Hoodie Allen – “Movie” (Music Video) : Chill Indie / Hip-Hop

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Hoodie Allen the New York rapper we've featured on TSIS for years and even sponsored some of his earlier projects has been on quite a streak of success and is back with some new music. Today we get his latest song, "Movie" the first single from his newest album People Keep Talking. The song has a refreshing instrumental full of horns with Hoodie delivering a nice blend of some clever lines and singing all brought to life in a pretty incredible movie quality music video. You can grab a free download of this song when you pre-order People Keep Talking which releases October 14th. Enjoy!

Hoodie Allen – "Movie" (Official Video) | iTunes

Hoodie Allen – Make It Home (ft. Kina Grannis) : Chill Indie / Hip-Hop Collaboration [TSIS PREMIERE]

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Hoodie Allen teamed up with singer Kina Grannis in a FuseTV session to create his newest song “Make It Home”. It is an acoustic powered indie / hip-hop ballad. The  contrast of Kina’s smooth vocals and Hoodie signature clever easy listening flow works so well. Listen to the new studio version that Hoodie recorded. You can support by picking the song up through iTunes. Enjoy!

Hoodie Allen – Make It Home (ft. Kina Grannis) | iTunes

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Hoodie Allen – Crew Cuts (Free Album) : Must Hear Hip-Hop Album [Free Download]

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Hoodie Allen just let loose an impressive 11 song free album Crew Cuts. We got to sample “Cake Boy” and “Fame Is For Assholes (Ft. Chiddy)” which both came with music videos. The entire project has Hoodie venturing into some unknown territory  truly expanding his boundries as an artist. He brings out a stacked lineup of features from artists like Chiddy, Shwayze, G-Eazy, Skizzy Mars, OCD & MooshJared Evan and Chance the Rapper. This is easily some of his best work to date. This follows up his recent All American EP, and past free mixtape Leap Year. Enjoy!

Hoodie Allen – Crew Cuts (Free Album) | Direct Download

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Hoodie Allen ft. Chiddy – Fame Is For Assholes ‘FIFA’ (Music Video) : Hip-Hop [TSIS PREMIERE]

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Hoodie Allen drops us off Fame Is For Assholes or for short FIFA featuring Chiddy (of Chiddy Bang), the second single from his upcoming free album Crew Cuts. This is smooth chilled out hip-hop ballad is a complete 180 switch compared to his agressive 808 filled Cake Boy. He takes a classic doo-wop influence with a fresh upbeat hip-hop style his fans have grown to love. The video follows the high school rivalry of Team Hoodie and Team Chiddy paying a tribute to the film Hoosiers and the Wolf. Grab the free download of this on Crew Cuts February 20th.

Hoodie Allen – FIFA (Ft. Chiddy)

Hoodie Allen – Cake Boy (Music Video) : Hip-Hop

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Hoodie Allen changes up his pace for his latest song with music video, “Cake Boy”. This is the first song off his upcoming free album Crew Cuts set to release February 20th. This track steps outside of Hoodie’s indie inspired hip-hop box and recruits legendary hip-hop producer !llmind (Kanye West, 50 Center, Etc.). He delivers a bass heavy 808 filled production which is simple yet effective. Hoodie goes for more of a hip-hop edge and spits some fast paced wordplay while still maintaing his unique vibe. The video is fittingly filled with models and cake. Enjoy.

Hoodie Allen – Cake Boy | Coming Free February 20th

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Hoodie Allen – Feel The Love : Fresh New Hip-Hop + Dates [Free Download]

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Hoodie Allen is back with a fresh new song a tribute to his fans. He says “This song is dedicated to all the fans who have helped me feel the love since I’ve started making music. This is the least I can do to say thank you - Hoodie”. It’s got a fun electronic beat produced by his go to guy RJF, fueled by a vocal sample. This track has been on repeat, enjoy the free download, and even lyric video above!

Hoodie Allen – Feel The Love (Produced by RJF) | Direct Download

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Don’t forget that Hoodie Allen is about to embark on the Excellent Adventure Tour with G-Eazy starting September 7th going through September 30th across the U.S.

See all the dates here. Tickets are almost selling out at a lot of the dates. Don’t miss out!!





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