Datsik – Let It Burn Part Two LP (Free Album) : Huge Dubstep / Bass Album [Free Download]

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Datsik just unleashed his latest full project with the Let It Burn Vol Two LP which is available today for free download and for purchase via iTunes and Beatport.  This is after we got to preview the song ‘Athena’. The release features primarily dubstep tunes with a single track in the drum & bass, electro house and a hip-hop genres to mix things up. He has really perfect his trippy yet aggressive brand of bass music. Grab the free download or pick up your copy through Beatport and iTunes. Enjoy.

Datsik – Let It Burn Part Two LP | Free Download | Beatport

Chance the Rapper – Acid Rap (Mixtape / Album) : Chill Hip-Hop [Free Download]

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Rising Chicago rapper Chance the Rapper drops off a huge free album / mixtape Acid Rap. We got to preview the amazing “Acid Rain” and “Smoke Again (ft. Ab-Soul)” It packs 13 tracks with some features from Childish Gambino, Action Bronson, Ab-Soul and more. The production is consistently solid, with a lot of tracks from hip-hop producer Jake One. He has a unique flow that really grows on you. This mixtape is great all the way through showing various sides of Chance as an artists. Don’t waste anymore time and grab this entire tape, for free. Enjoy!

Chance the Rapper – Acid Rap (Mixtape / Album) | Direct Download

Jon Bellion – Translations Through Speakers (Album) : Indie / Hip-Hop / Pop [Free Download] [TSIS SPONSORED]

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The diverse singer, song-writer and producer, Jon Bellion has just let loose his debut album Translations Through Speakers completely for free sponsored by TSIS. We got to sample the release with a collection of music videos including: The Wonder Years, Dead Man Walking, LIFE and Paper Planes. The album features 6 new songs, making 10 completely original tracks that are 100% written, produced, and even recorded by Jon himself. The near genre defying artist has a fresh pop core with strong hip-hop and indie influences all culminating for a his own defined catchy sound. Further diversifying his sound is the urban vibe carried out in the strong drums of his productions. With each song you can further see how versatile of an artist Jon is; leading us to believe this the start of a very bright future. Be glad you jumped on the train first. Enjoy the entire very impressive free album download, thanks to Jon and Visionary Music Group.

Jon Bellion – Translations Through Speakers | Download

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MiM0SA – Future Trill (Free Album) : Trap / Hip-Hop / Glitch / Bass Music [Free Download]

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Tigran Mimosa aka MiM0SA has just unleashed the latest full length 21 track free album Future Trill. This genre bending free album incorporates his newer trap and hip-hop influences, while bringing in his downtempo glitchy side. The single we got to preview the release with “SWRV” represents his own progressive take on trap music. He manages to convey a certain level of sexy emotion into his productions unlike anyone else. There were a few stand out favorites for me like the bass heavy bangers “Beast” and “Rollin Up”, as well as the down tempo “Moving On”. Preview part of the album before and enjoy the free download. Strap yourselves for a musical journey. We have picked out a handful of our favorites cuts off the record, but would recommend grabbing the whole release, for free. Turn this up, enjoy.

MiM0SA – Future Trill (Free Album) | Direct DownloadAlternate Download



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G-Eazy – Must Be Nice (Full Album) : Must Hear Fresh Hip-Hop Album [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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G-Eazy, the 50′s sampling rapper with that James Dean swag is back with the release of his latest free album / mixtape “Must Be Nice”. It’s 10 tracks with incredible production by G-Eazy himself, and his smooth unique flow. It features a few music videos and songs we’ve posted like  “Plastic Dreams” and “Marilyn” his collab with Hoodie Allen “Lady Killers”. The rest of the release is just is good, also featuring another collaboration with Mod Sun for the smoke anthem “Stay High”. Check out the whole album, and either download for free below, or pick it up through iTunes. Enjoy!

G-Eazy – Must Be Nice (Full Album) | Direct Download | HulkshareiTunes

G-Eazy – Stay High (Ft. Mod Sun) | Download

G-Eazy – Loaded (Ft. Dj Carnage) | Download

The Kings Dead – Jerusalem (Album): Full Free Hip-Hop Album (Formerly The Dean’s List) [TSIS SPONSORED]

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The Kings Dead, formerly The Dean’s List have reformed and created a more mature sound, releasing a few singles, all leading up to the release of their debut new album Jerusalem. The incorporate countless different styles and have some amazing production with some rapping with lyrics a little more substantial then college parties. We couldn’t be more happy to have sponsored this release for free download, on top of it being on for sale on iTunes. Every single song is a journey, touching on some different topics. We picked out a few favorite tracks, but defintely don’t miss the entire thing. Enjoy!

The Kings Dead – Jerusalem (Entire Album) | Datpiff Download

The Kings Dead - Mighty California

The Kings Dead - Not For Me

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GRiZ – Mad Liberation (Album) : Must Hear Full Electro Soul / Dubstep / Future Funk Free Album

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It is finally here.. Mad Liberation has arrived. The free debut true album from Michigan to Colorado electronic prodigy GRiZ. This 12 track album spanning from hard hitting dubstep to emotion filled electro soul to straight funk and so many more styles for a genre potpourri that is more then jaw dropping. He mixes sampling classic vinyl with recording some fresh live instruments, even with a cameo from Dominic Lalli from Big Gigantic on “Mr. B”. The unbeleviable fusion of soul / funkI haven’t heard the passion of soul and funk mixed with such brutal and intricate electronic sounds so seamlessly since Pretty Lights. Grant Kwiecinski aka GRiZ believes in some of our principles here at Thissongissick that music should be free and spread around. I’ve seen Grant quickly become one of the most buzzed about artists in the past year to creating one of the best releases of the year. Please do yourself a favor and download the entire album, there is something for everyone. We’ve been waiting for this one for awhile.. No more talking, enjoy!

