deadmau5 – BLOOD FOR THE BLOODGOAT : Huge Unreleased New Original

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In the middle of the night deadmau5 surprisingly lets out a brand new entire track that sounds very finished, not his typical in progress clip. This song totals 7 minutes and 7 seconds in length being titled “BLOOD FOR THE BLOODGOAT” and is a powerful ballad powered by almost solely male vocals for the first 3 minutes which then quickly breaks into some epic signature deadmau5 synths. The song continues to build in typical mau5 fashion full of hefty drums and all. We can hear the entire track below thanks to him uploading it to Soundcloud, but no details on release or download yet. Listen below and enjoy!

Update: The mysterious singer on this track is confirmed artist Grabbitz who deadmau5 found on the internet.

deadmau5 – BLOOD FOR THE BLOODGOAT | Stream Only

deadmau5 – We Are Friends Vol. 2 Album Featuring New Original Songs [FULL ALBUM STREAM]

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deadmau5 and his Mau5trap drop off his latest release We Are Friends Vol. 2 compilation album featuring new original tracks from himself and a friends the mau5 has hand picked, you can now stream the entire thing below and pre-order your copy through iTunes. The album features the new Deadmau5 tracks ‘Suckfest9001′ and ‘Your Ad Here’ that we got to first preview earlier this year. We also get some other new originals from some of his more underground producer friends Kairo Kingdom, Al Bizzare, James Njie, Heat Maxwell, Eekkoo, BSOD and Aron H. It’s a great journey all the way throughout. Stream the entire thing below and if you Pre-Order your copy through iTunes today, you will get a free copy of ‘Suckfest9001′. Also don’t miss Deadmau5′s recently previewed ‘Drop The Poptart’ track.

deadmau5 – We Are Friend Vol. 2 | Pre-Order iTunes

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Deadmau5 set to team up with Capitol Music Group for a Hollywood studio that will be broadcasting constant video Live Streams

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Deadmau5 and his Mau5trap label have teamed up with Capital Music Group to take his label to the next level. He will be relocating in the Capitol  Records Building in Hollywood, which couldn’t be a better location. He will be bringing in all his new artists on his label.

He made sure to let us know that he will be STREAMING the studio regularly, in a huge way. 100mbit linestreams are getting installed as you read this. Can’t wait to see some pictures! Scroll down for the exact announcement from Deadmau5.

Deadmau5 Studio Announcement







Feed Me – Death by Robot EP : Gritty Electro House EP [Mau5trap]

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We got to hear the lead single “Death by Robot” off this  Death by Robot EP and now the entire hard hitting 3 song project just got released through Beatport and iTunes via Mau5trap Records. The first track Death by Robot captured a new softer indie dance side of Feed Me and the other two on the EP go to the bass fiend you love. The second track “Gravel” feels like a classic Feed Me electro house anthem, yet with an even more epic feeling then his previous tracks. The last track “Dialup Days” is a more constant agressive gritty electro banger. Support Feed Me by purchasing his EP. Don’t miss the info and dates on his huge tour featuring his live Teeth show. Turn it up, enjoy!

Feed Me – Death by Robot EP | Beatport | iTunes

Feed Me – Gravel

Feed Me – Dialup Days

Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – Love Is All I Got : Must Hear Electronic Indie Collaboration

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Official artwork and better quality version of “Love Is All I Got”, the collaboration between Feed Me and Crystal Fighters has arrived. This track is massive and catchy. Feed Me provides the perfect level of bass for the smooth indie vocals and acoustic plucking of Crystal Fighters to shine through. It’s the perfect blend of indie with electro. Perfect song to get your week started. Get ready to hit replay.. all day. Release on Mau5trap coming soon. Enjoy!

Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – Love Is All I Got

Feed Me – Essential Mix 2012 : 2 Hour Electro / Drum & Bass Mix (Unreleased Music)

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We got a small tease with Feed Me‘s Annie Nightingale Mini-Mix earlier in the year, and now get a full length 2 hour BBC Essential mix. Feed Me does something very unique, for the full 2 hours, besides 5 tracks, he plays all tracks that he’s made under his Feed Me alias, and Drum n Bass Spor alias. He let’s loose countless unreleased originals, remixes, collaborations, and edits on top of all his favorites that you love. One of the unreleased tracks that stood out, was his new collaboration with Kill the Noise ‘Thumbs Up (For Rock & Roll)’ that comes in around the 36:45 mark. There’s even a an acoustic cover by Feed Me himself of the track “This Is The Thing” by Fink. This is one of best essential mixes I’ve ever heard. Turn it up, enjoy!

ATTENTION UK FANS: Feed Me has just announced his first headline show in London complete with his full Teeth light production at Electric Ballroom in Camden, London on November 28th. Buy tickets here before they sell out!

Feed Me – BBC Essential Mix | Direct Download

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deadmau5 ft. Gerard Way – Professional Griefers (Official Music Video) : Most Expensive Electronic Music Video Ever

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Whoaa.. Deadmau5 just kicked up the game for electronic music videos a bit for his recent single “Professional Griefers” featuring Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. He released a Behind the Scenes video claiming that this way the most expenseive electronic music video ever made, a little hard to believe.. but it is pretty well done. He it features Deadmau5 and Gerard Way controlling robotic deadmau5 robots from deadmau5 cubes in a UFC cage setting. It’s epic, turn it full screen, and listen to the regular and instrumental versions below, enjoy!

Deadmau5 – Professional Griefers (Ft. Gerard Way) | Purchase Beaport | Download

See UFC Deadmau5 V.S. Gerard Way Poster after the jump!

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