J. Cole – Truly Yours : 5 Song EP [Free Download]

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It has been awhile since we heard anything new from J. Cole, and to tide over his fans he just let loose a 5 track free release. Truly Yours EP features some great songs that didn’t make the cut for his upcoming album which he says is his best work yet. Despite not being on the album, they are still just as great, and way better then most the free tracks artists rappers put out. As he says “Vibe out to these songs in their raw form, no polish.. just a lot of my soul”. His wordplay and lyricism is incredible as expected. If these are the songs that didn’t make the cut, I can’t wait to here the album, which Cole said we will get to here the first single from later this week! Enjoy.

J. Cole – Truly Yours | Download EP

J. Cole - Can I Holla At Ya

J. Cole - Crunch Time

J. Cole - Rise Above

J. Cole - Tears For ODB

J. Cole – Stay (2009)


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The Underachievers – The Mahdi (Music Video) : Must Hear Chill Hip-Hop

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We first posted The Underachievers with their definitive single “Herb Shuttles” and have just followed it up with another smoke induced video for “The Mahdi”. The lyricism and overall flow of this duo is insane, paired over a dope beat and it’s a chilled out hit. It shows the New York group on the other side of the country. This is a off the groups’ upcoming mixtape Idigoism coming out February 1st. Enjoy!

The Underachievers – The Mahdi | Available February 1st

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Check out the previous single with free download “Herb Shuttles”

Action Bronson & Alchemist – Rare Chandeliers (Mixtape) : Fresh Laid Back Hip-Hop Mixtape

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Here’s a talented face we have featured enough of on TSIS, Action Bronson. Here is the latest mixtape from Queens based rapper, Rare Chandliers. This 13 track project features so many solid songs it could be an album. He captures a old school raw hip-hop vibe with a new school twist that I can’t get enough of. The whole project was produced by the legendary hip-hop producer Alchemist and he delivers nothing but smooth, insanely dope productions. We tried to pick out a few of our favorites, but it was so hard. Download the whole project, write below what your favorite track is. Enjoy!

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Action Bronson & Alchemist – Rare Chandeliers (Mixtape) | Direct Download

Action Bronson - Bitch I Deserve You feat Evidence (Produced by Alchemist)

Action Bronson – The Symbol (Produced by Alchemist)

Action Bronson – Demolition Man feat Schoolboy Q (Produced by Alchemist)

Action Bronson - Sylvester Lundgren feat Meyhem Lauren & Ag Da Coroner (Produced by Alchemist)



Kid Cudi – King Wizard (Produced by Kid Cudi)

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Kid Cudi has been working on his latest full length album Indicud which is slated for a release this fall. We get this first sample, “King Wizard”, a track produced by Cudi himself. It’s an incredibly mellow chilled out vibe to it. Is this the new direction from Cudi? What do you think? Enjoy!

Kid Cudi – King Wizard (Produced by Kid Cudi) | Download

Jez Dior – Candles (Music Video) : Refreshing Chill Hip-Hop Music Video with Download

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Here’s a new artist we’ve never featured on the site, Jez Dior, a Los Angeles local who makes some real dope hip-hop. As he describes it “I Make Music That Has Feelings”, and that it does. Here’s my favorite I’ve heard yet “Candles” complete with music video. The indie / folk sampled beat works so well with his voice. You can tell someone’s good when you instantly replay a video after watching, check him enjoy!

Jez Dior – Candles | Direct Download

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J. Cole – I’m A Fool (Produced by J. Cole) + The Cure: New Real Hip-Hop

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J. Cole lets loose a new track “I’m A Fool” produced by himself, and it’s pretty dope. It’s got some cool vocals samples mixed with real solid drums. J. Cole spits some solid lines throughout. It’s hard to not like a new J. Cole track. Also included is his track “The Cure” talking about some real topics concerning the hip-hop game, and his “Cure”. It’s easily one of my favorite J. Cole tracks to date, enjoy both of these!

J. Cole – I’m A Fool (Produced by J. Cole ) | Direct Download


J. Cole – The Cure| Direct Download

Zion I – We Don’t (Ft. Grouch & Eligh) : Chill Fresh Hip-Hop

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Bring in the day with a chilled out refreshing hip-hop track from Zion-I with some guest vocals from underground stars Grouch & Eligh. Amp Live and timeline produced the beat packed with mellow vibes which paints the perfect soundtrack for the consistent smooth lines from each artist. The lyricism and wordplay is incredibly on point with this track, showing how much talent all these guys have to offer. Refreshing is the the only word that fits the track. Turn it up, enjoy!

Zion I – We Don’t (Ft. Grouch & Eligh) | Direct Download

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Mac Miller – First Day Of My Life (Bright Eyes Acoustic Cover) : Acoustic Indie / Rap Cover

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Mac Miller just did a completely unexpected cover of indie / folk artist Bright Eyes. He covered one of my favorite tracks sung by Coner Oberst aka Bright Eyes, “First Day Of My Life”. Mac didn’t turn it into a hip-hop remix sampling the beat, he covered it. Never heard Mac sing like this. And that’s Mac playing the guitar, complete with random solo at the end. Chill out, enjoy!

Mac Miller – First Day Of My Life (Bright Eyes Acoustic Cover) | Direct Download





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