[PREMIERE] Ricky Remedy – Make Me : Massive Trap Original Through Mad Decent [Free Download]

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Ricky Remedy Control EP Mad Decent

We are happy to introduce rising force Ricky Remedy with open arms to TSIS for his first time. The Miami based producer has been popping up all over; having just put out official remixes for Skrillex on "Dirty Vibe" and Diplo's "6th Gear" and even has an upcoming collaboration alongside Flosstradamus. Well today he give us his first original release on Mad Decent / Jeffree's with the 3 track Control EP and we have the premiere of the first track "Make Me". This is a song made for DJs to play at festivals, and for fans to be transported to that festival state of mind, starting with a melody that gets straight to the point and some relentless drops. Stream the full song below and grab a free download for the next 2 weeks while it's available thanks to Ricky Remedy and Mad Decent. Enjoy!

Ricky Remedy – Make Me | Free Download

Sibot – Magnet Jam EP : African Bass Music / Glitch-Hop [Jeffrees] [Free Download]

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Mad Decent and their new free Jeffree’s Record Label never dissapoint. Starting with the monumental Total Recall EP from Flosstradamus they have been on a hot streak with free and paid releases easily establishing themselves as one of the most diverse labels ever created. This new Magnet Jam EP is from Sibot and packs 3 incredible songs. He is based out of Africa and has done work for Die Antwoord which somewhat will give you an idea of his funky style. The first track “Magnet Jam” is an eerie funk filled glitch heavy bass BANGER that hits in all the right places. “No Question” takes you in a completely different direction with some crazy synths and wobbles. Then the last track “Tronarist” has a unique almost 80′s dance throwback flair to it, yet with Sibot’s agressive bass packed edge. All three make for an impressive EP, and for most of us a proper introduction to what Sibot is packing. Mad Decent always coming through.  Please grab all three of these songs, turn them up, follow Sibot through his pages, enjoy!

Sibot – Magnet Jam EP | Download EP

Sibot – Magnet Jam | Direct Download

Sibot – No Question | Direct Download

Sibot – Tronarist | Direct Download

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[TSIS PREMIERE] Raf Riley – Dog Unit : BANGER Moombahton / Trap / Jungle Mad Decent Jeffrees EP

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Alright folks.. lock yourself in and prepare yourself for an absolute chaotic fusion of genres. Say hello to London based Raf Riley. His latest release Dog Unit is released on one of our favorite record labels Mad Decent‘s free label Jeffrees which we’ve featured a few free releases from. Mad Decent, started by producer / DJ Diplo, always features some of the most diverse sounds in the world. This being no different, get ready for a beating of dubstep, electro, trap, moombahton, and some unknown bass sounds wrapped into a space themed 3 track EP. The first track “Dog Unit (Part 1) has a more BANGER trap / moombahton vibe hitting you hard with those high pitched sounds. Next up Dog Unit (Part 2) is a very epic dubstep anthem thas a dramatic flying on a spaceship vibe. Lastly Dog Unit (Part 3) is insane.. it was actually almos too much to handle, not for the feint of heart. Couldn’t have been more excited to premiere a release from Mad Decent.. easily one of the most diverse and cutting edge labels around. Turn these up, enjoy!

“get ready for a beating of dubstep, electro, trap, moombahton, and some unknown bass sounds wrapped into a space themed 3 track EP”

Raf Riley – Dog Unit | Download Entire EP

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Pheo – California Sex EP : Must Hear Chilled Out Bass Heavy Electronic Hip-Hop EP

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Say hello to Pheo, a fresh glass of future sounding chilled out hip-hop from Moreno Valley, California. Pheo at 25 years has been crafting his rapping for over 10 years, and nailing his chill vibe down. Pheo brings us California Sex (released through Mad Decent / Jeffrees), a 5 track EP with some of the hottest sounding tracks fueled by some of the freshest cleanest sounding bass heavy hip-hop beats I’ve heard in awhile. All these bass heavy beats were produced by DJA.. All 5 tracks are so damn dope, but my two favorites would have to be This All Been Vintage and the title track California Sex. Do yourself a favor and download the whole EP, unwind to the perfect summer soundtrack. Enjoy!