GRiZ – Mad Liberation | Direct Download | Download from MynameisGRiZ.com

GRiZ – Blastaa | Direct Download

GRiZ – Mr. B (Featuring Dominic Lalli) | Direct Download

GRiZ – Wonder Why | Direct Download

GRiZ – See You Again | Direct Download

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OWSLA Presents Free Treats Vol. 2 (Album) : 19 Bass Filled Tracks from Skrillex, 12th Planet, Alvin Risk, The M Machine, Two Fresh, and More

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It’s always great to see succecful aritsts that can sell tons of records and singles and still give away a ton of free music. Skrillex’s label OWSLA has picked out some real sick new music from 19 different artists, some you already know, and a ton of new names. It’s all got the OWSLA hard hitting edge throughout. It features some more popular hard hitting names like 12th Planet and Alvin Risk, as well some fresh newer names that we’ve featured on the site like Stratus and Two Fresh. The album certainly ranges from the heaviest possible dubstep to some more club friendly electro tracks. I’ve gone through and picked out some of my favorite tracks to start the post off with, but defintely give the whole thing a listen, especially for all the heavy dubstep fans. Download it individually or as an entire zip below. Turn it up, enjoy!

Nick Thayer – Wake Up Call | Direct Download

Stratus – All For This | Direct Download

Child In Disguise – The Drifter | Direct Download

Porter Robinson – Vandalism (12th Planet Remix) | Direct Download

The M Machine – No Fun Intended | Direct Download

Zardonix & Bare Noize – Kill the Silence | Direct Download

Two Fresh – Leaving Here | Direct Download

OWSLA Presents Free Treats Vol. 2 (Free Album) |Direct Download: Part 1 | Part 2


I.O.U. – LO<3, Great. Humans… : Chill Hip Hop Album with Great Samples

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I just finished listening to Love,Great.Humans… and I must say that it’s diverse. The 16 song album is primarily Hip – Hop, with some electronic music and R & B Thrown in. Each song is different, and no two are very similar. There are songs for every occasion on this album. there are chill songs, serious songs, up-beat and even some party songs. The beats show almost as much diversity as the rapping, with original production, and vast sampling sampling of artitsts like Bob Marley and Ed Sheerhan to name a few. It takes a few listens to really appreciate the diversity of this record. Download this entire free album and enjoy!

I.O.U. – LO<3, Great. Humans… (Full Album) | Direct Download | Hulkshare

I.O.U. – Free | Direct Download

I.O.U. – That Bob Marley Song (Feat. Bob Marley) | Direct Download

I.O.U. – Sabotage | Direct Download

I.O.U. – Angel (feat. Ed Sheerhan) | Direct Downoad

Kraddy – Anthems Of The Hero : Hard Hitting New Electronic Album With A Classic Rock Feel

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As a founding member of the Glitch Mob, Kraddy helped with the groups early success. He decided to go at it solo with the hit Android Porn and later the full album Labyrinth. The producer stays true to his style on this one, while trying out a ton of new things.  Anthems Of The Hero is an electronic album with some classic rock influences. For this album he brought in live drummer and guitarist Jon Theodore and Cody Votolato, together they recorded the guitar and synths onto tape and then ran the samples through Pro Tools to get a unique sound that is influenced by Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. The creation of heavy electronic music with a classic rock vibe is awesome and epic at times. Anthems Of A Hero Covers a range of musical styles with chill songs, bangers, and everything in between. This is a great album to listen to all the way through. Pop it in the deck and enjoy!

Kraddy – Anthems Of The Hero (Full Album .Zip) | Direct Download | Hulkshare

Kraddy – Iron Man | Direct Download

Kraddy – Holy Avenger | Direct Download

Kraddy – Bare Bones | Direct Download

Kenton Dunson – Creative Destruction 2 : Must Hear New Chill Hip Hop Mixtape

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Who doesn’t love another quality hip hop free album. Well today say hello to Creative Destruction 2 by Kenton Dunson. It’s  a great chill, passionate, soulful hip hop album. It’s got som great production ranging from almost every instrument, while every song keeping a real organic feel. Then on top of it Kenton delivers some great vocals, lyrics, and overall just some great vibes. This album is perfect for summer, relaxing, working, or just living life, it’s just good music. It’s one of the albums like Macklemore’s V.S. where it’s hard to believe that it’s free. Well download this whole thing, check out a few tracks. Enjoy!

Download the Entire Kenton Dunson – Creative Destruction 2 | Mediafire Download | Hulkshare Download

Kenton Dunson – Face Off | Direct Download

Kenton Dunson – Rolling Stone ft. Garret Anderson | Direct Download

Check Out More Kenton Dunson through Official Facebook Here




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