World Premiere: Slaptop – Sunrise (Original Mix) : Summer Soaked Chill House

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Let's kick off a new week by putting the spotlight on a newcomer based out of the San Francisco, CA area by the name of Slaptop and his funky dance ready debut single "Sunrise" on new label Ensemble Records. Filled to the brim with a cluster of melodic elements such as subtle drum and xylophone patterns, sexy saxophone solo's, and lyrics that bring chill vibes to the production. It's every bit as engaging as the title suggest and will have you hitting the replay button repetitively. Catch the world premiere below and pre-order the song on iTunes below. Enjoy

Slaptop – Sunrise (Original Mix) | iTunes

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[PREMIERE] Boombox – Waiting Around : Chill Electronic Indie Single

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The live band / DJ hybrid duo Boombox are back with their latest original single following up ‘Lost Ya’ from earlier this year. ‘Waiting Around’ is a funky electronic indie single that is sure to put you in a good mood. It is the first single off the group’s new album Filling in the Color set to release January 14th. This song incorporates a large amount of live band elements from guitar solos to horns leaving us with a jam inspired twist  reminding me of The Grateful Dead, which isn’t surprising with Guitar / Lead Vocalist Zion of Boombox being the son of two members from the group (Keith and Donna Jean Godchauxt). You can listen to the exclusive stream below. Enjoy.

Boombox – Waiting Around  | Pre-order (Available Jan. 14th 2014)

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Anddrop! – Pow Wow (Original Mix) : Funky Electro House Original [Free Download] [TSIS PREMIERE]

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Say hello to Anddrop!, a DJ duo who has been tranplanted from Cape Town, South Africa to the bay area and been making some great productions. Their sound is the culmination of years experimentation leavin us with a funky spin on electro house. Fresh off releasing their latest EP they wanted to pass out an exciting free track, “Pow Wow”, a funky flavored electro house original with catch melody that will sneak up on you.

They also just recently dropped a 3-track Boogaloo EP featuring 3 experiemental electro house tracks which got released through Beatport. They have been nice enough for us to stream the whole thing below.  Enjoy!

Anddrop! – Pow Wow (Original Mix)  | Facebook Download | Alternate Download

Anddrop! – Boogaloo EP | Beatport

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Sibot – Magnet Jam EP : African Bass Music / Glitch-Hop [Jeffrees] [Free Download]

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Mad Decent and their new free Jeffree’s Record Label never dissapoint. Starting with the monumental Total Recall EP from Flosstradamus they have been on a hot streak with free and paid releases easily establishing themselves as one of the most diverse labels ever created. This new Magnet Jam EP is from Sibot and packs 3 incredible songs. He is based out of Africa and has done work for Die Antwoord which somewhat will give you an idea of his funky style. The first track “Magnet Jam” is an eerie funk filled glitch heavy bass BANGER that hits in all the right places. “No Question” takes you in a completely different direction with some crazy synths and wobbles. Then the last track “Tronarist” has a unique almost 80′s dance throwback flair to it, yet with Sibot’s agressive bass packed edge. All three make for an impressive EP, and for most of us a proper introduction to what Sibot is packing. Mad Decent always coming through.  Please grab all three of these songs, turn them up, follow Sibot through his pages, enjoy!

Sibot – Magnet Jam EP | Download EP

Sibot – Magnet Jam | Direct Download

Sibot – No Question | Direct Download

Sibot – Tronarist | Direct Download

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[TSIS EXCLUSIVE] HeRobust – Screw Loose [EP] + WalMartian: Must Hear Bass Heavy Funky Glitch Hop EP + Free Download

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HeRobust, the insane producer from Atlanta won’t stop making music. We featured a few of his dirty remixes to LudacrisSame Damn Time and his 2pac & Notorious B.I.G. Glitch BANGER, and now we get a 5 song of straight funky glitch-hop heat. Each track has such smooth funky energy, with a crunchy glitch kick that will make you move your body in new ways. Every single track is so dope. To make it better we even got the exclusive download of ‘WalMartian’ off the EP.. one of my favorites off the release. Turn this up, enjoy the free track and pick up the EP through Beatport and iTunes!

