The Knocks – Classic (feat. Powers) : Must Hear Summertime Disco-House Original

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If the latest original release from breakout NYC producer duo The Knocks doesn't scream summertime playlist addition, than we aren't sure what will as the guys behind recent hits like the collaboration "Get Down 2 Get Up" with fellow colleague Mat Zo and "Move Me" are back at it again! The disco-house vibes are oozing out from everywhere on "Classic", the first single from their upcoming debut album ENDISCO dropping this fall. Its chill vibes are transparent throughout as a sultry melody is further enhanced by a beautiful set of vocals provided by emerging songstress Powers. You won't be able to stop playing this track after the first listen and you can grab a digital download of the release come August 12th! Enjoy

The Knocks – Classic (feat. Powers) | iTunes Pre-Order

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Coldplay – Midnight (Giorgio Moroder Remix) : Refreshing Must Hear Disco Remix

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Coldplay - Midnight (Giorgio Moroder Remix) artwork

Coldplay's new single "Midnight" has been remixed by none other then 73 year old synth disco pioneer Giorgio Moroder. After most the world discovering him through his feature with "Giorgio by Moroder" on Dance Punk's monumental Random Access Memories album; the producer and now DJ has been playing out live sets across the world and releasing more of his own productions and now even remixes. He's taken the smooth indie single and given it a refreshing stripped down disco house spin that tastefully highlights the original vocals and piano line. This remix is now available to purchase through iTunes and stream the full thin below. Enjoy!, but you can stream it in full below and pre-order the original through iTunes today. Enjoy!

Coldplay – Midnight (Giorgio Moroder Remix) | iTunes

ZZ Ward – 365 Days (Jerry Folk Remix) : Indie / Disco Remix [Free Download]

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zz ward_365 days

Norwegian's sure know to bring chill infectious vibes to other artists compositions as up and coming 18 year old producer Jerry Folk showcases his talents with a new refreshing remix. Supplying a disco house feel to ZZ Ward's indie / blues single "365 Days", the restructured melody with a dash of funk compliments the powerful set of lyrics well and will have you grooving wherever you may be. Stream the remix below and grab yourself a free download for on the go. Enjoy 

ZZ Ward – 365 Days (Jerry Folk Remix) | Free Download

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Perseus Releases Must Hear New House / R&B Single ‘Shadow of the Beast’ Ft. Ashanti & Cassie [Free Download]

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Perseus French Express Records

Perseus, founder of French Express Records, has let loose an incredible new original ‘Shadow of the Beast’ after a long hiatus from releasing music. The track meshes R&B and House like never before; creating a silky smooth ride that will have you moving. Perseus drops in some vocals from Ashanti and Cassie to set the mood, while the spacey drum and synths patterns make you feel some kind of way. The song is unforgettable and gets us excited for more original Perseus tracks on the horizon. Stream the song and grab the free download below.

Perseus – Shadow of the Beast | Free Download

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Bondax release music video for new single “Giving It All” : House / Disco / R&B

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UK based duo Bondax are someone you should keep a close eye on, as they have been they have been attracting quite a fanbase with their unique blend of disco, house and R&B, and have been turning heads worldwide with their sets this summer. Bondax will be following up their smash hit “Gold” with their highly anticipated ‘Giving It All’ coming today with full music video treatment and pre-order. The song packs their signature blend of house, disco and R&B for a unique sound pushing the boundaries of what you think of house music. Watch the video above and pre-order the song before it comes out on September 21st.

Bondax – Giving It All | Pre-Order 

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Bee Gees – Tragedy (Forever Kid Remix) : Funky Electro House [Free Download]

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Say hello to new Swedish to LA based electronic producers under the duo known as Forever Kid with their remix to “Tragedy” from Bee Gees. They transform it into what they refer as a “Funky Dance House” remix, which sounds like electro house meets a live funk influence. Whatever you’d like to call it, it works very well and features a great use of the classic vocals. Grab the free download.

Bee Gees – Tragedy (Forever Kid Remix) | Direct Download

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Skream releases unreal debut disco single “Rollercoaster” feat. Sam Frank with music video

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One of the pioneers of the genre dubstep, London based Skream just released his debut disco single “Rollercoaster” featuring the vocals of fellow London based Sam Frank and it is amazing.  He delivers a smash of a dance track that’s infectious from the beginning and will having you wish it never ended. He releases the song with a clever very fitting music video including a “Disco Comet” packing a surprise at the end.

Skream has made a bold shift from Dubstep to Disco over the past year, playing unstoppable pure disco sets for months, so it was only time before we heard an original from him. He proves that he is so much more than a “dubstep artist”, but in fact an incredible producer capable of many genres and sounds. You will have to replay this video as we are getting teased with the official single release date not being till October 27th. Pre-Orders are available now so you don’t forget.