Pheo – California Sex [EP] | (Entire EP) Direct Download

Pheo – California Sex | Download

Pheo – This All Been Vintage | Download

Pheo – Drop | Download

Pheo – Angelina’s Beemer | Download

Pheo – How Eye | Download

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UZ -Trap Shit 6/9 (EP) : BANGER 4 Song Trap Music EP

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Trap Music is gaining a lot of attention.. more and more people are beginning to grow in love with it’s minimal freshness derived from hip-hop. One of the rising underground trap stars is UZ or as he prefers to spell it ︻╦╤─ ƱZ ─╤╦︻, and he just dropped a HOT new free 4 track EP titled Trap Shit 6/9, and was just released Mad Decent’s Jeffrees label. This is some of the freshest Trap Music i’ve heard, including Trap Shit volume 6, 7, 8, and 9. I’d say my favorite is easily “Trap Shit 7″.. but all slam hard. Find some massive speakers, turn up the bass, let the freshness move your body up and down. Enjoy!

UZ – Trap Shit 6/9 (Entire EP) | Direct Download

UZ – Trap Shit 7 | Download

UZ – Trap Shit 6 | Download

UZ – Trap Shit 9 | Download

UZ – Trap Shit 8 | Download

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If you have Trap Fever… or confused at what “Trap” is.. scope these Trap Bombs!

Paper Diamond – Wavesight EP : Must Hear 3 Song Dubstep / Electronic Free Release

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Today I have the long awaited new project from Boulder’s own Paper Diamond. TSIS has posted Paper Diamond’s stuff since day one starting with the Levitate EP, followed by the notorious Kanye West – Power remix. Throughout the past year’s he’s continued to drop some viral bootleg remixes to Same Old Song, Wildfire, All We Do Is, and more. Now we got his 3 track all original EP, this time released on Diplo’s Mad Decent label instead of his previous Pretty Lights Music affiliation. After listening you can tell why this harder hitting style fits better with the new label. The EP features a revamped track of one track that has previously surfaced Can We Go Up. “Turn the Lights Off” features vocals from Nasimiyu, is a standout track I’ve heard there’s a HUGE music video in the works for. Then Airlift has a fresh minimal Trap vibe to it. You’ll love PD’s unique fresh vibe, giving that electronic punch yet mainting that hip hop swagger. Turn it up, enjoy!

Paper Diamond – Wavesight EP | Entire EP Direct Download

Paper Diamond – Turn the Lights Off | Download

Paper Diamond – AirLift | Download

Paper Diamond – Can We Go Up | Download

Zeds Dead & Omar LinX – Victor (Mixtape) : Must Hear 7 Song Dubstep / Hip Hop / Electro Genre Bending Mixtape

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Today I’ve got an entire 7 song mixtape from a few of my favorite artists. Zeds Dead is always clashing genres and is consistently creating a completely new sound. Do you remember Jackie Boy or Out for Blood? The tracks where the Canadian duo collaborated with rapper Omar LinX for a perfect blend of hip hop and bass music. Well now we get a 7 song mixtape released on Mad Decent‘s side Jefrees label, the free label that put out the Flosstradamus – Total Recall EP that’s been tons of love.. featuring a few new versions of some classics, on top of a few really amazing all original brand new ones. The use of classic sounding samples works so well with the bass and rapping. This is a true blending of so many genres, ranging from Hip Hop to Dubstep, Electro, and more really forming that unique Zeds Dead sound. I can’t stop listening to this all the way through. The new tracks “No Prayers” “The One” and “You and I” are insane, can’t wait to hear more of the sample based Zed Dead sound. Enjoy!

Zeds Dead & Omar LinX – Victor (Mixtape) | Direct Download 

Zeds Dead & Omar LinX – You and I | Direct Download

Zeds Dead & Omar Linx – The One | Direct Download


Flosstradamus – Total Recall EP + Music Video : Funky Fresh Bass Powered ‘Trap’ Music

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Today I’ve got a funky new track that really doesn’t sound like anything like I’ve posted on the site, and you know that’s my favorite stuff to post. It’s from Flosstradamus, the Chicago based group who we sponsored a concert in Denver for a few months back. They just recently dropped a jaw dropping new Total Recall EP featuring 3 tracks on it released on Mad Decent last week. The first track with the same name as the EP ‘Total Recall’ is defintely my favorite. It’s got a southern hip hop style called ‘Trap’ with some great sampling, infectiously catchy synths, and good amount of bass. The video shows different counties and spots around the world, highlighting how many awesome looking girls their are in Ukraine as well how massive Dubai rages. The track has a simliar style to their wild remix to Major Lazer’s ‘Original Don‘. The other tracks on the EP are good as well, and have a simliar fresh style. Turn up the bass, enjoy!

Flosstradamus – Total Recall | Direct Download

Flosstradamus – MOTA | Direct Download

Flosstradamus – UR Life | Direct Download




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