Watch: Flume releases new video for single “Insane Ft. Moon Holiday” + North American Fall Tour Dates

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The Australian producer on the fast track, Flume is back with his latest impressive visual for the song “Insane ft. Moon Holiday” from his debut self-titled album. We follow what looks to be singer Moon Holiday on a futuiristic sci-fi bike ride which ends up igniting with a mysrerious light, then abruptly ends. It’s very interesting and caused me to give it a second watch. Pick up a copy of his album if you haven’t yet available through iTunes. Enjoy!

Also Flume is going on North American tour in a few weeks, read below to see if he is stopping by your city.

Flume – Insane Ft. Moon Holiday | iTunes

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Extraordinary Magnitude Vs. Blackstreet – No Diggity 2013 : Must Hear Electro-Soul / Funk from new Gramatik Side Project [Free Download]

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Let me introduce you to the latest live projet from Slovenian / Brooklyn based electronic producer Gramatik. It is called Extraordinary Magnitude, and features live musicians Eric Mendelson, Drastiq, Buffalo Analog, Illumntr all pieced together electronically by Gramatik. This first song features one of their originals off their upcoming album Proportions set to release this summer. The took the Acapella from “No Diggity” by Blackstreet leaving us with “No Diggity 2013″. It is a modern twist on the classic track with a unique funky blast. Can’t wait to hear more from this game changing group. Enjoy!

Extraordinary Magnitude Vs. Blackstreet – No Diggity 2013 | Direct Download

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Gramatik – Bluestep : Electro-Soul / Dubstep / Bass Music [Free Download]

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Gramatik let us preview his newest single “Bluestep” earlier in the week alongside a 2012 recap video showing the insane amount of festivals and concerts he played last year. Well now we get the free download of the incredible funk filled song. This is the first song off his upcoming album The Age of Reason, coming out later this spring. This is also the first release on his newly founded Record Label LowTemp. He fuses raw blues elements like guitar with his fresh bass filled edge. Something about the offbeat feeling of this song struck me off the first listen, then grew on me every listen since;  which is a sign of a true great music to me. Turn this up, enjoy!

Gramatik – Bluestep | Direct Download

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Grizmatik – Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom #DLIMF : Must Hear Song from GRiZ + Gramatik [Free Download]

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A few weeks back we premiered the video to “Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom“,  the massive collaboration between Grizmatik, GRiZ and Gramatik‘s new side project that has been crushing festivals and secret after parties since the debut at the Thissongissick Secret Set at Electric Forest last summer. Today we get the full high quality download of the massive collaboration.. and it is epic. The track that packs bass thumping energy with groove like never heard before. The video, also featured below showed them crushing  crowds all over, and now you can crush your speakers or headphones for your personal enjoyment. Turn this up, enjoy!

Grizmatik – Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom | Direct Download

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Grizmatik – Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom (Music Video)

Michal Menert & Break Science – Twilight Frequency EP : Electro-Soul Release [Pretty Lights Music] [TSIS Sponsored]

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Michal Menert and Break Science, two incredible artists who are a part of the soulful Pretty Lights Music label have teamed up to release Twilight Frequency. We got a taste of this soulful 5 song collaboration EP with “Electric Touch”, and we’re anxiously awaiting to hear what was next. Michal Menert’s sampling and groove infused production style shine through while Break Science’s live energy filled with drums and keys give it the perfect kick. I really hop to see more from this soulful trio soon. You can grab the release below or through their bandcamp page. Enjoy!

Michal Menert & Break Science – Twilight Frequency | Direct Download | Alternate Download

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Michal Menert & Break Science are in the midst of wrapping up their Twilight Frequency Tour, in support of the album. Check the remaining dates below, and don’t miss out if they are coming anywhere close to you. They will also be supported by Mux Mool, Paul Basic, and Keys N Krates.

Robotic Pirate Monkey – heat.wav [EP] : Must Hear Free Dubstep / Funk / Bass Music EP

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It is here, Robotic Pirate Monkey aka RPM’s latest featured release the heat.wav EP. This talented trio has finally truly found there sound. Following up the single Banana Cannon, this EP sticks to the  bass heavy more complex sound. It features 8 songs that all encompass their unique blend of groove and bassy dubstep. The combination creates a listening experience perfect for raging out, or jamming at just about any hour of the day. heat.wav shows steps in an even more Imature direction from the trio, showing that they can make amazing orginal music, and not just sample based stuff. This free release is seriously not one to miss, and will give your speakers and ears a workout, download now! Don’t miss out on their previous free album Colors In Disguise as well. Enjoy!

Robotic Pirate Monkey – heat.wav [EP] | Hulkshare Download

Robotic Pirate Monkey – Blasted | Direct Download

Robotic Pirate Monkey – Word Is Bond | Direct Download

Robotic Pirate Monkey - Bank On That | Direct Download

Robotic Pirate Monkey – Burn | Direct Download


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GRiZ – The Future Is Now : Must Hear Dubstep / Electro Soul / Funk

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If you are unfamiliar with GRiZ.. you should slap a little sense in yourself. He’s the 22 year old electronic producer from Detroit that combines countless genres and sounds into every single one of his track, never getting confined to a single genre. As we wait for details on release date of his upcoming Mad Liberation album.. he drops another free track on us. Following up the sample based funk / groove BANGER “You Got To Change” and the heavy hitting moombah BANGER “Damian Marley – Welcome To Jamrock (GRiZ remix)”.  This track “The Future Is Now” is on another level, it’s something GRiZ calls “Groovestep” and “Future-Funk”.. which essentially has the perfect amount of classic funk filled samples, mixed with his own recorded saxaphone, on top of incredibly crafted bass sounds that make you absolutely loose it. Cannot wait to hear more new GRiZ. Turn this up, find lots bass, enjoy!

