SuperVison – Telescopic : Must Hear Electronic Album from Pretty Lights Music

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A few days ago I posted up Paul Basic’s The Mirror, which was a great release with 10 well done electronic tracks released on Pretty Lights Music. Well now I’ve got the release from the other new face to the Pretty Lights Music team, SuperVision. He’s got that chilled out swag bass filled Pretty Lights Music style almost almost all the artists on the label have. Well SuperVision definitely has a more low key sound, not getting as bass heavy. But he’s got a real unique sampling style. I couldn’t decide on a single track, so download the whole thing. It’s a great listen through, turn it up, enjoy!

SuperVision – Telescopic Entire Album | Direct Download | Hulkshare

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MiM0SA – September Mix 2011 : 25 minute Electronic Mix

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Today I’ve got a sick new 25 minute chilled out, yet bass filled glitch mix. He’s the very talented producer who brought the 58 Degrees EP, the Come Around remix, and the Still Ballin remix all featured on the site. Well now I’ve got this amazing mix, starting off very chill, working up some epic drops, and keeping a pretty laid back, yet crunchy vibe throughout. Turn up the bass, and enjoy!

MiMOSa – September Mix 2011 | Direct Download | Hulkshare

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Awolnation – Sail (Slim Thugz Remix) + (Unlimited Gravity Remix) : Must Hear Indie / Electronic / Glitch Remixes

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Today I’m pleased to present, not just one, but two different amazing remixes to a catchy indie track ‘Sail’ by Awolnation. I’ve never heard of AwolNation, but now am definitely digging their sound and the lead singer’s voice. There’s a competition going on right now for remixing their track ‘Sail’, and one done by a a site favorite, Slim Thugz. Their the duo who brought you Sacred Swag, the Look at Me Now remix, and the Living Dreams EP. The first remix is by them and it’s got their very well musically composed bass filled remix, starting off very chill, then the glitchy crunch kicks in. Next up is a remix from Unlimited Gravity, who’s another Colorado native from the Mile High Sound Movement, hailing from Denver. It’s got a simliar glitchy bass filled sound, but more massive bass. Can’t determine which one I like more. Mentioned above, they are both entered in a Awolnation contest, click here to vote for Slim Thugz and Unlimited Gravity. Check out both, turn up the bass, comment below with which one you like more. Enjoy!

Awolnation – Sail (Slim Thugz Remix) | Direct Download | Hulkshare

AwolNation – Sail (Unlimited Gravity Remix) | Direct Download | Hulkshare

Check Out More Slim Thugz and Unlimited Gravity

SuperVision – Arcane : Must Hear Electronic Single from New Pretty Lights Music Artist

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Today I’d like to introduce you all to SuperVision, the latest addition to the unstoppable Pretty Lights Music lineup. This single got released the same day as the filthy Paul Basic – Daydreamin’ remix. This track ‘Arcane’ starts off pretty chill and calm with some intriuging acoustic picking. Then the drums softly kick in, just enough to get your head nodding. Some bass strumming comes in, then the whole song starts to get glitched out, then drops, but not to intensely. I love the blend of the chilled out vibes and sublte crunchy bass. Then a sample comes in reminding me of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of the Moon. Can’t wait to hear a full album from SuperVision coming out September 27th, for free. Check it out, turn it up, enjoy!

SuperVision – Arcane | Direct Download | Hulkshare

Check Out More SuperVision through Official Facebook Here

Bassnectar – Colorstorm Remixtape : Brand New Dubstep / Electronic 35 Minute Mixtape

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Today I’ve got an amazing brand new 35 minute bass filled journey from Bassnectar. It goes from all sides of his bass music genre, going back to some of his older chiller style, and then blending it with some of the high energy BANGERS. It features some tracks you’ll recognizee, some unreleased stuff, and more. One of my friends went to the San Francisco Bassnectar show and got a link to this mixtape a few days ago, and then Bassnectar tweeted saying it was fine to spread the tape, and that they’re releasing it Tuesday. Check it out, turn up the bass, enjoy!

Bassnectar – Colorstorm Mixtape | Direct Download | Hulkshare |

Check Out More Bassnectar through Official Facebook Here

Full Tracklisting and Updated Artwork After the Jump (Click Read More)

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Paul Basic – Daydream : Must Hear Electro Hip Hop ‘Daydreamin’ Remix from New Pretty Lights Music Artist

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Today I’d like to introduce to you the newest member of the Pretty Lights Music label team, Paul Basic. This first single ‘Daydream’ off his upcoming album The Mirror samples a part from Lupe Fiasco’s ‘Daydreamin’. He does an amazing job taking the original song and completely reworking it, giving it a new crunchy electronic sound and pumping it full of bass. The small amount of the sample used so well throughout the track sounds spot on. It’s got an even filthier second drop. Turn up the bass, enjoy the new PLM artist!

