Chiddy Bang – Peanut Butter and Swelly : Sick New Chill Hip Hop Mixtape

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Chiddy Bang, the duo who brought you The Swelly Express, Opposite Of Adults and more, are back with their second mixtape Peanut Butter and Swelly. It’s a a real sick mixtape with a good bunch of chill hip hop tracks with samples from indie groups Matt and Kim and more. I’ve posted Heatwave ft. Mac Miller, Baby Roullete, and When You’ve Got Music ft The Knocks, which were all sick. Xaphoon Jones kills it on production, and Chiddy delivers some solid flow all the way through. This tape is perfect for chilling and welcoming in summer. I’ve picked a few of my tracks, but as with all the mixtapes I post, I recommend downloading the whole thing and giving it a good listen. Enjoy!

Download the Entire Peanut Butter and Swelly Mixtape Here

Chiddy Bang – Camera (Ft. Matt and Kim) | Download

Chiddy Bang – Nobody Has It Down | Download

The Knocks – Dancing With the DJ (Chiddy Bang Remix) | Download

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Real Sick New Rap Over Indie Song: iSH – Cameras (Matt and Kim Beat)

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I heard the latest Matt and Kim track ‘Cameras’ and have loved it, and now iSH sent over his latest track going in over the new Matt and Kim track. This song is very sick, has a real unique and happy feel to it. It definitely has a huge indie vibe to it as there is the chorus from Matt and Kim. This song is pretty interesting and I ended up loving it by the time I was done listening. Give it a chance and enjoy!

Camera (Matt and Kim Beat) – iSH | Download


Check Out More iSH via Official Myspace Here

2 Sick Indie Song Bangin Remixes (Matt and Kim ft. De La Soul, Tegan and Sara)

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Troublemaker is a very sick DJ making his name out of the LA scene and is gaining alot of attentino through his remixes. Well enjoy this first super sick remix of indie band Matt and Kim’s daylight, which is such a banger on it’s own, and then De La Soul is added which just makes it an eniterly different song, well let me know your thoughts, and enjoy as always!

Matt and Kim – Daylight (Troublemaker remix ft. De La Soul)

Daylight Remix

Download (Click Link on Page)

Bonus and secondly is  another sick remix done by Troublemaker, this time of Tegan and Saras’s Alligator. I don’t particularly listen to much Tegan and Sara or any at all, but this remix stood out to my. It’s a dubstepy remix, which is really just sick and it sure bangs! Listen past the intro for the bassy drop. I’m sure some of you guys are indie music fans and if not alot of you  will enjoy it, opinions always appreciated, Enjoy!

BONUS Tegan and Sara  – Alligator (Troublemaker Remix)

Alligator (Troublemaker Remix)

Download (Click Link on Page)



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