Bad Boy Bill, Sephano, & Torio – Roam the Night (ft. Na Palm) (Original Mix): Progressive House Anthem [TSIS PREMIERE]

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Chicago’s electronic based rapper Na Palm teamed up with one of the most legendary names in house music, fellow Chicago native,  Bad Boy Bill. They also got Sephano and Torio on the track and created a full on Progressive House anthem, “Roam the Night”. Na Palm offers some club ready vocals geared up to set off crowds across the world. He offers a certain gritty Chicago flair with his voice that contrasts most of the angelic, almost feminne sounding male vocals that are found in most house tracks. This is just the start of Na Palm breaking into the bigger electronic world, and Bad Boy Bill is back on everyone’s radar with another huge hit. This track is available through Beatport and is already charting! Help support these talented artists and pick up a copy. Enjoy the premiere off the stream of the full DJ version of the track.

Bad Boy Bill, Sephano, & Torio – Roam the Night (ft. Na Palm) (Original Mix) | Beatport

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Na Palm – Pretty Lights : Sick New Rap Song Over Chill Electronic Beat

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Today I’ve got a sick new rap remix from Na Palm the Chicago rapper who tends to go with the electronic beats. Today he went in over ‘Understand Me Now’ by Pretty Lights. This track isn’t officially collaborated, but the outcome sounds spot on. The track is already amazingly well done by Pretty Lights, and it’s cool to here a new rap version of it. His beats were almost meant for rappers to go in over. Check out this chill track, turn up the bass, enjoy!

Na Palm – Pretty Lights | Direct Download | Hulkshare | Mediafire

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Na Palm – Late At Night : Sick New Electronic Hip Hop Album / Mixtape

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Today I’m excited to bring you the latest mixtape from Chicago’s Na Palm. He’s the guy who brought you very sick Dirty Girls Like Dirty Beats mixtape last year, which was a great combination of hip hop and electronic music. Well this new tape Late At Night is an even better blend of genres. Na Palm delivers some pretty solid flow, with some bars reminding me of some Slim Shady. The whole tape’s got some amazing production, with all of the beats perfect for a club. This album is the perfect music to rage to. It’s also got some chiller tracks that remind me of his Outkast cover. Definitely grab the whole tape, turn it up, enjoy!

Na Palm – Late At Night Entire Album | Direct Download | Hulkshare | Mediafire

What’s Yo Name (Soundpushers Remix) – Na Palm: EXCLUSIVE BANGER HOUSE REMIX

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Na Palm, the chicago rapper making waves who I’ve featured a few times including his Dirty Girls Like Dirty Beats Mixtape and his recent remix of the Outkast song NA-Tliens. Now i’ve got a siiick new remix that’s perfect for parties. Today I’ve got a remix by Soundpushers of his single ‘What’s Your Name’ which is exclusively released through Thissongissick. The song’s lyrics are funny and are perfect for partying to as I’m sure most can relate. This remix brings the song a new light, it’s got a more low key laidback feel then some of the other remixes found on this site. Still soo sick, and the perfect new party song, turn it up and enjoy!

What’s Yo Name (Soundpushers Remix) – Na Palm | Download

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Na Palm – NA-Tliens: Sick New Outkast Cover

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Na Palm, one of the TSIS ‘Sick Artists’ just dropped us this fresh new cover over an Outkast classic. His ‘Dirty Girls Like Dirty Beats’ mixtape is so sick, and if you haven’t checked it out, download it here. This song is real chill, and shows that Na Palm has got some serious talent. He’s been touring like crazy, and is playing a massive LMFAO Halloween show in his hometown Chicago. Enjoy some fresh new Na Palm!

