Silver Medallion & Feature Cuts – Drop Out, Kiss Girls : Filthy Electro House / Groove Single

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Today I’ve got a track that’s got a real unique sound. It’s from New York based Silver Medallion, who we’ve previously featured with his single “All I Ask”. He’s got a voice that reminds me of an 80’s singer, in the best way possible. This electronic powered track starts off pretty chill, then continues to buildup, and finally drop the bass at 1:40. Feature Cuts was recruited for the production of it, and really killed it. It’s a groove filled song, with clashing bass giving it some contrast. Turn it up, enjoy!

Silver Medallion & Feature Cuts – Drop Out, Kiss Girls | Direct Download

Silver Medallion ft. Shwayze – All I Ask (Official Release) : New Hip Hop / Dubstep / Dance

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Today I’ve got a real sick new single from DJ Benzi’s label Get Right Records. It’s a poppy sounding dubstep track with Silver Medallion killing it on the vocals, and then Shwayze layind down some bars. Usually Shwayze does the more acoustic, summer feel stuff, so it’s cool to hear him dive into the dubstep sounding world. The blend the singing, rapping, and bass filled beat makes a for a great single. Turn up the bass, enjoy!

Silver Medallion – All I Ask (Ft. Shwayze) | Direct DownloadHulkshare

VIBE – Picture Has Change : Exclusive New Chill Acoustic Rap Single + Video

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Today I’ve got a chilled out acoustic track with a great blend of singing and rapping. It’s the latest track from the talented duo VIBE, composed of rapper Chris Young and singer Rossy. We’ve posted their previous acoustic track ‘Wish I Never Met You’. Today I’ve got a great calm track featuring some great soft vocals from Rossy and chilled out flow from Chris. The video has a cool retro look to it, adding a little something different to the majority of lower budget hip hop music videos. The video dropped a few weeks ago, and now we bring you the exclusive download. Check it out, chill, enjoy!

Vibe – Picture Has Changed | Direct Download

Check Out More Vibe through Official Facebook Here

DOWNLOAD PREMIERE: Vibe – Wish I Never Met You : Real Sick Chill Acoustic Hip-Hop Song Ft. Chris Young the Rapper

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Today I’ve got a real sick new track from the collaboration between rapper Chris Young, and singer Rossy. The collaboration is called Vibe, and I’ve featured ‘Touch the Stars’ which was a great chilled out acoustic + singing  + rap combo. What’s crazy about Vibe is that the entire project is done improv, on the spot, nothing written out before hand. This track ‘Wish I Never Met You’ is a good singing / rap track mixed with the simple acoutic giving it a cool feel, and the video got released online a few weeks ago but we’ve got the exclusive mp3 download here. Stay tuned for info on more Vibe as we are going to be releasing there ep later this year. Check it out, chill, enjoy!

Vibe – Wish I Never Met You | Direct Download | Hulkshare | Mediafire
Vibe – Wish I Never Met You by
Re-Post Vibe – Touch the Stars | Direct Download | Hulkshare | Mediafire
VIBE – Touch The Stars by
Check Out More Vibe through Offiicial Facebook Here




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