SexyTime – Lost In Translation (Music Video) : Epic R-Rated Sexy Bass Music Video (NSFW)

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Today I have the visuals to the single “Lost In Translation” from Sexytime’s upcoming paid release Naked Poetry EP that we are sponsoring. We debuted the sexy audio with free download for this track last week, see below if you missed it. Well this video is just as sexy as the audio, with some cool grundgey video work shot in California. It shows both members of Sexytime (Mimosa And Sleepyhead) getting ready for a day of raging, after raging, then go to a club and pick up some ladies. They then bring them back and have a twist at the end. Check it out, download the audio below, enjoy!

Video Premiered on Jay-Z’s Life + Times Blog

SexyTime – Lost In Translation | Direct Download


Sexytime – Lost In Translation : Sexy Bass Music / Glitch from Mimosa & Sleepyhead [TSIS EXCLUSIVE]

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Today I’m excited to bring you a very sexy song. It’s a new track from a collaboration project called Sexytime featuring producer / DJs Mimosa and Sleepyhead. This is far from Mimosa’s hard hitting dubstep, but a venture into the sexy more melodic side. It sounds like a funny word, but after listening, you’ll get it. It’s got very deep smooth bass sounds, not meant to be listened to on laptop speakers..  This is the first track off their upcoming Naked Poetry EP that we are premiering here on 4/20. It’s got a different flavor then most of the stuff up here, try it out, turn up the bass, get sexy, enjoy!

Sexytime – Lost In Translation | Direct Download

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Coyote Kisses – Acid Wolfpack + Galactic Love Song : Must Hear Electronic / Dubstep / Bass Music

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Today I’ve got some insane bass filled tracks that sound unlike any other. It’s from the duo Coyote Kisses who brought the MASSIVE Star Wars – Binary Sun remix, also posted below. They fuse a certain melodic element with hard hitting bass in such a way that my ears can’t get enough. I’ve seen these guys play a twice now, they had a lot of energy and were really fun to watch. We had them at our Ultra late night party in Miami, can’t wait to see the video. The first track Acid Wolfpack has been floating around online awhile, we posted it when it was a free download, but just recently got released onto Beatport to the DJ community alongside Galactic Love Song. These are both must hear, and if you like them, purchase them through Beatport. Turn em up, enjoy! UPDATE: Colorado fans stay tuned for details on a TSIS show bringing them to Denver in May!

Coyote Kisses – Acid Wolfpack

Coyote Kisses – Galactic Love Song (Ft. Elliot Evins)

Star Wars – Binars Suns (Coyote Kisses Remix) | Direct Download

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Kool and the Gang – Jungle Boogie (Freddy Todd Remix ft. Busta Rhymes) : Must Hear Bass Music / Classic / Hip Hop Remix Bootleg [TSIS EXCLUSIVE]

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Today I’ve got a sick new track combing so many things. It’s the classic “Jungle Boogie” from Kool and the Gang pumped full of glitched out bass. The remix is done by Freddy Todd a real talented producer from Detroit, MI. He hit me up to release this song, and It’s been repeat since the first listen. He took the track pumped full of some groovy crunch. On top of remixing the classic he also added some vocals from Busta Rhymes giving the track hip hop vibe pulling the track all together. It’s sometimes tricky remixing a classic, but he defintely did this one justice. Turn it up, enjoy!

Kool and the Gang – Jungle Boogie (Freddy Todd Remix ft. Busta Rhymes) | Direct Download

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