Paul Basic – Daydream | Direct Download | Hulkhsare | Mediafire

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Jesse And The Toy Boys – Push It (MartyParty Remix) : Must Hear New Pop / Dubstep Remix

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Marty Party has been busy this summer. First collaborating with Love and Light with the remix of Roxanne, then with Minnesota on the Rolling in the Deep remix. He keeps the summer going with this massive remix of Jesse and the Toy Boys latest single. If you haven’t heard Jesse yet, looks like she’s trying to fill the spot of the next Ke$ha. He takes a bit of a new direction on this track, which is probably from all the work that he’s been doing with other artists. I like this direction a lot. The result is a HUGE bassline and a lot of great variation in the synths. It’s a faster Marty Party with emphasis on party. Turn it up and enjoy another great production from Marty Party.

Jesse And The Toy Boys – Push It (MartyParty Remix) | Direct Download | Mediafire | Hulkshare

Check out more Marty Party through his Official Facebook Here

Marvin Gaye – What’s Goin On (Nit Grit Remix) : Must Hear Chill Dubstep Remix

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Classic vocal samples mixed with modern glitches and loads of bass is just a perfect combo. Today I’ve got the latest remix from the very talented Nit Grit, and this time he takes Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Goin On’ and gives it an epic reworking. Don’t forget the also epic Marvin Gaye Heard It Through the Grapevine remix done by Ashes. Wel this one starts out chill, drops pretty heavy, and has an incredibly well produced and mastered sound to it. It’s got a smooth yet BANGER fee, sounding pretty unique. Turn up the bass, enjoy!

Marvin Gaye – What’s Goin On (Nit Grit Remix) | Direct Download | Hulkshare | Mediafire

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Bassnectar & Seth Drake – Above & Beyond : Sick New Smooth Bass Heavy BANGER

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Bassnectar is back with another single off his upcoming Divergent Spectrum album due out tomorrow August 2nd. We’ve already posted a few tracks off it including Upside Down, the Ellie Goulding – Lights remix, and the Gogel Bordello remix. This track start a little small, then the glitchy bass begins to kick in. It’s a collaboration between Bassnectar and the head engineer of Divergent Spectrum Seth Drake. It’s got a smooth vibe, yet packed with a ton of bass. Check it out, support Bassnectar by purchasing Divergent Spectrum tomorrow. Enjoy!

Bassnectar & Seth Drake – Above & BeyondHulkshareMediafire

Purchase all of Bassnectar through Official iTunes Here

Gogol Bordello – Immidraniada (Bassnectar Remix) : Must Hear New Dubstep / Glitch Remix

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Today I’ve got a real sick new MASSIVE remix from Bassnectar, it drops at 1:00 for those impatient readers. He’s brought you the anthem Ellie Goulding – Lights and Nelly Furtado – Magical World remixes among his list of sick tracks. This remix got played at the Red Rocks show, and most likely a good amount of the shows he’s been playing in the past months. It’s the second track getting released off of Divergent Spectrum, following up Upside Down. This remix starts out a little slow, then drops filthy. Turn it up, make sure the bass is loud, enjoy!

Gogol Bordello – Immidraniada (Bassnectar Remix) | Direct Download | Hulkshare Download | Mediafire Download

The Glitch Mob – Warrior Concerto : Real Sick New Glitch / Bass Anthem

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The Glitch Mob continue to establish themselves as kings of the glitch music. Remember their MASSIVE remix to Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes that dropped earlier this year? Well they are about to release their next release, We Can Make the World Stop due out July 12th. They’re sound has definitely continued to mature, this new track sounds like it could be the soundtrack to a movie. It’s got a ton of crazy organic sounds mixed with some of that filthy glitchness. Turn up the bass for this one, and enjoy!

The Glitch Mob – Warrior Concerto | Direct DownloadMediafire Download | Hulkshare Download

Check Out More The Glitch Mob through Official Facebook Here

Adele – Rolling In The Deep (Deathstar Remix) : Epic New Dubstep Remix from MartyParty + Minnesota Collaboration

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Rolling In The Deep  is stil one of the most popular songs out and has got to be one of the most remixed tracks I’ve heard since Martin Solveig’s ‘Hello’. We posted the Ben Samples Remix a while back as well as his even more vicious VIP remix, and they both got a ton of love. This remix is as sick as the last one of not better. Deathstar is the brand new collaboration between producers Marty Party and Minnesota. This song is a preview of their new material. This song is the perfect combination of the two producers. Minnesota keeps the track very melodic while Marty Party brings the huge lead. I think Deathstar is an appropriate name for this duo because they will no doubt be destroying entire planets with their bass. Turn it up and enjoy!

Adele – Rolling In The Deep (Deathstar Remix) | Direct DownloadDownload | Mediafire Download




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