to compliment. Do not expect your typical mau5 when listening. Also it seems very surprising that deadmau5 would leave Twitter so abruptly considering how large of a role the social service has played in forming his fanbase over the past few years. Listen to these 7 songs below. Share any thoughts you might have on why deadmau5 left Twitter and released this surprising 7 song release.

The Seven Sins are as follows:

avaritia (greed)
acedia (sloth/discouragement)
gula (gluttony)
invidia (envy)

ira (wrath)
luxuria (lust)

superbia (pride)

Deadmau5 – 7

deadmau5 – We Are Friends Vol. 2 Album Featuring New Original Songs [FULL ALBUM STREAM]

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deadmau5 and his Mau5trap drop off his latest release We Are Friends Vol. 2 compilation album featuring new original tracks from himself and a friends the mau5 has hand picked, you can now stream the entire thing below and pre-order your copy through iTunes. The album features the new Deadmau5 tracks ‘Suckfest9001′ and ‘Your Ad Here’ that we got to first preview earlier this year. We also get some other new originals from some of his more underground producer friends Kairo Kingdom, Al Bizzare, James Njie, Heat Maxwell, Eekkoo, BSOD and Aron H. It’s a great journey all the way throughout. Stream the entire thing below and if you Pre-Order your copy through iTunes today, you will get a free copy of ‘Suckfest9001′. Also don’t miss Deadmau5′s recently previewed ‘Drop The Poptart’ track.

deadmau5 – We Are Friend Vol. 2 | Pre-Order iTunes

Follow deadmau5 through Twitter

Source: Rolling Stone

Deadmau5 – “Drop The Poptart” : Incredible New Vocal Song Preview

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Deadamau5 New Song

Deadmau5 teases with yet another sample of his upcoming new album with ‘Drop The Poptart’. This is after teasing us with anticipation as he hyped up the vocals via Twitter during the day, and now after getting our ears on it, the hype is real. Listen to this preview filled with some mesmerizing vocals from Colleen Moreaux and unreal synths. You will have to abuse the replay til the Mau5 drops us a full version.

Also all our New York fans, Deadmau5 is going to be coming to Long Island for New Years Eve, Read More Here

Deadmau5 – Drop The Poptart | Preview

[BREAKING NEWS] deadmau5 to Play New York for New Years Eve : Venue and Ticket Details

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Deadmau5 New Years Eve New York City 2014

Everyone’s favorite rodent Deadmau5 has announced a very special New Years Eve performance in the home of the Big Apple on December 31st. Deadmau5 is well-known throughout the music community for his one of a kind audio productions and plans on showcasing a new set of mind-blowing visuals at Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York on the big night. TSIS will keep you updated on more details as they come in and be sure to grab tickets to see Deadmau5 on NYE as soon as possible; as they will most likely be going quickly.

Tickets will be available on Thursday, November 7th at 12pm EST at

Deadmau5 | Date: 12/31/2013 | Venue Name: Nassau Coliseum | Ticket On Sale: 11/7 at 12pm EST


Deadmau5 Unveils His New Futuristic DJ Touch Controller Software with Microsoft

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Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 9.57.06 AM

As electronic music evolves into new frontiers almost every day, so does the technology producers/DJs use to not only create music but use during live performances. Deadmau5 has always been a bit of a software geek when it comes to utilizing a number of state of the art equipment for his productions. He recently unveiled a video of a new custom touch screen DJ Controller / Producer software device that Deadmau5 worked on with Microsoft. Though this is just a preview of the new device, that we are sure to hear about a lot more in the next few months. Check out the video and imagine the possibilities below.

Deadmau5 Partners with Microsoft to Unveil Custom Touch Screen Software


Flo Rida Re-Ignites Feud With Deadmau5 by Bashing His Mau5 Head in New “Beamz” Commercial

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deadmau5-beamz-flo ridea-feud

It looks like the feud between Deadmau5 (one of electronic music’s biggest voices) and Flo Rida (an artist known for cashing in on copying others sounds) has taken another entertaining turn. A few weeks ago, Deadmau5 publicly bashed the hip-hop star for unveiling a new product called ‘Beamz By Flo’ (watch the official commercial here). This shameful “state-of-the-art musical instrument” enables people of all ages and skill levels to have fun creating and playing music. While filming his “Coffee Run” series, Deadmau5 displayed what he really thinks of Flo Rida’s new marketing gimmick.