HeRobust – WalMartian | Direct Download

HeRobust – Screw Loose [EP] | iTunes | Beatport

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GRiZ – Smash the Funk + Album Release Date : Must Hear Future Funk / Electro Soul / Glitch Hop

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Mad Liberation Out for Free September 4th

Damn, I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time.. GRiZ.. the past Michigan resident who has made his way to Boulder has finally announced that his Mad Liberation album will be coming out September 4th for free. TSIS has been following this talented 22 year old producer ever since we posted his his MASSIVE remix of Aerosmith’s “Dream On”. This is the last single off of Mad Liberation to come out before it drops next week. There isn’t an official tracklist, but I believe that “The Future Is Now” and “Where Is The Love” are on the album as well. This track “Smash the Funk” is a future funk /groovestep bass heavy BANGER. It starts off with a dancey funk break which immedately picks up some energy with a little bass. It then moves it then builds up more and more energy until the bass finally comes crashing in complete with his eerie high pitched synths. The track has soul and emotion, yet capturing a modern crunchy edge.. to form GRiZ’s distinct flavor. Turn up the bass, get ready for September 4th, this looks to be one of the biggest releases of the year. Enjoy!

GRiZ – Smash the Funk | Direct Download

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Don’t forget GRiZ is playing Rowdytown at Red Rocks presented by featuring Big Gigantic, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Dillon Francis!!

[TSIS PREMIERE] KOAN Sound – Sly Fox [OWSLA] : Must Hear Funky Glitch Hop BANGER

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Funky is an understatemen for KOAN Sound, the massive duo from Bristol, UK that have been signed to Skrillex’s OWSLA label. Well the duo we can’t get enough of are dropping their latest EP titled The Adventures of Mr. Fox on OWSLA on September 4th. To hook up our fans we got the exclusive download of the track ‘Sly Fox’ off the EP before it drops. This track is vey funky, has a smooth intro, then packs a punch to that distinct brand of KOAN Sound bass. Turn this up, don’t miss the EP when it drops, enjoy!

KOAN Sound – Sly Fox | Direct Download

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Zedd – Spectrum (Feat. Mathew Koma) : Must Hear Electro Song

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Zedd, the German beast of a producer is back with a new anthem, this time creating an electro house BANGER with some catchy funky synth lines that will make you throw this track on repeat. Zedd really does an incredible job taking this hard hitting edge and giving it a funky new flavor. If this is where Zedd is headed I can’t wait for more. Turn this track up, enjoy the temporary rip to tide you over until it actually gets released. Enjoy!

Zedd – Spectrum (Fea. Mathew Koma) | Direct Download

Purchase All of Zedd through Beatport Here

Don’t Miss Zedd’s Mothership Vol. 2 Mix Here

Manic Focus – Definition of the Rhythm (Album) (320 Version) : Must Hear Electronic / Dubstep / Groove Album with Great Sampling [TSIS SPONSORED]

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Today I’m stoked to bring you another sponsored release, and we only sponsor musi that we want to make sure everybody hears. It’s the latest release from Manic Focus, one of my favorite new producers. It’s a newly remastered higher quality 320 bit rate version of Defintition of the Rhythm, sponsored by Thissongissick and Grassroots. This newcomer from Minnesota has a sound that combines a bassy edge with a groovy vibe, simliar to the Pretty Lights vibe. Some of the tracks hit a little harder then others, but they all have a funky groove that gets you moving. I love the choice of samples on here ranging Outkast to Tom Petty, and everything in between. He does a great job at sampling all parts of the songs, instead of just the vocals. It was extremely hard to pick out a few tracks to sample, so grab the entire album here and just listen to all the way through, trust me. Turn it up, looking forward to more Manic Focus, enjoy!

