Kendrick Lamar ft. Lady Gaga – Partynauseous

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An outrageously good new Kendrick Lamar song just appeared online titled “Partynauseous” that has a surprising feature from Lada Gaga. She provides some effected vocals over a spacey beat with powerful hi-hats and electronic textures which leads to Kendrick coming in and spitting an unruly, yet laid back verse with a flow that couldn't be mistaken for anyone else. There is no details or idea on if this will see an official release or not. Listen below, share thoughts in the comments and enjoy!

Kendrick Lamar ft. Lady Gaga – Partynauseous

Kendrick Lamar featuring Lady Gaga – B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe (Music Video) : Suprising, Dope, Chilled Out Hip-Hop

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Wow, I really did not see this one coming. Possibly one of the biggest hip-hop names emerging out of 2012, Kendrick Lamar teams up with pop queen Lady Gaga for an unexpected chilled out new version of the ballad, “B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe”. I had some mixed feelings when debating whether or not to post this; now I really love Kendrick Lamar, buy Lady Gaga is straight mainstream pop music, despite her electronic edge. After listening a more then a few times to really analyze it, despite the unmastered sound quality, I think it cuts away her superficial pop star image away. This raw voice contrasts perfectly with Kendrick’s raspy voice.

Kendrick Lamar featuring Lady Gaga – B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe 

The video has a retro low grade vibe that highlights Gaga’s stardom in South America, showing in the director’s words Lady Gaga “chillun in Rio, and backstage in Colombia”. The collection of shots acts in the vintage wash acts as the perfect imagery for the mellow epic collaboration. Lady Gaga has worked with Zedd, Madeon, and now Kendrick Lamar. And for this, just tossed it up online in a tweet. What’s next for her? What do yout think of this collab? What artists do you want to see work together? Do you think Gaga killed the vibe? Enjoy!

Lady Gaga – Marry the Night (Zedd Remix) : Super Filthy Must Hear Electro Remix + Zedd Show

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Today I’ve got another Lady Gaga track, remixed of course, the way I like my Gaga. Well today I’ve got a vicious remix from Zedd, the talented German producer who brought you the massive remixes to Swedish House Mafia’s Save the World, Ass On the Floor, and Black Eyed Pea’s The Time. Well this remix starts of pretty calm, sounding similar to the original, and then builds up more and more, then it hits you with that filthy signature Zedd drop. The song has a ton of energy and just makes you want to move around. I can’t get enough of this heavy electro house sound. Check it out, turn it up, enjoy!

Lady Gaga – Marry the Night (Zedd Remix) (Stream Only)

Marry The Night (Zedd Remix) 2

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Lady Gaga – Edge of Glory (Porter Robinson Remix) : EPIC NEW ELECTRO REMIX BANGER

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Lady Gaga, an artist always seems to pop up on TSIS through filthy remixes. Well today I’ve got definitely the most epic Lady Gaga remix out, it’s done by up and comer, now 19, Porter Robinson. He’s the beast who brought you Say My Name, Less Go!, the Seek Bromance and We Speak No Americano remixes among others. This track builds up for a long time, then at 2:30 it drops SOOOO HEAVY. This track shows that Porter doesn’t stick to one sound and can go anywhere. With his buildups and filthy sound, he’s really raising the level on how epic a drop can get.  Turn up the bass, let the party rage with this, enjoy!

Lady Gaga – Edge of Glory (Porter Robinson Remix) | Direct DownloadHulkshare Download | Mediafire Download

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Lady Gaga – Died The Way (Skrillex Remix) : Unfinished Insane Epic Remix

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Skrillex is a beast, he can take any song and make it high energy catchy bass filled banger. He’s taken Hey Sexy Lady, Cinema, and In For The Kill for example and turned them into anthem remixes that all electronic music fans can enjoy. Well apparently he got his laptop and harddrives stolen last month, and a few tracks have been seeing the light of day. Skrillex posted this unfinished track that apparently someone has stolen and uploaded. I wouldn’t typically upload an unfinished track, but since the orignal and backup versions of the track have been taken  away from Skrillex and he might potentially never finish the track, and after he posted it I figured everyone should hear the unfinished remix that might have been one of the most epic remixes he’s ever made. Keep in mind this is unfinished, it’s still a sick listen, and let’s hope Skrillex will either get his hands on these stolen harddrives or will decide to just make a completely new version!

Died This Way (Skrillex Remix) – Lady Gaga UNFINISHED

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Lady Gaga – Born This Way (Dada Life Remix): Sick New Electro BANGER Remix

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Dada Life puts so much energy in every single one of there tracks (Unleash The F*cking Dada), also including their remixes (Alcoholic (Dada Life Remix)). Their latest release is a insane remake of the song ‘Born This Way’ by Lady Gaga. It’s got there signature euro bass filled sound that a lot of Americans have grown to love. This song was made for the club, like most of Dada Life’s tracks. Turn up the bass and enjoy!

Born This Way (DadaLife Remix) – Lady Gaga | Download

Born This Way (Dada Life Remix)

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Viva la Vida vs Bad Romance (Dj’s From Mars Remix) – DJs FROM MARS ELECTRO BANGER

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Djs From Mars are two dj’s that have been killing it across the pond in Italy. They have put out a ton of high quality originals and remixes like the ACDC vs Katy Perry vs Timbaland remix and the insane Rihanna vs UB40 BANGER. These songs are not your ordinary mashups, Dj’s From Mars use samples of these songs but they transform them into Electro House Bangers! The song starts with some chill synths and melodies. It picks up to a at 1:00 when lady Gaga’s acapellas comes in, but this song really bangs after the epic breakdown. This is one of those songs that takes a while but if you give it time you realize what a perfect BANGER it is. Enjoy!

Viva La Vida vs Bad Romance – Lady Gaga vs Coldplay (DJs From Mars BANGER Remix) | Download

Check Out More Things DJs From Mars via Official Myspace Here

Sick Rusko Dubstep Remix of Lady Gaga’s ‘Alejandro’

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Now you wouldn’t catch me listening to any original Lady Gaga tracks, but I do think she’s bringing something new to the American mainstream music scene. The U.S. is starting to see more artists like her and Pitbull for example who use very house/electro sounding beats to their songs. Well I don’t have an original, but a siiiick dubstep remix by Rusko who is making is name as one of he biggest Dubstep producers with his original sound, as you can hear in a post from earlier. He takes this song, and does the classic Rusko reworking and it comes out sounding great. Bump the bass and enjoy!

Alejandro (Rusko Papuseria Remix) – Lady Gaga | Download


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Chillin on the Plane – M.I.A / Wale ft. Lady Gaga (Real Sick Mash-up)

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So to start off today we’ve got a chill hip-hop mash-up of M.I.A.’s paper planes, and Wale’s Chillin which features Lady Gaga. Give this one a listen all the way through, and I think you will be suprised if you are doubting it now. It’s very upbeat and has a cool remix/mash-up style to it. It’s done by the mash-up act Brand-x.  Sorry about the lack of Party Banger post last night, I wanted it to be perfect, so hopefully you’ll see it later today. Enjoy as always guys!

Chillin on the Plane – M.I.A. / Wale ft. Lady Gaga


Download (Click Link on Page)




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