NA-Taliens – Na Palm | Download

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Na Palm – Dirty Girls Like Dirty Beats Mixtape: TOO SICK 23 SONGS

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Up and coming Na Palm who’s starting to blow up out of Chicago has finally dropped his debut mixtape Dirty Girls Like Dirty Beats, and this mixtape is toooo siiiiick! It should hardly be called a mixtape, more like a free 23 song album. It really does have 23 songs, and although I’m not going to say I fell in love with every single song,it was pretty damn close. You guys already loved ‘What’s Yo Name’ and ‘Ready Set Aim’. This was a mixtape where it was really hard for me to pick what songs to sample, so I end up posting like 10 haha, sooo I really encourage downloading the whole mixtape, as it is siiiick. Na Palm captures the upbeat party fun style of rap with a little bit of pop influence lots of people are falling in love with lately. This mixtape is what’s going to set Nay from just some online rapper to the next big thing. Some songs I weren’t sure about for the first minute, then by the end fell in love with. Do yourself a favor and download the whole thing, give it a good listen and enjoy your new favorite cd!

Download The Entire Dirty Girls Like Dirty Beats Mixtape Here

POPPY BANGER R&B Go Go Girl – Na Palm ft. Ben One | Download


PARTY BANGER Shit-Faced’ed – Na Palm ft. C-Major | Download

05 – Shit-Faceded ft C-Major

PARTY BANGER Two Days Straight – Na Palm | Download

06 – Two Days Straight

CHILL Time To Rise – Na Palm | Download


CHILL ELECTRONIC Ups and Downs – Na Palm ft. Reap | Download

12 – Ups and Downs ft Reap

CHILL The Coolest – Na Palm | Download


CHILL I’ll Take Everything – Na Palm | Download

21 – Ill Take Everything

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SICK NEW EXCLUSIVE HIP-HOP – Na Palm – Ready Set Aim (Daft Punk Sample)

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Glad you guys are loving Na Palm as much as I am, you guys went crazy for ‘What’s Yo Name’ and the last 2 track leaks from his new mixtape I posted here. This mixtape Dirty Girls like Dirty Beats dropping Tuesday is going to be straight fire. Na Palm’s been leaking some of the tracks early, and today  Thissongissick has got an exclusive leak off the mixtape, and it is siiiick. This song samples Daft Punk and it’s a chill yet upbeat hip-hop track that is so catchy. The flow with the beat and sampling works so perfectly to make this track great for summer chilling, but you could also easily throw it on at a party. Enjoy this sick new Na Palm, and get ready for the mixtape next Tuesday!

Ready Set Aim – Na Palm | Download

Ready Set Aim (Outro)

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2 Sick New Rap Songs: Na Palm – ‘Road To Fame’ & ‘Get It In’

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Na Palm is one of the sickest up an coming rappers around. He’s got something different, he captures that laid back party rap image which is just fun to listen to and perfect for parties and hanging with friends. You guys loved ‘What’s Yo Name?’ and for a good reason, and that was only the first track off his upcoming debut mixtape Dirty Girls Like Dirty Beats which you can catch here next Tuesday. Today i’ve got two more tracks from the album and both are very sick. ‘Get It In’ has got a mainstream hip-hop feel, with the beat being produced by Prolyfic. Next up is my second favorite track to leak off the new mixtape, ‘Road To Fame’ ft. Ben Fuller. The track is very chill and laid back and continues the summer feel songs I’ve been posting lately. Enjoy both songs and be sure to check back Sunday for an exclusive leak off the new mixtape.

Road To Fame – Na Palm | Download


Get It In – Na Palm | Download

Get It In

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Real Sick Electronic Hip-Hop: Na Palm – ‘What’s Yo Name’

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I’ve been listening to the talented up an coming rapper from Chicago Na Palm for a couple months, and I realized I’ve never shared any of his stuff. His latest track to drop is actually his debut single ‘What’s Yo Name’, and it’s the perfect first song to post of his on the site. This song has a strong electronic vibe, a little pop in the mix, and some real sick rapping. This song is so well done and perfect, I wouldn’t be surprised if it made it’s way to the radio sometime soon. Na Palm has been getting a lot of attention in the past couple months, and his future only looks brighter. Turn up the speakers for this instant party classic, enjoy the sick sound of Na Palm!

What’s Yo Name – Na Palm | Download

Na Palm – What’s Yo Name

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