Preview Two Extra Heavy Unreleased Skrillex Songs 

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Skrillex Boom

Yes that is Shia LaBouf in the background

Rumors of new unreleased Skrillex music seems to always remain a topic of conversation for dance music fans across the board. However, in recent months it seems that conversation has ramped up more than ever before with dozens of previews of forthcoming collaborations, remixes, and originals surfacing across the internet including a new rap collaboration with rising hip-hop artist "PNC" and a remix of GTA's "Red Lips" as well as collabs with Zhu, Jauz, Justin Bieber, The Game and among others. 

Today even more exciting live videos surface from the man himself and fellow LA producer Getter. Skrillex shared a live preview of his new remix for Torro Torro's "Make A Move" on twitter while Getter shared his collaboration with Skrillex via Facebook and they are sounding extra heavy. With the artists themselves sharing this content one can assume these tracks will be see official releases  soon. Watch the previews below. Enjoy  



Skrillex & Getter – ID

Skrillex & Getter – IDVideo: Kaneff Productions

Posted by Getter on Saturday, November 21, 2015

Kygo Previews New Song With Announcement Of Biggest Show To Date At Barclays Event Center

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Kygo Show Annonce re

We've been following Kygo since day one through a variety of TSIS premiered songs and been watching his astronomical rise ever since. He just completed a show at the iconic Greek Theatre where he debuted his new live show where he performs all his songs through keyboard and acoustic versions on grand piano. He was joined by artists including John Legend and others making it quite the memorable night.

Well now Kygo is taking his new show to the east coast and has set his sights on one of NYC's most notable arenas, Barclays Event Center. He will be taking over the venue on January 21st and will be joined by "Lean On" singer  and frequent collaborator Conrad Sewell who provides vocals on his breakout original single "Firestone".

We get an exciting video announcement with some commentary from Kygo himself talking about the show.

We are also treated to a clip of a forthcoming Kygo single that captures his signature tropical sound.



Posted by Kygo on Thursday, November 19, 2015


Kygo Barclays Poster

Diplo Reveals New Major Lazer Album Is Coming Next Month & Previews New Song

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Major Lazer Autoero Re

It’s safe to say that 2015 was another great one for Major Lazer as the threesome consisting of Diplo, Walshy Fire, and Jillonaire have taken their brand to a whole new level releasing the double platinum single “Lean On” along with their massive Peace Is The Mission album filled with big name collaborations including tracks with Ellie Goulding, Travis $cott, and more. And the Major Lazer crew has kept their momentum going scoring a cartoon adaptation on FXX, crushing a massive world tour playing almost every night this year and hosting a radio show on Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio.

Diplo just recent shared news on what's next for Major Lazer with a forthcoming album titled "Peace Is the Mission 2.0" coming out "next month". He's confirmed he just got 5 new masters for tracks on the album. We don't have news yet, but are led to believe a Deluxe edition of Peace Is the Mission is coming next month, and will feature 5 new tracks.


On the latest broadcast of their Beats 1 radio show, we heard an exciting unreleased collaboration with Toronto based producer Autoerotique for Major Lazer's take on the Future House sound. We can expect this track to be one of the new tracks likely to be on the tracklist of the upcoming album. Hear the clip from the radio show. 

Look out for Peace Is the Mission 2.0 coming out next month, and we will keep you updated. Enjoy! 

Major Lazer & AutoErotique – The Sound (Radio Rip)

Skrillex Brings Dubstep & Hip-Hop Together Once Again With Exciting New Preview

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Skrillex PNC dubstep
It seems we can't go a week without hearing something else Skrillex has been working on. We've seen recent collaborations including "No Chill" with Vic Mensa, "El Chapo" with The Game on his album and even the recent Zhu collaboration "Working For It" that we teased this week.
We now get news of him working with another new rapper, but this time someone a little more under the radar "PNC", a rising New Zealand rapper. Although the collaboration seems far from finished, we a get a very rare studio video of Skrillex in his natural habitat. 
While it's in the early stages of production, what's interesting is that instead of the more trap styled influence we've heard from him recently he seems to be going back to his dubstep roots and keeping things very HARD. Does he have some more filthy bass heaters up his sleeve? Watch the video below and we will keep you updated as news rolls in. enjoy!

BTS Skrillex studio session

Quick clip from a recording session I did with Skrillex. This dude worked at a crazy pace. Such a dope experience.

Posted by PNC on Sunday, October 18, 2015




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