Manic Focus – That ThanG | Download

Manic Focus – Skydiving | Download

Manic Focus – One More Whiskey | Download

Manic Focus – Zeleke’s Magic Bass | Download

Manic Focus – Big Guns | Download

Manic Focus - Kareoke | Download

Manic Focus – Defintion of the Rhythm (Entire Album) | Direct Download

Manic Focus Remixes

1. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dani California (Manic Focus Remix)

2. Gary Jules – Mad World (Manic Focus Remix)

3. Trampled by Turtles – Wait So Long (Manic Focus Remix)


Gotye – Somebody I Used To Know (Robotic Pirate Monkey Remix) : Funky Electro House / Dubstep Remix

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Well here’s the second remix of the track that’s becoming quite popular ‘Somebody I Used To Know’ by Gotye. We already featured the Avicii styled house remix by Jakob Liedholm here, and now we get Robotic Pirate Monkey’s version. It’s got a funky electro vibe to it. It just might be their name, but almost everyone one of their songs sounds like the pefect soundtrack for a massive jungle concert, maybe it’s just me. This, like all there music has a very unique vibe to it. It changes up heavily throughout, and really can’t be held to one genre, other than Bass Music. Turn it up, enjoy!

Gotye – Somebody I Used To Know (Robotic Pirate Monkey Remix) | Direct Download

Check Out More Robotic Pirate Monkey through Official Facebook Here

Gramatik – Itz Over (F.A.Q Remix) : Funky Electronic Hip Hop Remix

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Today I’m stoked to share with you guys and gals an uber chill remix of the Pretty Lights Music artist, and 2012 Snow Ball performer, Gramatik. You have already heard some sick music from him like Stairway To Hip Hop Heaven, and his most recent album Beats and Pieces Vol 1. Here F.A.Q morphs this instrumental hip hop into some funky bass music that will take you back to the days of disco. From the classic samples to the funky synths this remix is sure to get you moving. Turn it up and savor this funk filled tune!

Update: F.A.Q. is the guitarist Gramatik uses on some of his records

Gramatik – It’s Over (F.A.Q Remix) | Direct Download

Robotic Pirate Monkey – Last Night (Ft. Rodway) : Chill Electronic / Bass Music Collaboration

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It’s always cool hearing artists drop a variety of kinds of music. RPM’s last album Colors in Disguise went a little on the bass heavy side, and this track is a more laid back sample based  track. This one “Last Night” Ft. fellow Colorado producer Rodway, is a new track given away for free by both artists. The guitars and vocals, chopped up in melodic way work very well. Turn it up, enjoy!

Robotic Pirate Monkey – Last Night (ft. Rodway) | Direct Download

COLORADO FANS: Robotic Pirate Monkey is going to be playing in Denver this Saturday at Cervantes. As well as The Aggie in Ft. Collins tonight. Buy tickets here. They’ll be playing with Virtual Boy,Gladkill, Bitch Please, and Pete Rodway (The guy who collaborated on this song). There going to be playing late, hope to see you all there!

Buy tickets here | Facebook Event

Nero – Crush On You (Sound Remedy Remix) : Funky Electro House Remix

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Today I’m stoked to share with you all this groovy electro remix from Sound Remedy of Crush On You by the legendary Nero. In the past you’ve heard his chill almost funky remix of Nirvana. But here he shows off a completely different side of his production style. He builds anticipation with the epic Nero intro only to drop into some dirty bass. It reminds me a lot of Porter Robinson’s earlier stuff so turn up the bass and enjoy!

Nero – Crush On You (Sound Remedy Remix) | Direct Download

Break Science – Monolith Code (Album) : Electronic / Dubstep Pretty Lights Music Album

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Today I’ve got the latest free release from Pretty Lights Music. It’s Monolith Code by Break Science. We featured the ‘Victory‘ off it last week, and couldn’t wait for the full thing. He’s got a very funky almost jungle vibe mixed with a good amount of bass. It doesn’t sound like much I’ve ever heard, which I love. Turn up the bass, enjoy!

Break Science – Monolith Code Entire Album | Direct Download




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