With back and forth exchanges between the two parties occurring over Twitter, it seemed that things had at least settled down for the time being.  That is until today when Deadmau5 discovered the latest official promotional video by Beamz & Flo Rida that not only takes a cheap shot at the producer, but uses his likeness and trademark “mau5 head” without his consent. Seems like the Mau5 might actually be looking to take legal action based on his tweets. (More below the video)



Deadmau5 releases more new music including four amazing completed songs ‘Avaritia’, ‘Phantoms Can’t Hang’, and ‘Creep’

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Deadmau5 Halloween

Deadmau5 has been on a tyrant of uploading new music as usual over the past few days, some still in progress but four complete songs that sound amazing. ‘Phantoms Can’t Hang’ is an epic 9 minute long journey that is one of the most impressive tracks I have heard in quite some time from the Mau5. It packs quite a few unexpected turns and is crying for an awesome music video. The latest upload is titled ‘Avaritia’ and packs an abrupt drop and moves to a progressive gritty groove. We also get his long awaited 5 year the in the process ‘Creep’, and an updated version aptly titled ‘Creep 2K13′. With all these new tracks we can definitely expect a full album in the next few months. Stream and enjoy for now.

Deadmau5 – Phantoms Can’t Hang

Deadmau5 – Avaritia

Deadmau5 – Creep

Deadmau5 – Creep 2K13

Watch: Deadmau5 takes Pharrell for hilarious 35 minute Coffee Break Interview

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Deadmau5 follows up his entertaining Coffee Break interview with Zedd (watch the Zedd Coffee Break here), this time taking critically acclaimed hip-hop / electronic producer Pharrell for a journey to Tim Horton’s. We get the entire journey totalling in just under 35 minutes, getting to see a more humanistic side of both artists. They touch on Notorious B.I.G., Electric Cars, Family Life, working hard as kid and more. Should we be getting our hopes up for a potential collaboration between both this artists? Enjoy.

Watch: Deadmau5 – Coffee Run! ft. Zedd : Hilarious Video Interview from Deadmau5

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Deadmau5 takes Zedd on an entertaining “Coffee Break!” car ride while interviewing him.  He brings up questions about Zedd’s nationwide Clarity Tour that he has recently kicked off. Zedd also will not encouraging Deadmau5 to bring his iconic Mau5 head to his concert that evening. Zedd and Joel even comically discuss the writer of the lyrics for his song “Shave It”. We also get some typical backhanded Deadmau5 remarks slipped in the mix about Drake, Paramore and Avicii.

The video adds a very humanizing quality to both incredible producer / DJ’s. Hopefully Deadmau5 is serious and does continue this Coffee Break interview series.

Deadmau5 previews more incredible Unreleased songs “petspetspetspetspetspetspetspetsPETSpets” and “Sparrows Made Of Lead” and more

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Deadmau5 has been releasing more previews via soundcloud of unreleased and sometimes in progress songs from his new album, and now finally get to hear 3 tracks that sound like potential album songs. The first and newest track he just dropped less then 4 hours ago “petspetspetspetspetspetspetspetsPETSpets” sounds like a rebirth to his insanely melodic anthem”Strobe” filled with mesmerizing synths. Next up we have “Sparrows Made Of Lead”, which is an 8 minute cinematic journey that reminding me of some more old school Deadmau5 with his song “Sometimes Things Get Complicated”. Then we get “Errors In My Head” which is another great track which Deadmau5 has temporarily included the vocals from his remix to Kaskad “I Remember”. Overall it seems like Deadmau5 is moving to some of his older roots, and I couldn’t be any more supportive. These are easily some of my favorite tracks I have heard him make in quite some time. Listen below and we will keep you posted on news on anything to do with release. Enjoy. 

Deadmau5 - petspetspetspetspetspetspetspetsPETSpets

Deadmau5 – Sparrows Made Of Lead

Deadmau5 – Errors In My Head



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