Skream – Rollercoaster feat. Sam Frank | Pre-Order

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Madeon unleashes incredible new single “Technicolor” available now

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The aspiring 19 year old French producer / DJ Madeon unleashes his latest incredible new single “Technicolor”. It’s been months since his last single and it lives up to the hype. The song manages pack his signature blend of groove filled disco vibes with the harder gritty electro house edge. The song is now available through Beatport and a music video will be coming soon. Enjoy!

Madeon – Technicolor | Purchase song Here

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Kavinsky – Odd Look (Ft. The Weeknd) : Must Hear Electro House / Disco House Collaboration

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French electronic musical visionary Kavinsky just recruited The Weeknd for an official new version of his single “Odd Look” off this years OutRun album. Apart of the Odd Look EP, we get 2 other new versions off his single “Odd Look” also featuring A-Trak and Surkin. The result is french fueled disco house meets electro house heater that collides perfectly with the unstoppable lead vocals from Abel Tesfaye. This 3 song EP also is now available to purchase on Vinyl. Enjoy!

Kavinsky – Odd Look (Ft. The Weeknd) | Purchase Vinyl

[TSIS PREMIERE] SAVOY drops “Colorado Mix” filled with Summer Disco House / Electro House [Free Download]

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Live electronic group Savoy based out of New York are set to return to their home state of Colorado and headline Global Dance Festival at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater this Saturday and to celebrate have made an hour long “Colorado Mix” ranging from all forms of house including some disco and electro. The mix really takes you on a musical journey that couldn’t be more fit for summer. It features their entire new Three Against Nature EP as well as a bunch of tracks I had never heard. Grab the download, enjoy!

Savoy – Colorado Mix | Direct Download

Colorado Fans Artist Meet & Greet Info:

Savoy will be having a special Artist Meet & Greet at the This Song Is Sick Booth at Global Dance Festival at the top of the venue by the second stage from 8:00pm – 9:00pm on Saturday July 20th.



Goldroom – Only You Can Show Me ft. Mereki Beach (The Knocks Remix) : Nu-Disco / House [Free Download]

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As the weather continues to get better the sun themed tunes start to roll out. Today I’ve got a fresh House / Nu-Disco remix from The Knocks  of “Only You Can Show Me” by LA producer Goldroom featuring vocals from Mereki Beach. The result is an smooth upbeat summer hit that will get you in that beach state of mind. Enjoy the free download compliments of the group, and it is also available through iTunes.

Goldroom – Only You Can Show Me ft. Mereki Beach (The Knocks Remix) | Direct Download | iTunes

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Madeon – Triple J Mix : 30 Minutes featuring 46 Songs

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Madeon offers up his fast paced mixing skills for another impressive mix, this time at Triple J show for Nin Las Vegas’s show. As he says it’s “a snapshot of the music that’s been exciting me as a DJ recently, ranging from electro to disco-ish stuff.”. He leaves us with an exciting mix showcasing a great mix of all electronic worlds. Don’t wait  any longer, enjoy!

Madeon – Triple J Mix | Direct Download

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Oliver – Mechanical EP : Electro House / Indie Dance / Disco EP [Fools Gold]

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For those of you not yet aquanited with the sounds of the funky duo Oliver, get ready for an unforgettable ride. This impressive duo made up of California based Oligee and Vancouver electronic producer U-Tern and the two have just released the Mechanical EP on Fool’s Gold Records, featuring 4 impressive groove packed songs. “MYB” and “Control” are electro house paced bangers with their unique disco twist. “Night On My Mind” comes in a bass charged Nu-Disco / Indie Dance weapon that will give your speakers a work out. The title track “Mechaninal” ends the release with a epic spacey anthem that manges to carry out a smooth flavor . We have been lucky enough to stream the entire EP for your listening pleasure below. Please support this dope duo by purchasing the release for through Beatport and ituunes. Enjoy!

Oliver – Mechanical EP | BeatportiTunes

Oliver – MYB

Oliver – Night On My Mind

Oliver – Control

Oliver – Mechanical

TheFatRat – TheRatNest (January 2013 Edition) + Original Song “Splinter” (Preview) : Electronic Mix + Heaviest Song He Has Ever Created

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TheFatRat is no new name to This Song Is Sick, from his remixes to his TheRatNest series, his funky disco flavored electro house is always refreshing. Today we have the latest installment of his exciting TheRatNest series, which is incredible as expected. On top of this, we also get to hear a small teaser sample of his newest original dubstep single “Splinter” which is coming out on the presigous Spinnin’ Records. This track is so MASSIVE, packed with so much bass. Look back here for the TSIS premiere of the full stream of the song on January 19th, and look out for the full release of the song through Beatport on Spinnin Records on January 25th. Enjoy!

TheFatRat – TheRatNest (January Edition) | Direct Download


TheFatRat – Splinter (Preview)

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TheRatNest Tracklist After the Jump Read more »




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