GRiZ – The Future Is Now | Direct Download

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Usher – Climax (Prod by Diplo) (Paper Diamond Remix)

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Now apart of the Mad Decent family Paper Diamond takes his stab at Usher and label head Diplo’s hit “Climax. He gives the track a fusion of his chilled out hip-hop beat music swag.. with some moombahton influence. While still maintaing the emotion of the original Paper Diamond hits it with his electronic punch. Enjoy!

Usher – Climax (Paper Diamond Remix) | Direct Download

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Shout out to RCRD LBL for the premiere

Eliot Lipp – The Sunset : Single from New Pretty Lights Music Artist

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Today I have a smooth electronic track from the newest artist added to the Pretty Lights Music record label. His name is Eliot Lipp, and he is an incredible producer / musician who resides in Brooklyn, NY. He’s a great musician and it shines through his tracks with a certain groove so many electronic artists lack. This is off his full length Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake album getting released on Pretty Lights Music on May 21st, for free, available here. Also check out his live drum fueled remix to Kany West’s “Nigg*s In Paris” if you missed it. Enjoy!

Eliot Lipp – The Sunset | Direct Download

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Paper Diamond – Wavesight EP : Must Hear 3 Song Dubstep / Electronic Free Release

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Today I have the long awaited new project from Boulder’s own Paper Diamond. TSIS has posted Paper Diamond’s stuff since day one starting with the Levitate EP, followed by the notorious Kanye West – Power remix. Throughout the past year’s he’s continued to drop some viral bootleg remixes to Same Old Song, Wildfire, All We Do Is, and more. Now we got his 3 track all original EP, this time released on Diplo’s Mad Decent label instead of his previous Pretty Lights Music affiliation. After listening you can tell why this harder hitting style fits better with the new label. The EP features a revamped track of one track that has previously surfaced Can We Go Up. “Turn the Lights Off” features vocals from Nasimiyu, is a standout track I’ve heard there’s a HUGE music video in the works for. Then Airlift has a fresh minimal Trap vibe to it. You’ll love PD’s unique fresh vibe, giving that electronic punch yet mainting that hip hop swagger. Turn it up, enjoy!

Paper Diamond – Wavesight EP | Entire EP Direct Download

Paper Diamond – Turn the Lights Off | Download

Paper Diamond – AirLift | Download

Paper Diamond – Can We Go Up | Download

Gramatik – #digitalfreedom : Must Hear Electronic / Dubstep / Funk Album [TSIS SPONSORED]

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Today I’ve got an unbelievable free album for you, from Gramatik, a Slovenian artist who stands for everything that the site believes in; not giving a shit about confining music to a single genre, and wanting to spread that good music to as many possible people, for free in hopes that they will pay money to see the artists play live in concert. And that’s this brand new 6 song EP #digitalfreedom stands for. It was released on Pretty Lights Music and sponsored by Thissongissick. For this release he has a more agressive bass heavy style spanning over a variety of genres including dubstep, glitch hop, nu disco, and even some more. Dynamic and versatile are some of the best words to describe Gramatik. The live guitar and samples used give it that funky upbeat sound blended with the heavy hitting bass edge creates a great vibe reminding me a little bit of Pretty Lights, but completely it’s own sound.. Here’s a great ending note from Gramatik himself.

“Also, I just wanna say one thing to those who know me only by my chilled out hip-hop beatz: don’t be scared when you hear this EP, my true fans know that I’m nothing if not versatile. Good music is larger than one genre so just open your mind, absorb the vibes and you’ll be versatile too!”

Listen to every single track on here, download them all, turn it up, enjoy! Don’t miss his previously posted Beatz & Pieces Vol. 1 album, and his Stair Way To Hip Hop Heaven remix to name a few.

Gramatik – #digitalfreedom (Entire Album) | Direct Download

Gramatik – Solidified | Download

Gramatik – Talkbox Intended | Download

Gramatik – Illusion Of Choice | Download

Gramatik – 23 Flavors | Download

Gramatik – Born Ready | Download

Silver Medallion & Feature Cuts – Drop Out, Kiss Girls : Filthy Electro House / Groove Single

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Today I’ve got a track that’s got a real unique sound. It’s from New York based Silver Medallion, who we’ve previously featured with his single “All I Ask”. He’s got a voice that reminds me of an 80′s singer, in the best way possible. This electronic powered track starts off pretty chill, then continues to buildup, and finally drop the bass at 1:40. Feature Cuts was recruited for the production of it, and really killed it. It’s a groove filled song, with clashing bass giving it some contrast. Turn it up, enjoy!

Silver Medallion & Feature Cuts – Drop Out, Kiss Girls | Direct Download

Break Science – Victory : Must Hear Unique New Electronic / Dubstep / Hip Hop from Pretty Lights Music

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If you’re unfamiliar Pretty Lights started a label called Pretty Lights Music featuring a bunch of artists that are killing it like Paper Diamond, Michal Menert, SuperVision, Paul Basic, and Break Science. Well today I’ve got the first single from Break Science’s upcoming album Monilith Code coming out January 30th, for free like all the PLM releases. Break Science has a very fresh sound combining a ton of elements from dubstep and glitch, but really carving their own unique sound. This track ‘Victory’ captures that unique Break Science vibe made possible with Adam Dietch’s live drumming and keys and Borahm Lee on Keys and DJing on top of their amazing electronic production. It also includes some rap verses really pulling the track together. Turn it up, enjoy!

Break Science – Victory | Direct Download




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